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FoxFi Now Works With Multiple Motorola Phones Running Jelly Bean


With devices getting updated left and right, some apps are finding themselves no longer compatible with certain devices. But have no fear, those app developers are always working hard to make sure their apps are functioning properly. This week, the developer of FoxFi (the app that turns your phone into a free WiFi tethering machine) has added support for a good list of Motorola device running Jelly Bean, which were previously unsupported. 

If you are the owner of a DROID RAZR, RAZR MAXX, RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, DROID Bionic, or DROID 4 that is currently running Jelly Bean, you can now use the tethering feature. To start tethering, simply pick up the app on Google Play and get to doing business.

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Via: PDANet

Cheers John!

  • Pablo Rodriguez

    Excellent!..works great on my RAZR. Just open it and turn on wi fi; let it create a VPN by itself and wait probably one minute in order to comunicate or “talk” to your pc or device.
    It didn’t work a couple of months ago, but just today (May 6, 2013) it worked just fine for me.
    Try it on and good luck.

  • irbbri

    Just tried to run FoxFi on my Droid Razr and it froze the phone. I had to dump everything and revert to factory settings. I am running JB 4.2.1. Just FYI

  • tim

    Not working says ” fail to activate hotspot: Fail to enable hotspot. Your phone is not yet supported by FoxFi.” Im on Jelly Bean and updated the app idk why it doesnt work

    • natepruitt

      I’ve had FoxFi for well over a year. Most recent update has done this to me, too. Now Verizon is trying to override and get me to pay the monthly tethering fee. I feel like the last update was a scam. Not impressed.

  • Avishek Ghosh

    Just got an update of foxfi… Now they added motorola droid razr m in supported list! But no confirmation about motorola DROID RAZR HD till now…

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sumguy2006

    Works perfectly with Razr Max. and JB. I have unlimited data account.
    I was blocked by the $30/month verizon pop up screen before this latest update.

  • sunshinelkd

    I have a Droid 4 and its DOES NOT work with Jelly Bean update 🙁

    • Raven

      That was my experience last night as well. Back to WiFi Tether.

    • I got my 4 update today.

  • csj

    I have a Droid Razr M with the unlimited data plan and Foxfi is still being blocked 🙁 I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it is still being blocked. Any suggestions?

    • Avishek

      FoxFi support for razr m jb will coming soon… But nothing mentioned about razr hd yet..
      Source – foxfi website

      • csj

        Great – will it include the phones that have the grandfathered
        unlimited plans?

  • Avishek

    Can anyone confirm that the new version of foxfi working with unrooted Motorola Droid razr hd with jb 4.1.2?

    • Avishek

      Any update friends about the compatibility of razr hd with foxfi? I read @ foxfi play store page n there is no razr hd listed there!

      • sumguy2006

        I use PDaNet+/Foxfi with a Droid Razr max JB, and it works great now. It had been blocked before this update that uses a VPN

    • brian

      Yes it is working you have to configure the mobile hot spot app in settings not foxfi and change the broadcast channel from auto to 1 or any of the numbers listed once you do this foxfi will work

      • Avishek

        So i have to change the stock hotspot settings, not the foxfi setting? Is it need root to modify hotspot settings in phone? Is the broadcast channels no change needs root? Pls clear my confusion.

  • bad news; IT’S STILL $7 AND A RIP OFF. btw, the Samsung phones don’t need this crap to tether

    • Crank

      Hmmm… so you’re saying you think that $20 per month is a better deal than $7 once?

      • Nope. I’m saying free > all. And foxfi should never have gone paid especially at such a high cost.

  • Tmo blocks tethering for me on my 30/month plan, I have the unlocked play store version. Yes it does work BTW.

    • marion babich

      Foxfi works great. I just have to remember to turn off Juice Defende before I turn on Foxfi. Droid Bionic here.

  • diamonddave242

    Just curious if anyone knows how FoxFi compares to another wi-fi tether app called 1-click tether?

  • Just downloaded on GS3 connected my tablet downloaded a 25mb game checked my usage no change! Great App.

  • Bionic

    It also works on x phone

  • ezpotato

    am i doing something wrong? installed it on my razr hd maxx, set up a 4 digit pin, says it’s broadcasting the network, but i am not finding it on my computer/ipad, etc.

  • Harry B

    Whats the difference between 2001 and 2002 4.3 W Code Engines? The long blocks have different part numbers

  • brian

    Not working on Verizon RAZR maxx HD it says WiFi hotspot active but foxfi doesn’t show up in available networks on my nexus 7

    • ezpotato

      i am having the same issue…. wtf???

      • brian

        OK I figured it out when the mobile hot spot in the notification panel pops up the phone one not foxfi select configure mobile hot spot then change broadcast channel from auto to 8 and your RAZR HD should be in business

  • I never could get FoxFi to work n my Droid 3 so I used the RadioComm hack. Works like a dream, full slowed assed 3g sharing for free. yay!

  • brian kircher

    I have a razed maxx HD and it wants me to set up a password for my lock screen, so I did that and I never had used those previously, and so I removed the app cause I don’t want to have to do that every time I want to unlock my phone, but I have no way of disabling the lock screen pin. Does anyone have any idea of how to turn that off??

    • I would like to know this too, I seem to be stuck with the lock screen and want to disable it!

      • Boneebone

        Go to Settings> Security and Screen Lock>Clear Credentials >Screen Lock, enter your PIN or Password, than you can disable or change your Screen Lock.

        • Dr. Bear

          That option is grayed out with the notification, “Disabled by administrator, system policy, or credential storage.” This is also true for “slide” and “face unlock” options.

  • DJ

    Slightly off-topic: VZW GS3, whenever I turn on the hotspot in FoxFi, the damn Verizon Hotspot app opens and seems to block FoxFi from connecting with anything.
    Anybody have that issue or know how to stop / disable VZ Hotspot?

    • t

      1 click wifi tether works for me

  • Josh

    Does this work with Bluetooth tethering? I tried FoxFi before to get Bluetooth DUN working on my car but it never worked. My car works with Blackberry phones though.

  • little off topic but anyone with a verizon galaxy nexus with unlimited data who still cant get this to work even after the update? this app has worked for me in the past but broken with each jelly bean update then fixed with the app update but this time i think verizon is actually blocking me although they have denied this and i get no messages saying anything of the sort.

    • Tad

      I was told that if you have a grandfathered unlimited data plan with Verizon, they still block wifi tethering. If you have one of the new plans, it’s open.

      • Guest

        I’m grandfathered unlimited with Verizon. It worked for me just now.

      • huskerhog

        I’m grandfathered unlimited with Verizon. It worked for me this afternoon. That’s when I sent this tip to Droid-Life about FoxFi working on JB. John

    • natepruitt

      I think you may be right. I’m unlimited, but as of this evening FoxFi ceased to work. It seems that Verizon is now trying to override it and insist on the purchase of the rip-off subscription for mobile hotspot/tethering. (Because it makes sense to charge me twice for the same data… jerks.)

      • natepruitt

        I should mention that I have been using a paid FoxFi subscription since last year and this is the first time I’ve been completely shut out. I’m hoping they fix it quickly!

  • vzw sux

    Suck it verizon

  • Warwick

    Thanks for the good news Tim!

  • nick

    Also working on the droid DNA now


    This was the only reason I haven’t updated to Jelly Bean on my maxx… bring on the JB love!

  • zmberven

    Anyone wanna let us know if, by chance, the RAZR M also works? I’m just shocked that they would fix all except that singular phone.

    • zmberven

      All = Current Motorola phones on Verizon…my bad

  • No tethering app is working on my Gnex (Sprint) at the moment. I loved FoxFi on my R2D2. Newest FoxFi turns on then get a message saying I have no Hotspot feature on my account and turns off my internet. Hopefully soon.

  • I’ve been using TetherShortcut on my Galaxy Nexus without incident, FoxFi was buggy for me but I’ll give it another try now that I’m on 4.2.2.

  • Lots of fantastic news for Motorola users this week.

    What’s next, a massive X-Phone leak?? lol

  • igotgame

    My friend just updated his PDAnet+ and it required him to change his lock screen from slide to PIN password and now the slide to unlock and face unlock are greyed out. Anyone else see this?

    • I did, it has to add it as a trusted credential to allow the app to create a VPN. I assumed it was because of my company’s device administrator requirements

    • Ben Carter

      I was hoping there was a way to turn off the screen lock. I really do not like having this on my phone, as well as my Nexus7. But I guess i should probably leave it locked as it has easy access to “MY WHOLE LIFE!” (DROID 4 – FOXFI WORKS AGAIN!!!!!!)

    • Roundman

      Yes, the screen lock! I haven’t used the screen lock in the past but seems this is a trade off in order to get FoxFi. I’m getting used to it however, not too bad. I assume FoxFi found a vulnerability with jellybean that if the phone is locked, FoxFi will work? All I can say is Yoo Hoo!!!

    • DavidU

      Yes, same here would like slide unlock back

  • Blake Robinson

    and VERIZON Galaxy Nexus, S3, and Note II

    • Tim242

      A simple hotspot toggle has always worked on Samsung devices.

      • kervation

        I second that. The hotspot toggle in the Elixir application worked without fail when my GNex was unrooted.

        • michael arazan

          Been using foxfi on my gnex for ever, I’d pay for that app, but its Free!!!

          Seriously, I’d donate if there was an option

          • jorelkilcullen

            buy the full version then… think its like 4 bucks and it removes the data limit

    • Amanda B. Cabral

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  • Pat

    Assuming PDANet+ also works the same on the same phones? (since they merged)

    • Sean Carey


  • droidrazredge

    Yes!, I’ve been looking for an app similar to this when the OTA update was pushed to the Razr Maxx! I, probably like a lot of people did not want to update to Jelly Bean from ICS since the app was not compatible with the Jelly Bean changes. This is such a good day!!!! I can enjoy some Jelly Bean and some FoxFi. If only this was available during my trip last week! The Wifi in the hotel was atrocious and felt like dial up.

  • noe anguiano

    Nexus 4??

    • hurrpancakes

      Why would you need it on a Nexus 4?

  • Is it strange I still use Wifi Tether? Formerly known as Wireless Tether.

    • tyguy829

      not at all. love the access control feature. It doesn’t work on 4.2.2 though, and hasn’t been updated in 6 months…i’ve lost hope

    • Tim242

      Nope. Use whatever works for you : )

    • Nope I’m using it right now to post this comment

    • Rob

      I used foxfire until JB and came across Wifi Tether. I actually enjoyed it as it was more stable and had keepalives and I prefer how it notified when someone connected to my phone. The tether from my rom on 4.2.2 doesn’t do all that. It does, however, work which is all that matters in the end.

  • Aaron

    No razr M?

    • kixofmyg0t

      It works.

      Side note, the M runs almost the exact same SW that the RAZR HD does.

  • I literally just rooted and changed the value for the tether check yesterday on my Droid Razr to get wifi tethering…..

    • droidrazredge

      What value did you change and what did you change it to ?

      • Gary Spaulding

        You’ll need sqlite (rooted) and change the ‘Entitlement check’ from ‘1’ to ‘0’ in the ‘Settings Storage’ settings.db

      • Here is the link for more details. Just be aware that this guide was made pre- Jelly Bean so instead of the entitlement check being number 150 something in the list, I believe it is somewhere in the 70’s. But other than that this will bypass the lock Verizon puts on the native android wifi-tether so you can fire up the Mobile Hotspot app and just tap on the check box to enable tether.

    • Bionic