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RadioShack to Sell Galaxy S4 on AT&T and Sprint Starting This Saturday, April 27

verizon galaxy s4

Today, RadioShack announced availability for the Samsung Galaxy S4 beginning this Saturday, April 27 in retail stores. The device will be available on both AT&T and Sprint, as the Verizon version’s availability has not yet been announced. As an added bonus, they will also have a few of the Galaxy S4’s accessories on hand, giving customers a $10 off coupon when they make a purchase of $30 or more.

If you are not the biggest fan of going into a certified retailer of a carrier and have a Shack close to home, it’s good to know you have options for where you can pick up your new phone.

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  • Is Verizon even interested in selling phones anymore? Shoddy update history and now they can’t even be bothered to say when a top-end phone will be available?

    • i can’t even come up with a conspiracy theory for this, it doesn’t make sense. anyone ?

    • troy studnicka

      Hey they can take their time for all I care. It’s worth it since we’re on the best 4G network and coverage PERIOD. Let those other companies get the phone first. Their network is inferior to ours.