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Bootloader Reportedly Unlocked on the DROID RAZR HD, RAZR M, and More (Updated)


This is not a joke, nor is it April Fools’ Day 2.0. Dan Rosenberg, aka @djrbliss (the man that roots all things Moto), has apparently unlocked the bootloaders of many of Motorola’s recent releases, including the RAZR HD (MAXX HD too), Atrix HD, and RAZR M. We heard this was coming down the pipeline, but he’s asked a couple of testers over at DroidRzr.com to give his method a shot. Sure enough, at least two confirmed unlocked bootloaders have happened (pictured above and below).

The method has not yet been released, but likely will before long, maybe even before the day is up. This method will not work on OMAP phones like the Bionic or original RAZR.

After years of failed attempts at cracking Motorola’s encryption, the time may have arrived. Stick with us, we’ll be following this closely. 


Update:  Our buddy Matt Groff sent over this video to show proof that his Atrix HD is indeed unlocked now. Also, we’ve been told that the public release likely won’t happen until tomorrow.


Update 2:  I’ll just leave this here.

razr hd bootloader unlocked

Update 3:  The bootloader unlock tool has been released.

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers M!

  • maara

    any chance to port to the original razr??

  • mike

    Now it’s worth buying a Razr Maxx HD.

  • duke69111

    Mr. Rosenberg could make a fortune unlocking devices for people if he didn’t publicly release it. 🙂

  • I suddenly want to buy a RAZR MAXX HD. It was a sweet phone before, and now it’s sweeter!

  • chucklehead322

    I’m loving my MAXX HD even more now!!

  • Jimneezy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all of a sudden Moto phones on AT&T and Verizon start receiving “patched” updates all of a sudden

  • Butters619

    So this must mean the bootloader was just locked and not encrypted. Past Moto bootloaders were encrypted, so even if you somehow managed to unlock your phone there was no way to duplicate the process.

  • Droidzilla

    $10 says Google’s behind this.

    • $10 would be wrong.

      • Droidzilla

        Well, if it unlocks Moto bootloaders I’d be happy to be out $10. Good job!

  • Salvationalizm

    Will this work with the Moto Photon 4G? There’s a sizable group that are completely locked into staying on Gingerbread(!) because of the last update (similar to this? it’s a tegra device) after they broke marketing promises and dropped the phone from the upgrade list. I couldn’t imagine not being able to modify and use the device I paid for the way I want to, so my sincere sympathy goes out to those who cannot. Many congratulations and thanks to Dan and all those that work on these things, you guys give us the means to show these companies that we will not be content with their rules and limits. Thank you!

    • jonny6pak

      No. Snapdragon only.

      • Salvationalizm

        Shame, still a good step in the right direction 🙂

  • MichaelFranz

    Not going to lie, i will jump on a Razr Maxx HD if this works and the dev community explodes. Would love AOSP in a CM10.1 or some odd for on it. Combination of battery life and good specs + plus stock android would be awesome….

    atleast until X-Phone 🙂

  • NorCalGuy

    That sign is amazing

  • Sean Carey


    • Detonation

      “This method will not work on OMAP phones like the Bionic or original RAZR.”

      • Sean Carey


    • Nope but you should be able to accept the new Jelly Bean update (4.1) which brings you just under the newest version of android (missing out on the new Camera options and some bug fixes). Plus you can look up Matt’s Utility (made by the same person who discovered this exploit) which will make the rooting process as easy as selecting what you want to do and hit enter.

  • S.Miller

    This is awesome! Dan Rosenberg is like a God! I’ve been a Die Hard Motorola fan for over seven years now. After watching so many people switch to Samsung. I’ve remained loyal and optimistic that Motorola will Reclaim their Crown as the Top Smart Device manufacturer very soon! I believe that their much anticipated “X Phone” will be a game changer that will completely revolutionize the industry. Thus far, everyone thinks that I’m an idiot. But, all my bets are on Motorola. So, buy your Motorola stock now while it’s cheap guys! LOL:-)

  • actionmystique

    There’s already an official bootloader unlocking procedure for all the devices mentionned in your document (Atrix HD, Razr M and RAZR HD): https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/87215.

    I used it to unlock my Razr HD bootloader and root my device: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115100406117254879589/posts/KV8zRJRrQfF

    • Uhhh you posted this on the droidrzr forums too… thats for the developer versions buddy.

  • Stacey

    Go figure. Maybe the dev scene will improve with this development. I’ve been sitting on a RAZR M Developer edition, but I really have no incentive to do anything due to the lack of development.

  • WICKED!!!!! I just hope it can be re-locked if the need shall arise.

  • BFRapv

    Cannot wait for this to finally happen. AtrixHD

  • thedonxr

    No idea how unlocking your bootloader would cause injury but apparently moto thinks it can…

  • This is great news cause when the root is ready I will have a beast device. oh yeah its already beast cause of its battery. so ready for this bootloader unlock.

  • trophynuts

    wow.. Congrats to the Users and thanks to the Man for cracking this. This has been a need since the DroidX days. I will definitely consider buying a RazrM to play with if this pans out and the Devs get behind it.

  • DirtyDroidX
  • Sporttster

    Well that fricking sucks…figures the Maxx is left out in the cold….

    • jzwerlz43

      the razr hd and hd maxx are the same phone…

  • iphoneh8r

    So what is the prognosis for us dumba**es who took the 4.1.2 stock update?

    • Bionic

      You’re fuckedddd

  • I love the “may result in injury to user” part of that warning.

  • Alan Paone

    This is probably the best thing about TI getting out of the phone game. Their bootloader security was basically uncrackable. I’ll never say this about anything else, but I’m glad that qualcomm’s security is so much weaker around bootloaders

  • Tom Z

    Does this mean I will be able to root my Droid RAZR HD MAXX?

  • chris125

    Hopefully this is a good sign for future devices that are a little better spec’d

  • Jason Purp

    Atrix has been unlocked for a long time. RAZR hasn’t

    • john

      you are speaking about the og versions of each phone, these are the updated versions (3rd generation atrix, 2nd generation razr family). Nothing to do with the old ones, the atrix was unlocked because it used tegra which was easier to unlock while the razr used omap

  • You assholes got me excited… If it don’t work on the RAZR, it won’t work on the Droid 4. Oh well, we’ve got kexec.

  • christopher aponte

    What about the RAZR?

  • dsass600

    Jew power

    • dsass600


  • KleenDroid

    This changes everything! If this works out and can be applied to new Moto’s coming out I will be back to Motorola.

  • Elthon Cisneros

    Damn it. My OMAP-powered DROID RAZR MAXX is left out…

    • KleenDroid

      My sweet Omap powered fully unlocked Gnex is a happy camper. 🙂

  • Bionic

    X phone

  • yummy

    This does cause me to stop
    ignoring motorola. Amazing.

  • chucklehead322

    I went from the GNex to the MAXX HD because of the nav buttons and the battery but SOOOO missed the ROM/MOD options with it.
    I have an extra upgrade I’ve been waiting to use but with this news I may be able to wait longer.

  • kuboo99

    And following this announcement Verizon (and other carriers) will release their fastest updates ever to patch this :P. Hopefully not though.

    • James Lewis

      Verizon and fast updates? what world you live in?

      • Tony Allen

        You must’ve missed the damn near insta-patch on the Note II Bootloader unlock exploit.

  • Lucas Gorski

    Will this also allow us to load a custom recovery so that we can flash new/existing roms w/o using Safe-Strap or other workarounds? So I guess it’s time to break out rsd-lite and flash back to ICS. (currently rooted on 4.12)

    • You need to stay on rooted 4.1.2. Do not attempt to downgrade. You’ll not only lose root you’ll soft brick.

    • Like Matt said, if you’re rooted on 4.1.2 LEAVE IT ALONE. Don’t risking losing root BEFORE unlocking. And yes, regular CWM and TWRP recoveries should be flashable now.

  • moelsen8

    wow. i just have to post to be a part of it here. congrats to moto owners (at least of the devices it affects).. it’s been like 3 years in the making to see something like this!!!

  • Jeremy Martin

    I was excited ..but then i realized my wife has an original razr and seen the sad “does not work on omap devices” statement. At least its a step in the right direction. Maybe OMAP devices will have an exploit that is found still yet that can enable this. Good news for others though 🙂

  • Guys this won’t change development of roms. It will allow radio and kernel flashing but roms will stay the same as they are now. It all depends on getting the source working right on the phone. So don’t expect roms to explode on these devices.

  • bedwa

    Ahh….. Sweet sweet victory. Guess there are some benefits from moto using Qualcomm processors over OMAP recently. 😀

    • bedwa

      Plus, time for cross radio flashing, custom kernels and all that other good stuff!

      • The radios included are actually very good. Of course it’s possible that this will allow flashing of a radio that will allow the device to use ATT/Tmo networks without shenanigans.

        • bedwa

          Exactly my point. 🙂

  • yankeesusa

    I know that the photon is old but would love for this to be unlocked also. It’s my backup phone.

  • finally!! now for more razr hd roms!!!!

  • Awesome news!

  • Kree Terry

    Might be time to jump back on android, wonder how much i can grab a used razr maxx hd for?

  • EC8CH

    Let’s hope this carries forward to the x phone

  • EC8CH

    So did someone leak the encryption key?

    • Dan either figured out a way to spoof it or is simply bypassing it.

      • EC8CH

        Just wondering if there was some help from inside moto and their new management.

        *wink wink nudge nudge*

        • Nope.

          • EC8CH

            Impressive accomplishment then… Been a long time coming

    • No, this is real deal exploitation. No leaks, no birds singing. This is true genius.

  • *crosses fingers* what about the Bionic ^_^

    • I’ll just quote Matt Groff, “OMAP devices are not unlockable do to hardware implementation by Motorola and Texas Instruments during the manufacturing process.”

      • Diablo81588

        eFuse military grade encryption 🙁

  • Tim

    Any word on droid 4?

    • OMAP devices are not unlockable do to hardware implementation by Motorola and Texas Instruments during the manufacturing process.

      • john

        so even if motorola would intend to unlock the bootloaders now, they couldn’t do it, right? Aside from the question thanks for all those great roms! Batkang team rocks!

  • JonathonFlores

    All of a sudden, the Razr HD Maxx looks very appealing. Could be my version of the Motorola X phone if this holds up.

  • I will never cease to be amazed by the dev community out there. Excellent job DJRBLISS!!

  • sc4fpse

    Good God, this man must be in for some serious bounty $$$. And he deserves every last penny of it.

    • he just increase sales for motoroala

      • Motorola/Google is quietly cheering while giving the finger under the table to VZW.

  • whoa

    I will be buying razr hd Maxx

    • Make sure its on 4.1.1 (or below) and if not that it is rooted. You cannot root 4.1.2 as of today.

      • whoa

        Thank you

      • Brandon Guttery

        What if we accidently took the 4.1.2 OTA? Are we going to be screwed?

    • whoa

      Anyone find a good price on this phone off contract? I will post what a find here.

  • Im surprised it wasnt easier. I dont know much about hacking, but couldnt they have just ported the unlocked bootloader from the developer edition?

    • If you know Motorola’s history, it would make more sense. We are 3 years into them locking bootloaders that dozens of devs have failed at unlocking.

  • Swoops

    Awh sick!

  • Why would someone want to unlock the bootloader on a device that already has custom ROMs and root exploits available?

    • Downgrading, custom kernels, and other goodies.

      • Tony Allen

        Mainly that second one.. that opens up a lot of new doors.

    • James Lewis

      I believe you cannot have custom kernels without a unlocked bootloader

      • It took pure genius with Safestrap and other Bootstrap style recoveries that people were even able to flash Systems (roms). With kernels now!? Whoa. This is amazing. And even normal recoveries now

    • doesnt have many custom roms

    • Like what James said, a locked bootloader does not allow the ability to flash custom kernels on a device. When a dev can code a kernel for the ROM, typically they will run better to some degree. With Moto devices, devs had to code the ROM to the stock kernel, so there are things that seem a little quirky. There’s ups and downs to both methods, but this is quite the development. Considering the Droid RAZR Maxx HD is being highly advertised right now.

    • KleenDroid

      In surprised after all this time you have not learned these things.

      If you check you will find that phones that are fully unlocked have the largest development communities. Custom kernels and endless possibilities.

      The Moto Droid 1 was an awesome phone with an amazing development community. They went downhill from there.

      I vowed to never own another Motorola phone until I could fully unlock it.

      I now have hope I may be able to come back to Moto. I only hope this continues.

    • Why would you want to take the pretty girl home when you got the ugly one already there?

  • Garrett

    Time to get a RAZR MAXX HD

  • Ibrick

    Congrats Moto users, been a long time coming.

    • Tony Allen

      Too bad a lot of people out there with the original RAZR/Maxx and Bionic are left up the creek without a paddle though.

      • zepfloyd

        Meh. if you bought one of those around launch you’ll be due for an upgrade in 2-3 months already anyway…

        • Guest

          The RAZR M was just released in Sept, and HD’s in Oct..

          • zepfloyd

            ok?! And what does that have to do with my direct reply to the comment about 2 phones released in Q4 of 2011??

            Reading comprehension.

          • Ibrick

            Relax bro, I tried to delete it after I read your post again.

        • Tony Allen

          By which time, they’ll have found a way to patch this exploit, and new RAZR HD/MAXX Ms will no longer be unlockable. Either way, you’re fucked.

        • Upgrade? Who would upgrade when they are probably one of the very few people who still have unlimited data?

      • they at least have more development

    • john

      international users have been granted with unlockable bootloader since launch, motorola didn’t offered that on the droids because of verizon and at&t. It was a matter of time when the razr hd (international version) with unlockable bootloader and identical hardware to the droid razr hd would lead to an exploit.

  • iphoneh8r


  • Derin Richardson

    Well color me kevlar…this might be Motorola’s big comeback!!

    Will be testing this method on my RAZR HD when it becomes available and the first chance I get!

    • color me kevlar, i like that!

  • UncleFan

    My interest in buying a used RAZR M to play with just went up 200%…

    • The RAZR M is having custom kernel issues, just a warning that the RAZR HD development will likely start smoother.

      • UncleFan

        Thanks for the heads up! THe RAZR HD is pretty cool, too.

    • Jared Tau

      Yep, I’ve had my eye on one for a long time, but never pulled the trigger because of the locked boot loader and lack of development. I really like the edge to edge display and the fact the glass doesn’t go to the edge of the device, reduces chance of screen cracking…IMO. Plus, on screen nav buttons, in a size smaller than the gnex…yes please!!!

      • It’s a great phone, got it for my mother has her first smartphone and she loves it

    • Brandon Golway

      As soon as I saw this my first thought was “I may sell my Galaxy Nexus and pick up a used Razr HD Maxx” 🙂

    • Mike

      My girlfriend actually just bought one yesterday. Very good phone for the price! Runs with my S3 as far as speed, and sticks mighty close to AOSP too. Stock Moto launcher was redrawing for some reason, replaced with Nova and it’s golden.

  • Sheldoneous

    It may be time to sell this Sammy!

  • Rodeojones000

    Hopefully this isn’t like a few years ago when reports of the Droid X bootloader being unlocked make its way around the web, only to find out it was one guy trolling the entire community.

    • Nope, it’s legit. That’s my photo.

      • Rodeojones000

        Then this is indeed fantastic news.

      • XphoneTroll

        And you are The Father…

      • Thank You sir for being an amazing developer! You have saved my butt more than I can count and made the mundane task of rooting as easy as pressing 1,2,3, or 4!

  • Captain_Doug

    This is awesome. Those were/are great phones. Let the custom rom making begin!

  • chris125

    About time!!!