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Purchase Details Revealed For Google Fiber in Provo, Costs Google $1


When Google Fiber was announced for Provo, UT, details were unknown on the total cost to Google to buy out the city’s already in-place fiber optic network, iProvo. Today, details are out and it isn’t as high as one might initially think. In total, Google is set to pay a single dollar ($1) to the city of Provo for the network. The real cost will come in an agreement that Google has made with city hall to have the network fully built out within five years. 

The build out is estimated at roughly $30 million, which still won’t be too hard on Google’s wallet.

Via: Engadget

  • PurNrG

    Hey Google – Fort Wayne, IN has a Verizon FIOS rollout that they abandoned (or at least sold to Frontier – yuk) that you are more than welcome to buy!

  • Bionic

    Damn you google, purchase South Bend’s fiber

  • wordmoss

    I wonder if they wrote a check, or carried all that cash in a titanium briefcase handcuffed to three people, all transported in an armored car.

    • michael arazan

      The check is in the mail : P

  • @Google I’ll pay you $2 to install in San Diego!

    • michael arazan

      Come to St.Louis from KC, right down hwy 70 and their are universities all along hwy 70 that have engineering schools which would provide thousands of free interns

  • So basically Google’s buying up the muni fiber networks incumbent ISPs sued to prevent the public operation of. Oh, the irony. Good job, Mountain View.

  • Austin Warren

    Well that won’t help their economy./s they need to expand more.

  • Vynos

    $300 construction cost for accounts should ease the burden on their wallet too…good thing everyone would probably be getting the top-tier service without that fee anyway (worked for u-verse).

  • i bid $2!! im hoping google fiber will spread just to create competition and bring down pricing models

  • Google should really work on moving this out everywhere, they could easily create a “monopoly” of sorts by providing a much better network than current companies. I hope that’s their intention, as it will cause other companies to improve their networks and reduce their costs.

    • Austin Warren

      If only they had $140 bil

      • Joey Funk

        they have 50 bil now, so they could get 1/3 of the country!

        • S_T_R

          True, $50B would be enough to finance the rest, but it would be extremely risky to bet so much money on such a change in direction.

    • I think their goal is to use fiber to “up the game”. Google works the best and gathers more data about consumers when they can consume faster, and Google Fiber isn’t only providing service that is faster, but forcing other companies to step up the game and offer the same too in order to compete.

      • Vynos

        Already seems to be working on AT&T.

    • jdomann

      Difference with Provo was the fact most of the infrastructure already existed. Building out infrastructure is a really slow and expensive process. And remember, Google is an ADVERTISING company first, everything else second. They’re still responsible to shareholders after all.

      If they went out and spent all this money on building fiber infrastructure in every city, shareholders would pull the chair from under them and Google would go poof.

    • If cities made it as easy as Provo did, I’m sure it would happen quicker. Who knows when it will come in my home state of Commiefornia. This libtard business-hostile state does everything BUT attract business and innovation.

      They’d probably figure out a way to tax Google, tax the city, tax the customer, tax us again for the construction costs, tax us for the permits needed for the construction costs, tax us for the environmental impact, and then the local city would tax us for disrupting the local mosquito habitat.

      • ImmaDroid

        Most cities an towns arent like Provo and dont already have a partially developed Fiber Optic Network to take over for $1.00. So it’ll be a little harder to make it happen quicker

      • Azn_Android

        A wild conservative appeared! What a rare occurrence to behold on the interwebs. I thought that they would be hiding in their holes nowadays until the next election.

        • Take a shower and hug a tree hippy!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Trey Mitchell

          flamewar in 3…..2……1…….

      • poeddroiduser

        You missed the 5-30 yr EIR process.

  • EC8CH

    For you my friend almost nothing!

  • Jeff

    Tim you moving to Provo?

    • No. Never. Not happening.

      • Provo is awesome, man… BYU people fills the city. They are considered the smartest/best looking students in the nation. Close enough to SLC to watch the Jazz and Real Salt Lake play, BYU football and basketball which is awesome, grid system streets, extremely safe, and now with this Google Fiber announcement.

        • Smartest and best looking students? Sorry I like my students Hot and dumb. PASS. LOL!!! JK!

  • CasperTFG

    ^ This. FTW.