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It’s Official, Google Fiber Headed to Provo, Utah


As reported this morning, the announcement just made by Provo’s mayor has confirmed that the Utah city will be the third city to sport Google Fiber. The task of bringing Fiber to Provo should not be too hard, as Google is to acquire iProvo for an undisclosed amount, an already existing fiber optic network owned by the city. 

Here’s a section taken from Google’s official blog on the matter.

In order to bring Fiber to Provo, we’ve signed an agreement to purchase iProvo, an existing fiber-optic network owned by the city. As a part of the acquisition, we would commit to upgrade the network to gigabit technology and finish network construction so that every home along the existing iProvo network would have the opportunity to connect to Google Fiber. Our agreement with Provo isn’t approved yet—it’s pending a vote by the City Council scheduled for next Tuesday, April 23. We intend to begin the network upgrades as soon as the closing conditions are satisfied and the deal is closed.

We have seen roll out of Fiber start to pick up, so let’s cross our fingers that this trend possibly continues throughout America.

Via: Google Blog

  • Did Google forget about NY?

  • Google fiber. Next stop, Wickenberg AZ!

  • Dain Laguna

    i’m actually super excited for this.

    i get fiber from the city i live in (salisbury, nc) and with the exception of the lonely mountain in the background, provo has a similar small town vibe.

    if these are the types of places google is after…then i’m all for it.

  • I live in Salt Lake City… Can’t believe Provo is getting Fiber before SLC. I understand that Provo is already Fiber ready but the City counsel still has to vote on it.

  • Jordan Oliver

    So, when is AT&T going to aanounce their revolutionary and completely original idea to have a 1gig network in Provo?

  • Patrick

    Pretty awesome when you think if they keep announcing cities like this it will get national attention.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Its official im jealous

  • Bigsike

    Um so they can get polygamist porn faster or something?

  • Teng Taing

    Im in West Valley, UT. Not sure why Google just didnt partner up with Utopia. Oh wells, im happy with Utopia/Xmission and there FiOs. Maybe in the future Google will just gobble Utopia up.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    “I live in Provo, Utah!” Said no one ever.

    • excuse me, just a few miles away. So I guess your right.

    • Trey Mitchell

      shame for those people it’s a nice place

  • duke69111

    My thinking is silly, but if you draw an triangle connecting the three cities that have/ are getting fiber, it points to Eugene Oregon. Are they next????

  • GingerHunter2013

    Just like those magic underwear wearing Mormons to get this…pfff, figures!

    • Russell Andlauer

      haha I just heard about those on the radio this morning, jeez…

  • Russell Andlauer

    That picture is like 5 blocks from the house I am renting! Stoked!

  • Utah? WTF Google?

  • How about places that matter? When are they gonna start including them?

  • Go Hawkeyes

    I hope they build out the Kansas City market about 5 miles further north before they go anywhere in Canada. Sorry, just being a selfish prick.

  • Michael Wegehaupt

    Does anyone think Google acutally plans to one day offer everyone in America access to Google Fiber? One can only hope…

  • elemeno

    For those who keep saying “Why Provo?” it’s because they already had fiber laid. I’ve lived in Provo for the last 13 years. The iProvo network has been a nightmare public works boondoggle. Google Fiber should finally get us the result we’ve been paying for the last ten years.

  • angermeans

    Wow! As a Salt Lake native this is excellent news. Lets hope it will be extended here sometime in the future. Not common to open droid life and see Something as cool as Google Fiber in the same sentence as Provo, UT.

  • Chad

    And only the people living in Provo, Utah care. Slow news day?

    • cdick133

      Well, it is promising that they’re starting on a 3rd location so close to the announcement of Austin, as opposed to waiting 2 years like they did between Kansas City and Austin.

    • Dain Laguna

      ehrm…no. how about its google related news and this is a google-related site?

  • cb

    Sioux Falls! :o)

    • Justin Winker

      Please tell me you are talking about the one in SD.

      • cb

        Sure am. Do you know of another? hah

        • Justin Winker

          Ha, thought there was another state or two with one, but maybe not. Definitely would love to have Fiber here though 🙂

  • Jack

    come to new york

  • Austin Warren

    Need me some provolone cheese and Fiber. Yum! Seattle or Utah is my next. Guess i’ll take no tax over Fiber.

    • Ian

      “Seattle or Utah is my next (guess).”

      Utah? They doing whole states now?

      • Austin Warren

        You’re like a bitchh at the club that won’t stop calling me after getting effed and ditched. It’s really annoying.

        • Ian

          Love you too.

  • Their location choices leave me wondering how they select them. Throwing darts at a map of the states?

    • I would say more who is friendly to their proposal. Big cities like NYC would be a nightmare and since Verizon and Time Warner have big stakes their, I would say Google’s proposal would stall.

      • cdick133

        I’d agree, plus there’s already been some groundwork done by iProvo. I’m sure it helped to be able to acquire a company like that for whatever they consider a reasonable price.

    • Trey Mitchell

      sweetheart government deals and ease of deployment from existing networks

  • Bionic

    I will say this, there are some really hot women in provo. Mormon chics know how to perform

    • When you speak I get physically sick sometimes lol

      • Bionic

        oh come on tim just having some fun 🙂

      • Bionic

        there, i edited for you

        • Ha! I don’t mind one bit. Was just joshing ya!

    • Steve Benson

      Love this guy.

    • Tirionfive

      Yes, quite. I picked up on your reference. Lindsey is the bomb.

  • S2556

    Actually I’m moving to Provo. I hear snowboarding isn’t that great in Austin unless you are being pulled by a boat

  • MattH818

    Super stoked. I don’t have a lot of fondness for Provo but this may be a good reason to move back. 🙂

  • Really? Provo? How about Chicago?!

    • Russell Andlauer

      Chicago will have wind powered internet, lol.
      I am so stoked right now, just moved to Provo to go to UVU this summer, and Provo FYI is actually a pretty sweet city to live in surprisingly, interesting weather, and way cheaper than living in San Diego, which is a fine city (I am a native) but way too expensive and our State Education system is terrible, but our Prison System is the Best! lol that’s what happens when you have a movie star for a Governor for 8 years. Anyways tis’ all good in the hood.

  • Scott Hartman

    Come on Madison, WI!

  • Warwick

    Can you imagine they get to Nevada and then go east. That would be a ball breaker!


      Ya like when my high school teacher wouldn’t let me finish

      • Bionic


        • NIGHTSCOUT


        • jaclyngeffroy

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          • your mother works part time.

    • Ian

      Are you referencing Provo? Because it is in Utah, not Nevada.

      • Warwick

        What I meant was that somewhere in Nevada will get fiber, Google makes us in California think its gonna go here and they pick a state in the East to get it instead. lol

        • michael arazan

          All I know about Provo Utah is from watching the Movie Fletch