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Android Started Off Being an OS For Cameras, Thankfully That Idea Didn’t Stick

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Android has quite the documented history at this point, but Andy Rubin dropped a piece of information today that Android could have never seen a mobile phone. Talking shop today in Tokyo, Andy Rubin mentioned that originally, the plan was for Android to be a platform for cameras so they could share photos more easily. “The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones,” Rubin said.

Showing off slides from the original pitch meeting, it appears that Android was meant as a center for cameras to connect to, through wires or wireless, to then share photos with computers. Rubin said that the Android team realized the market was fairly small for camera software so they switched their focus to smartphones in a matter of 5 months. At that point, Rubin wasn’t even worried about the iPhone – Microsoft and Symbian were the only targets on his radar at that point.

It was probably for the better that Andy went for smartphones rather than cameras, but the rest is history. Could you imagine smartphones today without the influence of Android?

Via: PC World

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Their focus changed on January 9, 2007….

  • You would think the camera software would be better if that were the case. It is getting better don’t get me wrong, but not the highlight of Android.

    • Mike Reid

      Surely very little, if any, of the original code still exists in Android. It’s come a long way, in smart-phone time.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I guess all I would question do most like cameras utilize multiple pictures for one extreme spot on, low light or the trace effect etc.?

  • Shane Redman

    Oh no….the iPhone wouldn’t have a notification center or a “larger” screen. There’d be no (overpriced) iPad mini. iOS still wouldn’t have social media integration. The world would be stuck in an endless black app drawer, unless we swiped left to search what else but our endless app drawer…


    Samsung disagrees with you 😀

  • Yet, it’s gone full circle and now we have the Galaxy Camera.


      which is DOA i might add. I have yet to see one in the wild. And I come across lots of people.

      • Thomas


        are you the one & only 😉

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Yes. (strokes mustache)

      • Cowboydroid

        I never see the same camera twice in the wild, I guess that means every other manufacturer failed horribly, since they couldn’t push more than 50% marketshare…

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          *thumbs up*

  • SUAVE21

    That idea should have sticked. Because, I would have been happier with iOS…. Thank you Google and Verizon for washing my brain with the OG Motorola Droid and all those stupid ads made by Lucasfilms. In that time(2009), I was going an iPhone 3GS, but my brain just got washed by the claws of Google, and my mind began to look at Android. At the same, my mind began to suffer with those stupid lawsuits made by Apple, which made Android ugly in some parts. I won’t doubt to buy a Windows phone smartphone like the next Nokia Lumia, if the Windows Marketplace begins to grow faster and they make support for app folders.

    • Andy Rubin’s Glasses

      I have no idea what this guy is even trying to convey …. Google, VZW, and Lucasfilms brainwashed you (or did they put your brain in a sink?) … You’d be happier with iOS,.. But, but, Apple made Android ugly? You’re gonna buy a Windows Phone if they had a better market?? WTF?? Please surrender your OG Droid (it deserves better than you) and surrender your Android card, and GTFO. Go enjoy iOS, Windows, Bada, or whatever. Just go,

  • dannyWHITE

    Started from the bottom now we HERE!

    • Austin Warren

      Oh god don’t talk about that crap and android in the same article.

      • sk3litor

        Thank you for this response

        • Austin Warren

          Some guy who didn’t start from the bottom, and is complete trash. Great thing to associate with android /s

  • eli

    Samsung: ahhh yesss, we can use this……hehehehehe

  • Looks like Samsung got that memo. Galaxy Camera must have been quite a shock at Google.

    • michael arazan

      How about an amazing camera in the next nexus, and one that adapts for shakiness so I don’t need to take 10 of the same picture to find the clearest one.

  • Michael

    Considering that that Android is now featured on some Cameras I’d say he was still successful in that aspect. This obviously excluding the success of Android in general

  • Tirionfive

    Sadly, that idea did stick with the Galaxy Camera. Not that the camera itself is bad, but who the heck would use a full featured OS on a damned camera? Android dependent would be better 🙂

    • rikomenzies

      Not just that–most similarly if not better-priced point-and-shoots produce better images, and don’t require a data plan to fully take advantage of. Sure, you can’t instantly post to Instagram, but you’ll live.