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Cut the Rope: Time Travel Coming to Android in Near Future or Possibly Back From the Past


ZeptoLabs announced today that there will be a brand new Cut the Rope game coming to both iOS and Android called, Time Travel. Details are sparse as to what new things we will see in the title, but with a tag of “almost here,” we are excited for its inevitable release. Although nothing is confirmed, it would be hard to imagine that ZeptoLabs would change up their winning formula on their biggest title.

No dates, no price. Just the way Om Nom fans like it.

  • imnotmikal

    The hidden star is floating over the 3rd shelf from the bottom.

    • TheWhiteLotus

      i don’t see it

      • Iniand

        you have to be quick on the pause button… try 720p

      • Stefan
        • drathos

          That’s not a star, that’s a smudge :p