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Best Buy Starts Taking Pre-orders In-store for Verizon’s Galaxy S4

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Verizon continues to hold out on giving us any sort of official release or pre-order date for their version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, even after almost every other major carrier in the U.S. has announced an in-store date. The only thing we know for sure, is that it’s coming in May and you can sign-up through their site to be notified of future happenings. Not much, right? Thankfully, we have Best Buy. 

According to text messages sent to a variety of DL readers, Best Buy is notifying customers that they can stop by their local BBY store and pre-order the Verizon version of the Galaxy S4 as early as today. I would imagine that they aren’t providing a launch date with pre-orders, but are instead telling customers that they’ll have one reserved for whenever that day arrives. We also aren’t sure what they are asking anyone to put down. So far, there are few details for Big Red’s GS4, including price, however, we would imagine we’ll see the 16GB version at $199 on contract and the 32GB version at $249.

Anyone stopping by Best Buy this evening to pre-order? If so, be sure to let us know the details.

Cheers Kyle, Marc, and Joe!

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  • yungqb7

    Pre-ordered it yesterday (4/23) at a best buy mobile. There’s no release date for Verizon yet, which sucks since everyone else has one.

  • mcdonsco

    So I’m officially tired of Motorola droids (slow, laggy, text input issues (slow to respond and slows the more you type until you can no longer type etc). Anyway, thinking I’ll jump the Motorola ship for the first time ever and get the S4.

    I am however on VZW unlimited everything (grandfathered) and I just checked all my bills over the last year, 10 months, under 4GB’s, 1 month 10GB’s, 1 month 6GB’s.

    I was going to try the S4 on Tmobile for $70/month unlimited plan, but now wondering if I should stick with Verizon’s coverage (which I know is better, and I live in Portland OR FWIW) and do the 6GB/$80month plan instead…shaves $40/month from my bill, get the phone for contract pricing instead of full retail etc…


  • Bill

    When I asked at my local Best Buy, I was told that Verizon is hinting on a very very early May release, but there is no official date yet. I asked if May 30th is a possible release date and he said it will be much earlier than that. He even said that they are starting to receive Verizon exclusive accessories for the Galaxy S4 that will come with the phone.

  • Choices are: rig the upgrade to keep data but pay $250 up front (recoop when n2 sells) OR payment plan the cost then sell n2 to reduce cost. Decisions decisions

  • gonecks1

    Just “preordered” mine, but of course he knew nothing about a release date. I really hope its not May 30

  • The pre-order confirmation email I got from Best Buy states: “These items usually arrive
    at the store within 3 to 7 business days. We’ll let you know as soon as they
    arrive.” That would be nice, if it applies in this instance.

  • kdub

    Big red needs more time so the bootloader can be locked down more better lol

  • Rodeojones000

    Nope. Not getting this phone regardless, but out of principal I refuse to shop at Best Buy for anything (long story).

  • DanSan

    i might do this. im using my moms upgrade to upgrade my line so i dont need to worry about my unlimited data or anything.

    • Daniel Tifft

      Verizon will remove your unlimited data if you use an upgrade. You have to pay full price of the phone, or use the new financing option that just went live the other day to pay off the value of the phone.

      • DanSan

        obviously you dont read because i said i was using my moms upgrade. wont be touching my line. upgrade her line and swap the phone over.

        • good luck with that Dan, I’ve heard that they will remove the unlimited if they see the phone switch within a certain time frame, not sure how true that is though or how its tracked.

          • DanSan

            My friend did it with his S3, another did it with his Note 2 when it first came. another did it 2 weeks ago with his note 2. nothing they can do about it, for all they know my mom upgraded phones and didnt like it so i took it.

          • Spider210

            Dan is right.

        • Daniel Tifft

          If anyone has available smartphone upgrade, and you have unlimited data anywhere on the ENTIRE PLAN, it will force you to get rid of unlimited data and everyone will have to move to a tiered data plan. Think before you type.

          • DanSan

            No it won’t. think before you type. Friend did it 2 weeks ago, I watched him do it in a verizon store. he still has unlimited data, so does his brother. they upgraded his dads dumbphone line and took the phone off.

    • Nostromo

      I was informed that using the upgrade for another line for use of the phone on your own line will nullify your UD.

  • Tillmorn

    Any real potential that they’ll add the 64GB version at some point?

    • T4rd

      Probably not. Dunno why US carriers refuse to carry 64 GB phones outside of the iPhone and the “exclusive” 64 GB One on AT&T.

  • RaptorOO7

    The last time BB took pre-orders for a Verizon phone that did not have a specific launch date was the HTC Thunderturd and we all know how well that worked out don’t we. Expect a May 30 launch on Verizon and possible delay on 3rd party retailers, its just Verizon.

  • I’ll be in miami travelling from may 15th to may 24th… do you guys think it’s possible to get a S4 during these days? I mean, get the unlocked version… that one that might cost something like $650 …

    • whats the difference between the Verizon and the AT&T/tmobile versions?

      eg if I get the Verizon version which also has the gsm sim can I just swap to tmobile later or are frequencies different?

  • Akashshr

    Be gone S4, be gone Samsung!

    • JoshGroff


  • Chris

    I am still on my unlimited plan. I will get it from Verizon.

    • Same, unlimited data FTW

      • picaso86

        Does anyone have an apk. for that messaging app? (first picture)

        • flosserelli

          That is the Touchwiz messaging app.

    • Brian

      If you renew your contract the unlimited data will no longer be offered. I talked to one of their reps to see what my options were, and they are to order the phone at full price and keep unlimited data, or renew my contract, get the discounted price, and then pay for the 2GB, 4GB etc plans.

      • treflip

        You can add a line then get it at the discounted price.

        • Xar

          adding a line is a change of contract. You will be knocked off unlimited.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I shall be stopping by my local Best Buy establishment in a few days to pre-order my SGS4! I’m just now wondering though if I’ll be able to use that BB $50 credit I got from ’em awhile back. I hope so.

  • acras

    Seriously are you guys going to fall for this again ? You are NOT preordering when you buy from BB . Don’t believe me ? Dig up the stories from a year ago and the S3 .People were screwed out of their unlimited data plans because they thought they preordered through BB but it was not considered a preorder . You are getting a placeholder for the stock they get in store , whenever Verizon says they can be sold , but as BB will admit , when you get in touch with a customer service supervisor at corp. , BB does not handle preorders for Verizon phones.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Maybe this has changed since the S3?

      • acras

        Call Verizon and get a supervisor to tell you whether or not they allow preorders through BB or anyone else , or if its just considered a “reservation” . My guess would be its the same misleading tactic BB used before , but not as damaging to customers because no one will lose their unlimited over it this time . If I was still stuck with Verizon , I would’nt buy from BB because of the deceit last time .

        • EvanTheGamer

          Okay, good to know. Thanks for sharing this experience.

          Only thing is is that I have a $50 credit that I got from BB awhile back waiting for me, but only if I purchase my S4 through BB. Hmm…will have to sleep on this.

          • acras

            I’m sure they’ll have it on release date , and you’re not going to loose anything other than time if they don’t , I was just pointing out that the title of this article , like the one last year for the S3 is misleading because I’m sure BB hasn’t changed anything , and most people here seem to have the memory of a goldfish about these things. Shiny new toys tend to do that to folks .

        • KleenDroid

          There is nothing wrong with buying through Best Buy, you just have to pay attention to what you’re doing. Some people like their warranty program.

          I wouldn’t pre-order a phone from anywhere though. I’d just go pick one up at the store on the first day.

          • LionStone

            Yep, done with pre orders myself…especially when the store sometimes will get the phone before orders are sent out!

  • jj

    Funny that BB doesn’t say why their price will be……or do they?

    • jj

      i meant ‘what’ their price will be…..

  • Caitlin

    hi, I went as soon as I got the message. I had to put $50 down that will go towards my purchase when it comes out!

  • I’m going on Vacation June 1st. I would LOVE to have my gs4 before then. Would I be better off pre ordering though best buy tomorrow or waiting for Verizons pre order. I’ve never pre orderd a phone before.

    • Joey Funk

      you’ll get it may 30th. 😛

      • Ehh. That staples photo said “tentative”. I’m sure it will be around then though. At&T actually said their customers are getting theirs earlier than expected.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    A bit off topic, but even with changeable themes I still think Samsung has the ugliest messaging app. Hated it on my GS3, hate it on my Note 2 and will continue to loathe it lol. Not big into any third party messaging apps either.

    • I use Go SMS pro. It seems to work really well.

    • Mike

      And this differs from the rest of touchwiz how? lol

    • Guest

      I know you said it’s off topic, why even bring it up then?

    • Rodeojones000

      Isn’t this the case with TouchWiz in general? It’s what Samsung does with their skin, take the beauty and functionality of Android and make it uglier and full of useless gimmicks.

    • Cory Larson
    • LionStone

      Yep, those colors are horrid…I’m so glad Sense 4+ let’s you change the colors and textures (and your own pic) instead of having to change to a whole new Messaging app.

  • Tyler

    My friend needs a new smartphone before he goes on a trip this summer and is waiting for this but sadly it probably wont come out in time for him to get it before it leaves. This is pathetic. And I cant even give a date to wait for too.

  • James

    I’m not in the market for a new phone quite yet, but I did have a few folks come into my BBYM and pre order the VZW S4.

  • jerflash

    Very welcome Kellex for the tip. I will check it out tomorrow for more info

    • jerflash

      more proof

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      why is your comment down voted? I mean, wth?

      • Austin Warren

        There’s this dude who downvotes every comment because his mothers basement is getting renovated currently.

        • KleenDroid

          The strange thing is that some people seem to get downvoted more than others. No idea why but they are always downvoted.

          • LiterofCola

            Yep, I get downvoted all the time 😀

          • Austin Warren

            I enjoy it. Haha

      • jerflash

        IDK people are just douch bags… same people who are trolling on twitter to free the bomber lol

        • michael arazan

          Can we we please add full retail prices fo the new phones, especially the VZW ones, and wether or not BB or vzw will be cheaper or the same price full retail. Also helps for the payoff plans.

          • jerflash

            I will be getting it from verizon just because of the payment plan and the fact that best buys full retail is 100 more then verizon all the time. i asked if best buy would price match verizons price and no they will not

        • JoshGroff

          Those aren’t douche bags, they’re morons.

  • I called my local Best Buy about the message as soon as I got it because it made me very excited. But the lady told me she had no clue as to what I was talking about and that I could not pre order for Verizon yet.

  • The guy when I went to preorder it tonight told me they are supposed to say May, but it is looking more like very end of april. He also showed me 3 cases for it (I’m assuming they were exclusive to best buy, because I do not see them on Samsung’s website under accessories), but they only had three of them and they aren’t on sale yet.

  • Tim242

    If only their full retail wasn’t $100 more than Verizon.

    • Austin Warren

      Price match.

      • Tim242

        Only problem with that is that Verizon won’t give us a price to match haha

        • Austin Warren

          That’s true. They’ll have it up soon.

        • XphoneTroll


  • Phil

    I pre-ordered mine on Verizon around 8:30 at Best Buy tonight. You are only required to buy a $50 Best Buy Gift Card to pre-order. I purchased the gc and they gave me a receipt and print out saying that they will contact me when it arrives. No price or expected date or arrival was available when I asked the salesperson.

  • Dorian Brooks

    What’s sad is that it could be very Verizon of them for it to drop May 30th.