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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Camera Receives Massive Mystery 180MB Update to VRAMC4

galaxy camera update

The Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC120) for Verizon received a major update (at least in size) this morning to build VRAMC4. The update weighs in at almost 180MB, which is substantial, though we’re not sure at all what was included with it. Verizon nor Samsung have mentioned the new firmware, so at this point, we’re stuck waiting for answers. It is still running Android 4.1.2 after the update is pushed through, though. 

I’m leaning towards it being a camera software upgrade rather than much of an upgrade on the Android side. After downloading, seeing the working Bugdroid, and then rebooting for the first time, a screen appears that says “Upgrading Camera Software,” before rebooting one more time. I thumbed through the camera software, and even snapped a few pictures, but came up empty.

If you own this camera, let us know if you received the update and if you have noticed any changes.

Cheers Charles!

  • Which, Bugdroid App? There are several.

  • I noticed one big difference. I can’t turn it into a hotspot and tether wirelessly anymore. Booooooooo!

    • Wow, that’s really lame, especially considering that was a feature they were advertising at one point.

  • Does this OTA decrease the cost??

  • Stevedub40

    Looks like a kernel update. Could be some updated modules.

    • Considering this is a camera first and an Android device second, this theory is very plausible. I’m sure their camera drivers, focus/lens movement, metering and encoding software are substantially more complex than any mobile phone camera (save the PureView808 of course).

  • Bionic


  • Samsung did say they were giving the s3 the same camera software as the s4….

    • U might have something there..perhaps Samsung rolling out the s4 camera ability to the galaxy camera

      • Austin Warren

        Um not sure how that would work.

  • fallsgable

    can someone help this NOOB! Is this applicable to my old Galaxy Nexus…or just newer Samsung phones??
    Where do I go to check the version number…..how do I find the camera info??

    • This update is for the galaxy camera device

    • gokusimpson

      No. This is for the Samsung Galaxy Camera. It’s a camera with a touch screen on the back.

    • Hoff16

      It’s for the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is a camera running Android. Not the Galaxy Nexus’ camera.

    • mustbepbs


    • fallsgable

      So, does my Samsung Galaxy have to be rooted in order to get this?? and what exactly does “rooted” mean??? I hear it all the time!!

      • No, doesn’t need rooting
        Root to root means to access the level of the device allowing you to make custom programming tweaks. Root means root access to change everything however you choose
        Most don’t worry because unless you know what your doing you can turn a expensive device in to a paperweight

        • fallsgable

          I’m confused…will Rooting make the phone reception better?? Is there an application for it? Will my Galaxy Nexus look different??
          The post says there is an update for my camera….so the camera will be better???

          • JBartcaps

            Stop, open a new tab, go to google.com, search for “how to root my Galaxy Nexus”

          • fallsgable in a noob indeed

            wake up

          • Futbolrunner


            Only one “?” will suffice.

          • PigHeaded

            Yes, you need to root in order to get this camera update. It has a lot of upgrades such as it will take your plastic galaxy nexus body and turn it into harder plastic. It also significantly improves reception where your phone will actually start receiving other people’s reception so you can listen in to their phone calls.

            One of the upgrades to the camera include 720 degree photosphere where you can take a 360 degree picture outside then take another 360 picture in your @$$hole.

            Stop your bs’ing guy. People here are trying to be helpful and you come up with some sarcastic questions.

          • Nathaniel Webb

            I’m guessing your troll level is somewhere around 9000.

          • JoshGroff

            I’ve seen better, he’s nowhere near 9000.

          • NachoKingP

            OMG, how do all you people not realize he’s being a troll and getting a laugh?

      • The other guy is an idiot, to root your phone, simply dig a hole, throw your phone in, and pour water. Now just close the hole back up and in no time you’ll be rooted.

      • Noun
        The part of a plant that attaches it to the ground or to a support, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant.Verb
        Cause (a plant or cutting) to grow roots.
        (of an animal) Turn up the ground with its snout in search of food.Synonyms
        radical – origin – radix – source – base – race

        Rooted = root in past tense.

    • Ruvim


  • stang6790

    I think this adds the Verizon logo watermark to all pictures taken.

  • Especially if your as clueless as this camera owner. I failed to realize I was already at android 4.1.2 before the update. Lol

    • C-Law

      So I’m curious, did Verizon put their bloatware apps on here?

  • moelsen8

    Maybe they figured out how to add logos via OTA. Did you check the exterior?

  • sc4fpse

    “If you own this camera, let us know if you received the update and if you have noticed any changes.”

    Kellex, I think we’re going to need the cricket.mp3 again.

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    • Austin Warren

      If this was cheaper I’d get it.