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CyanogenMod 10.1 M3 Builds Now Available For Large List of Devices

Cid CyanogenMod

It’s almost the weekend, so let’s get a shiny new ROM flashed for you to play with. Today, CyanogenMod launched the 10.1 M3 builds for an impressive list of phones like the Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, One X, Galaxy Nexus, etc. Naturally, as more builds are uploaded for different devices, you can expect to see this already impressive list grow even larger. 

In terms of what is new, you can expect to see the new Pie Control UI baked in, Koush’s open source Superuser application, and plenty other little goodies.

To download the M3 build for your device, follow the via to head to CM’s main download landing page.

Via: CM

  • kaufkin

    For those asking how to upgrade, how to find GAps, etc, etc, Rom Manager. your single source friend for all your issues. Just saying….. 🙂 (running new M3 on Gnexus – No issues)

  • Cool, does that mean Bluetooth is fixed?

  • TheDrunkenClam

    So where can I get the latest gapps that will officially match up ? (Vzw gnex)

  • enigmaco

    I don’t know if I have it or not lol, already have a cm rom on my phone and it has a update checker just updated it this afternoon so I’ll have to check. It installs the update for me as well. Ok after reading I do not have it I am curious now though I have a nexus 4.

  • Do you need gapps for this or is it included?

    • John

      They’re never included with CM ROMs.

  • VICO Y

    Are you guys having a problems of your GApps restoring?

  • Just download to SD card and boot????

  • Not seeing pie

  • pookietookie

    Still prefer AOKP for the features…

  • Flyinion

    Debating jumping from AOKP to this to give it a shot. I have a couple of Bluetooth audio questions though for those running this (or recent versions) on a Galaxy Nexus. Are there any audio quality issues? Have heard about problems on 4.2.2 ROMS with BT audio quality (including the recent official release of 4.2.2 from Verizon). I know AOKP included some fixes to that at one point, just curious if CM has as well.

    The other thing, which annoys the heck out of me right now, is that on AOKP there is currently no meta-data sent while playing music (i.e. my vehicle’s radio displays “no info” instead of the current song). Is this feature working in CM?

    • Bluetooth song info is part of AVRCP 1.3. Android OS only includes version 1.0. CM upgraded BlueZ (Bluetooth Stack) to support AVRCP 1.3 in CM version 10.0. AndroidOS, however, decided that in version 4.2.2 (CM 10.1) to switch AWAY from BlueZ and to a Broadcom stack – which not only bumped the AVRCP version back to 1.0, it also made Bluetooth incredibly unstable and introduced a handful of show-stopping bugs.

      So no, that feature is not working in any 4.2.2 ROM as far as I’m aware.

      • Flyinion

        Ah, thanks for the info. That explains very well what’s going on. Wonder what on earth possessed them to change to something older.

  • radiohead14

    could someone please tell me if the camera software is as good as touchwiz? i use my camera the most, and i would hate to lose some of those features samsung has added. from what i read.. samsung hasn’t relased the source codes for the camera, so that’s why it may not be up to the same quality as tw.. is that correct?

    • dogulas

      You’ll be missing a few of the features Samsung has added. I like the touchwiz camera a lot. I don’t know about the quality either, haven’t tested it much. From my experience I haven’t been getting the best photos but I think I suck at taking pictures/go too fast during panoramas. Watch a video on 4.2 camera on youtube and you’ll see all the features.

      • radiohead14

        ok thanks

  • Mason Lammers

    The GS3 version is causing devices to not boot. Do not put onto your Galaxy S3!

    • I think they took down the ones that were bricking and uploaded fixed ones. However, I don’t have an SG3 so I can’t confirm.

    • C-Law

      oh snap, i just downloaded for my vzw s3! Does anyone know if they changed the file name for the fixed version or the md5 of the good version so I’ll know if I should install this or not?

    • Dan Doan-Draper

      I downloaded to my VZW GS3 as soon as soon as this article was tweeted, and haven’t had any issues.

      • I’m considering picking up one of these devices… is the camera fully functional for you? I’m seeing mixed things on Google.

    • Running like a champ. GS3 Verizon

      • dogulas

        Matthew, are you able to enable the new pie interface on your GS3 with CM 10.1 M3? I can’t seem to find it in the settings. I’m considering installing a mod that enables soft keys. I wonder if that would allow the pie interface to be enabled. Thanks.

    • Mason Lammers

      I am running the M3 Build now with no issues. They had an alert on their website warning this issue and it is gone now so all is good for the GS3!

      • dogulas

        Mason, are you able to enable the new pie interface on your GS3 with CM 10.1 M3? I can’t seem to find it in the settings. I’m considering installing a mod that enables soft keys. I wonder if that would allow the pie interface to be enabled. Thanks.

        • Mason Lammers

          You may have figured this out already but in order to enable the pie feature you must have the on screen navbar enabled. This feature is found in all CM10.1 ROMs I guess but just needs a zip downloaded to enable it.

          This link will help you enable it and gain PIE. I personally can’t stand on screen navbar on my GS3 so I don’t use PIE.

          Hope this helps.

          • dogulas

            Thanks for the help. Funny enough, I just barely installed that mod 🙂 So far, the PIE is now available in the settings after having installed that mod. But enabling them in the settings does not change anything. Also, oddly, Expaned gives the option to make the status bar hidden or visible, but that doesn’t seem to change anything either nor does it make PIE controls become enabled.

          • Mason Lammers

            Makes me think it has some issues to be fixed before its ready for a daily GS3 user.

          • dogulas

            It certainly has been good for everything else in the time I’ve used it. I have photosphere working perfectly and everything seems pretty smooth. Not having PIE isn’t something that would make me want to flash Paranoid Android but I sure wish the CM team decided to at least create the option for soft keys (and PIE) in the build. Who knows, maybe they are working on that.

          • Mason Lammers

            I agree and bet eventually they will. Heck I wasn’t expecting it would ever be added to CM10.1 so we are already ahead of the game. Can you post the link with your photosphere addition? I could look I know but thought if you had it, I could save some time.

          • dogulas

            http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-galaxy-nexus-rooting-roms-hacks/220830-jelly-bean-4-2-camera-36.html. Just make sure you fix permissions in Recovery after installing the zip. You don’t have to delete the original camera app if you don’t want to. You will just gave two of them.

          • dogulas

            Also I just discovered that using the flash with this camera can cause the gallery to freeze/crash and make the camera inaccessible until you reboot. Good reason to also keep the original camera and just have both available to use. So I guess it’s not perfect but close. Flash makes photos ugly anyway.

      • I’m asking multiple times from multiple users… please forgive if it comes across as spam 🙂

        Is the camera fully functional? Thanks!

  • droid4gurl

    does anyone know if you can natively tether through cryogen/does it work on droid 4? If not is it possible to downgrade to a version of android where they don’t have the verizon tethering subscriber check?

    • endurotech

      Tether does work on CM for the D4. Not possible to downgrade, but FoxFi works on Droid 4 on JB. Besides if you’re rooted you can hack the entitlement check to make tethering work

    • Tim242

      Yes it works. A simple hotspot toggle works, even on stock ROM.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        There’s a notification bar up top.. It’s not full screen. Is that going to be an issue for you?

        • Tim242

          Not on the browser.

  • Cant wait until someone gets something stable for the Razr hd/maxx hd now that it is unlocked. Just being able to root the new JB and freeze alot of useless crap made this phone worlds better than it was… CM 10.1 would just be… tops.

    • brandon

      Unlocked bootloader doesn’t mean anything without source code

      • It does generate interest, which does mean something.

      • Ugh, the wait is killing me. I see that Cyanogenmod is now showing Unofficial support for the RAZR M and 10 & 10.1 are being developed for RAZR HD. Hopefully, this will happen sooner than later.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Last I checked we just need the camera. The work done for the already unlocked 925 and dev edition 926 has helped. We even have a updated kernel.

    • PhoenixPath

      No update for the nX (though their app yet, anyway).


      I know..I’m impatient. 😛

      (Even more amusing, the LG Specturm already has it….wth…)

  • possomcrast

    The M2 build was definitely the best CM 10.1 build I’ve used. So far M3 has shown no problems and is just as fast and stable as the last.

  • irunaokp

    AOKP updates almost always have new features and/or new devices. Why is it that CM almost always doesn’t add new features?? From my experience with both, CM runs faster than AOKP but I’m sure they could add a few more features users are used to. but whatev.

    • Because that isn’t the point of CM.

    • PhoenixPath

      “CM runs faster than AOKP”

      You answered your own question. CM is about speed and stability and only a few features above basic AOSP functionality. It is clean, light and fast.

      AOKP is a “We heard you like toggles, so we made some toggles for your toggles” / “throw every feature our devs can possibly think of at it and see what sticks” kind of ROM. They have great success with this in most cases and have done some truly interesting stuff. A lot of the stuff they announce also gets simply dropped…

      I’ve used both and switch back and forth from time to time (i used to build AOKP on my home system almost nightly at one point). It’s all about personal preference.

      ..and I am sure someone will take exception to my descriptions above. Hopefully, instead of trolling, they’ll simply add their own description based on their experiences.

  • Giving it a go

    Can someone tell me if the Gapps are are baked into this Rom ?

    • i don’t think they ever are in CM, are they?

      • EC8CH

        not since about 2009

    • They never are.

    • TheRealBeesley

      Never are, and most likely never will be.

    • goo.im/gapps

  • DroidModderX


    It is pretty sick. Fast and I enjoy the new PIE control

    • michael arazan

  • Arthur Boddie

    Wo Hoo Yes something to play with this weekend !

  • Tim242

    A lot of S3:users are reporting that their phones won’t boot after flashing.

    • Yeah. They took down the builds that were causing bricks and I think they have started to upload fixed builds.

  • Mason Lammers