Pocket Premium Subscription Introduced, Strives to be Dropbox of Web Content

With as many screens as we have connected to the Internet at any given time, we need a convenient way to move content across them quickly and easily. Pocket, formerly Read It Later, wants to be the first name you think of when that comes to mind. Today, the company announced a premium service of its already great offering, giving users more options when deciding where they want to consume their content. (more…)

Pocket Updated to Version 5.4 With Immersive Mode Support, Tweaked Layout

If you have received an update to Android 4.4 “Kit Kat,” you know that most apps have not yet taken advantage of the “Immersive Mode” feature that lets users hide their notification and navigation areas and use apps in true full-screen. One of the greatest possible uses of Immersive Mode is for reading without distractions, but we have so far only seen the likes of Google’s Play Books app take advantage. That changes today with the popular read-it-later service Pocket adding full support. (more…)

Pocket Creates Developer SDK for Android Wear, Save Content Directly From Your Watch

Ever since the recent launch of Android Wear, most of the buzz surrounding it has been of the upcoming hardware, LG’s G Watch and Motorola’s Moto 360. Almost forgotten is the fact that soon after the Android Wear announcement, a preview SDK was also released for developers. One of the first developers to make use of this is the team behind the read-it-later Pocket service, having launched today a prototype of a service allowing users to save content for later with merely a swipe and a tap. (more…)

Pocket for Android Updated, Brings New Share With Friends Feature


Pocket is celebrating their first anniversary with a nicely sized update to their Android application. Included inside is a brand new sharing feature, allowing users to send content right to a friend who might find whatever it is you are looking at interesting. If that isn’t enough, Instant Sync now works with multiple devices, there is an added auto fullscreen option, as well as plenty of bug fixes.

Full changelog is below.  (more…)

Instapaper Receives Update With New Features, But You Probably Can’t Afford It

instapaper android

Instapaper, the uber popular iOS “reader it later” app, received a major update on Android today. I’m still not sure why people wouldn’t go with the free and equally as impressive Pocket for their “read it later” app of choice. But choices are never a bad thing, even if the developer thinks Android is the slums of the mobile Earth, will never match the polish of iOS, and that you probably can’t afford his app. He would like to thank you all for your support, though, because you’ve helped make updates like this possible.  (more…)

Pocket for Android Updated to Version 4.3, Centers Around Performance For New Nexus Hardware

App makers are pushing out updates quicker than ever just in time for the launch of the new lineup of Nexus devices from Google. This morning, the makers of Pocket have released version 4.3 to Google Play, which brings a great list of new performance tweaks and features.

The app’s description boasts faster scrolling, booting up time, and overall better responsiveness. On top of performance enhancements, users can now edit tags while reading, there was some bug fixes for ASUS devices, and some other minor fixes.

You can go grab the update through Google Play and get to reading.

Play Link

Pocket for Android Receives Update, Includes “Listen” Feature

Pocket, formerly Read It Later, received an update on Android this morning that includes a new feature called “Listen.” This new feature allows for speech-to-text playback of your saved articles, in case you don’t feel like straining your eyes after a long day’s work. Thanks to the Android platform simplifying the process dramatically, the developers of Pocket were able to create this app during one of their “Friday hack days,” a short competition that their team does for fun.

While using “Listen,” you can choose from a variety of languages that are installed on your device, fast forward or rewind the article, and even speed up or slow down the pace.

Oh, we should also point out that this is an Android exclusive since iOS doesn’t have a text-to-speech API for developers to use.  (more…)