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Verizon CEO Gets What He Asked for, 85,000+ Customers Sign Petition to End Contracts

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At the beginning of the month, when speaking at Verizon event, CEO Lowell McAdam acknowledged that he was “happy” to see T-Mobile try something different with their UNcarrier approach to mobile service plans, a move in which they are attempting to eliminate 2-year contracts and phone subsidies. McAdam even went on to say that he would be open to something similar should customers ask for it. Well, Lowell, customers are asking. As I write this post, more than 85,000 of them have signed a petition at Change.org, asking Verizon to end contracts. 

We typically chuckle at petitions, as they tend to accomplish very little or target silly subjects, but the numbers associated with this one in particular are growing enough that it’s now on our radar. It has also now been promoted to the front page of Change.org as a petition to keep an eye on.

We should point out that this petition isn’t necessarily like the petition pushed through the Whitehouse that involved the unlocking of phones. Should this petition grow to 200,000 or 500,000 signatures, there is no guarantee that Verizon will even comment on it, let alone decide to make a change. But hey, there is nothing wrong with trying, banding together to get your voice heard, and seeing what can happen.

So if you’d like to join the ever-growing list of customers hoping to rid the world of wireless contracts, hit up the Change.org link below.

Via:  Change.org | CNET

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  • duff60901

    Open the market, unlock all devices, stop carrier branding, and let customers decide WHAT device WHAT carrier and WHERE to buy.

  • I think Verizon has their own way: “Silence does not mean they will give up ‘

  • virgil Clinton

    you guys want a filet mignon at fried porkchop price.

  • Thanks for share. I agree with your ideal.

  • Greg

    If you can’t afford the phone, you don’t need the phone. Period.

  • Tay

    The whole un-carrier thing is okay depending on who wants to use it. If someone at the moment wants to buy a phone but doesn’t want to pay full price all up front then this is for them. However it’s not as great as people are trying to put it because the month to month prices are still the same. When these companies lowers the price of monthly plans, then I’ll be excited.

  • duke69111

    The guy who started this is from my great city.

  • Mike Wewerka

    Sadly, 85,000 people don’t decide for the majority… of which is 115.78 million Verizon subscribers.

  • Randy

    2 yr contracts need to go away along with the upgrade fee plus activation fee

  • Eddie Morrison

    T-Mobile is doing Uncarrier plan because they’re about to switch over to Metro PCS do you even pay attention to T Mobile or MetroPCS website and plus by signing that that mean no more upgrades for free or nothing like that and plus when new customers come to Verizon they well have to pay for both there phone and first month bill all together I love my 2 year contract and I want to keep it

  • I am ready to leave (out-of-contract) VZ for whoever gets the next Nexus. The Gnex is a good phone but its a faux Nexus since VZ is slow to do updates, updates have major issues (battery drain) and they block some Google apps (Wallet). Its a decent network but I am sick of all the restrictions and hoops I have to jump through.

  • chris125

    It should be no contracts and unlimited data. I Would have no problem paying the current rates and being able to continue with unlimited data. It’s not like people are using less data, it is just all about greed.

    • Keith Black

      You’re right, it is all about greed. The “I want more for less” mentality is very greedy.