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DROID Bionic Jelly Bean Update Available for Download and Manual Install

bionic jb1

On Friday, Verizon approved the much-anticipated Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2) update for the Motorola DROID Bionic. As is typical with Motorola updates, an initial rollout of the new firmware was pushed to members of a test group to make sure that no major issues were hanging around. Thanks to that push to testers, we now have the file for anyone willing to take the plunge and manually update ahead of time. 

In order to flash the update file, you’ll have to be running stock 6.7.246, which is the last update the Bionic received. You can have root prior to updating, but will likely need to utilize the OTA Rootkeeper app in order to keep it afterwards. Reports seem to be mixed thus far on whether or not this is working, though.

In order to flash the update, download the file from below, drop it on your SD card, reboot into recovery, and then install from SD Card.

The full changelog for the update can be found here.

Update:  If the download link below is dead, be sure to head to the XDA thread.

Via:  XDA [Download Link]

Cheers Russel and Justtyn!

  • Jessie Hubbard

    I’m having problems with group messaging because of the update! I can receive messages in a group text, but can’t send one out. Any idea what can fix this?!

  • Heather La Savage

    Just was forced to get Jelly Bean update by Verizon due to inability to add A contact? Since JB update my phone over heats, battery drains, can’t hook up to WiFi, lost Many widgets, camera & library no longer function the way they Should, not to mention the phone layout Sucks & the dial pad has shrunk!! I’ve got over 8 hours clocked with Verizon & Motorola since Last nights Forced Update and ALL I got was BS! This is the SAME CRAP that happened when ICS was Shoved at me! I get Less for MORE & should say Thank You?? They say that JB is set up for “Better Security” which does NOT explain Loss of Features or the fact that MANY Router/Modems for WiFi are NO Longer Compatible, but WE should just Smile and take it!! BEWARE!!! THE PHONE YOU HAVE TODAY WILL SURELY NOT be the Phone you have After the JB Update!!! Good Luck!!!

  • metronj

    What does GUIException detected: Abnormal situation

    Code wifi_login_screen (etc can not read the rest)

  • Daniel

    Update sucks*

  • Daniel

    The update sicks. Its horrible. I hate it. They took soooo many features out that they should have explained before the install went through. All I saw was update available, when I tried to look more no explanation. So I just went ahead. Now sleep mode is gone, standalone GPS is gone, you HAVE to use Google which I don’t trust sometimes bc it HAS to be in for everything else at the sometime. The preview of sounds in alarms is gone. My phone is constantly trying to connect to WiFi to get my location, even after I ask it to stop and turn it off. And to top it all off, I have the extended battery and it doesn’t last a day. When I could use for 2 days at a time without charge. With in an hour off charge, and me Not using it, only in standby screen sleep, it goes down 10 to 15% . When I could use it on the internet play games and make calls before a few times before that happened before the update. I want to revert back to my previous version.

  • Sheila D

    Why was the sleep function deleted from the update??? I miss it and used it every night. Is there another way to put the phone in sleep mode or hibernate?

  • budman

    I got the new Jelly Bean version OS from Verizon, and am definitely not pleased. Battery life now sucks and my ability to tether to my iPad is now gone unless I pony up another $30/month for a mobil hotspot. I was grandfathered into an unlimited data plan, and my choices are now pay the $30/mo or get into a shared data plan with my wife’s phone. Big brother Verizon strikes again. What I can’t figure out is why this thing is now eating my battery. I have an extended battery and have the navigation, bluetooth, and wireless turned off, and I still lose 10% of my battery per hour, even when the phone is just sitting on my desk. What’s up with that? Anybody have any suggestions?

  • Darryl

    Jelly Bean has ruined my phone! since update a lot of apps no longer
    work. including my FM radio and FM streaming apps.. all my pictures are
    scattered all over. the personal albums I created are gone and I can’t
    make new ones. I do not like dial pad or the fact I cant change it. I
    noticed that a lot on my personal setting have changed and are no longer
    available. Before the update I was very pleased with the way ICS
    operated my phone did every thing I wanted it to do and more. now I hate
    my phone. if this is what I’m stuck with then I’m done with android.

  • I’m stock/rooted ICS (via OTA ), no frozen/deleted bloatware, OTA Rootkeeper temp disabled root, and the update still fails. Tried stock recovery from SD card & OTA with the same results.

  • Kevin

    Need some help – manually updating…which file is the “Executable” file when in recovery mode? In the folder that I downloaded…but can’t find the file

  • Jimmy

    So far everything seems to be working. Glad this update got rid of some of those useless apps that came preloaded!

  • Jimmy

    Got it in Baltimore, MD. Downloaded it and updating now! Looks promising, although sounds like this could be the end of the road for the bionic… was hoping to hold out until key lime pie, but sounds like that isn’t going to happen for Bionic users.

  • Guest

    Just got it in Denver Colorado!!!

  • jdmkar

    When will this be available from my phone update instead of downloading it online?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Can anyone verify the Verizon apps that did not come with JB that was in ICS? I need to see a list of ICS bloatware and a list of JB bloatware. Will the ICS bloatware that is currently disabled be removed if the JB update is installed? Does OTA update account for this?

  • Dr4g0nf1y

    If MOG and Slacker were both removed as “bloatware” why is it still on my device after an upgrade and I can’t remove it?

  • SkateRyan

    Still no OTA update where I am. I hope it comes soon.

  • Nothing here in New Mexico