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Pocket for Android Updated, Brings New Share With Friends Feature


Pocket is celebrating their first anniversary with a nicely sized update to their Android application. Included inside is a brand new sharing feature, allowing users to send content right to a friend who might find whatever it is you are looking at interesting. If that isn’t enough, Instant Sync now works with multiple devices, there is an added auto fullscreen option, as well as plenty of bug fixes.

Full changelog is below. 

What’s New:

  • Celebrating our first year as Pocket with some exciting new features!
  • Send to Friend makes it even easier to share content with friends
  • Receive shared items directly in Pocket
  • Completely new share menu that highlights your recent apps and friends
  • Instant Sync now works with multiple devices
  • Auto fullscreen in Article and Web View
  • Bug fixes and improvements

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  • JRomeo

    I saved something on the pocket app once. and i would reference the page weekly. however, when the actual live webpage updated (I wanted to keep looking at the one i saved in pocket app) however, the one i saved in pocket app, updated along with the live website !!!!! this is ridiculous, so if you cannot use pocket to SAVE webpages for offline reading later, then what good is it?

  • Now if they could just give me a feature to help me get through the backlog of content I have stored up in there…

  • Social network is a important part nowaday

  • JetBlue

    Would be cool if you could use NFC to share stuff you’ve saved in Pocket. If this is already possible then just ignore this.

    • Interesting idea. I dont think its implemented yet