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Falcon Pro Receives Update, New Starred Features and Plenty of Improvements

falcon pro

Everyone’s favorite 3rd party Twitter app, Falcon Pro is receiving a bump up to version 1.8 today, bringing a healthy list of new features and improvements. Most of the bigger additions are for starred Twitter profiles, allowing users to receive notifications every time they create a tweet.

In addition, translations are now available in various languages, image loading speeds have been improved and a ton more. For the full changelog, check below. 

What’s New:

  • Starred Users – Inline Articles preview with offline access (enabled for all Starred Users that you follow)
  • Starred Users – Individual notifications (disabled by default)
  • Starred Users – Offline access
  • Translations (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish & Norwegian. More to come)
  • Open twitter status links in Falcon
  • Back button now usable in internal browser to navigate
  • Feedback and bug report form in the app settings
  • Image loading speeds, now with progress bar
  • Fix – user autocompletion
  • Fix – htc keyboard auto correct
  • Bugfixes

Play Link ($1.96)

  • rodney11ride

    Somebody explain to me… I love Falcon… but always fall back to original twitter app due to push notifications and ability to get notified that a certain person just tweeted….. Always fast and reliable. On any other app it takes a long time to get notifications… maybe im doing something wrong here.. educate me.

    • I use Falcon Pro on my tablet and the official app on my phone because of exactly what you mentioned. The push notifications are a necessity for me, but until Twitter can come out with an official app that supports tablet layouts, I’ll need something else on that.

  • Reisen Udongein

    Been using Falcon Pro for a while now and really happy with the quick releases and bug fixes. The developer is quick on bug reports too.

  • This is my favorite Twitter client. I even like it better than Tweetbot for iOS. Not to mention it has tablet view and I don’t have to buy two versions.

  • Phil Nolan

    I don’t know if I’d say everyone’s favorite, but with TweetDeck being killed off (again) it does look like a fairly decent alternative. It seems risky though, paying for a Twitter client when Twitter keeps hating on third parties. Who knows if it will be here tomorrow?

    • Martin Nilsson

      If we play with the idea that the app is $10 and that Twitter kills it 12 months after you bought it, that’s less then a dollar a month for the improved experience. Even if you only get to enjoy it for 6 months that’s about $1.50. Not at all expensive if you ask me. And the app isn’t even $10 so what do you have to loose? =)

  • dylan84

    Still the best Twitter client in my opinion. Keeps getting better with every update.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I wholeheartedly agree! I was skeptical at first, being a long-time TweetCaster user/fan and all; didn’t want to switch to any other twitter app, but when they reset all twitter tokens, I went ahead and purchased Falcon Pro. And then I simply never looked at any other twitter app on Android again. I was sold.

      • dylan84

        I downloaded it when the app was first released in the play store months ago. It’s actually the app that got me using Twitter again.

      • NoneOfYourBizzness

        Same here. Used Tweetcaster Pro for as long as I can remember. Tried out Falcon when it first launched and haven’t looked back. Keeps getting better and better. One of my top apps.

      • John A

        Similar to me. I got it at the beginning to see what the fuss was about, but kept on using Tweetcaster until they got rid of the ‘view replies’ option. I then went back to Falcon pro and like you, i have never looked back since.

  • Falcon is definitely a top 3 app for me; Love the progress so far and hope it continues to be one of the top Twitter clients