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New Dates Set for Samsung vs. Apple Patent Case, Will Decide Fate of $450.5 Million in Damages

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Just when we thought we wouldn’t have to talk about it anymore, it’s back. A federal judge has set the dates for a new trial between Samsung and Apple, focusing on whether a matter of $450.5 million worth of damages will be awarded to Apple. 

Judge Lucy Koh has ordered that the trial be set to begin between November 12 and 18, after she discovered there were miscalculations from the jury and that a new trial must take place to determine the final amount to be paid.

The goods news is that we won’t have to bring this matter up again until then.

Via: Reuters

  • flosserelli

    I know this is wishful thinking, but if Samsung is found guilty of any wrongdoing, I hope they fine Samsung $1 and make Apple pay all of Samsung’s court & attorney fees. Maybe Apple would then think twice about abusing the patent system. You can’t patent an idea. You can patent the way to make that idea a reality, but you can’t patent the idea itself. There are multiple ways to achieve the same goal.

  • Samsung may have copied, but they copied every one and did it right.

  • apple do not innovate they just make over priced ribish and the good people think because it costs more it must be better

  • A few weeks ago Apple had one of the more high-profile patents in this case (the bounce-back or ‘rubber band’ feature) invalidated by the USPTO which by itself put the judgement and penalty into serious question, and there is further review being done on a number of additional patents that have been invalidated in other countries already.

  • V for Vendetta

    Apple is nothing but greedy butt raping thieves. They need to knock this Patent B.S off because if your the only company that can do or have something that is border lining a monopoly. Every one has a right to have their own versions of ideas.

  • master94

    This is getting old and boring. Im tired of lawsuits. Get back to innovating.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Apple sucks monkey balls

  • I honestly don’t know how a Gnex looks like an iPhone. Apple is just full of trolls

  • mcdonsco

    Good Old’ Apple innovation via the courts…

    What a bunch of whiny little babies.

  • mustbepbs

    This went from the biggest case, to the biggest blunder.

    • michael arazan

      Wonder what happened to the juror who had sued the company affiliated with Samsung. Technically he lied under oath of the courts by having no affiliation with any dealings with either company. Isn’t that a perjury offense?

  • KleenDroid