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Google to Announce Fiber for Austin Next Week, Rest of Us Feel Left Out

Google Fiber

Oh my goodness. Looks as though the time has come for Google’s gigabit Internet service, Fiber to finally expand beyond its small realm of Kansas City. It’s about time, Google! According to a statement, the city of Austin, Texas and Google have a very important announcement to make on April 9th, with almost everyone who runs the city in attendance. While Google did not come out and say it is for Fiber just yet, The Verge speculates that there is already enough evidence to come to that conclusion. 

For starters, geographically it makes sense, Eric Schmidt said expansion was going to take place, and Austin is already home to some very large companies that would probably love to partner with Google in this venture such as Dell, Samsung, and Intel.

Below is the statement in its entirety.

On Tuesday, April 9, at 11 a.m., the City of Austin and Google will make a very important announcement that will have a positive impact on Austinites and the future of the city. We anticipate more than 100 community leaders and elected officials to be in attendance to celebrate this announcement. The event invitation is attached for your convenience. Although we cannot share the details of the announcement with you in advance, we know readers will want to learn more, so we encourage you to join us on Tuesday.

Well, congrats to Austinites! Kellex and myself are already considering the perks of living in Texas instead of the chilly Northwest.

Via: The Verge

  • Kichigai


  • Glad I just moved to Austin 🙂

  • oooh bigger city. Guess this means its starting to make the rounds. Hopefully it’ll ramp up and go big soon.

  • Tom Z

    Google, Come over to Chi-Town and bring the fiber with you 🙂

  • col3rsc

    Free wifi for downtown Douglasville, GA. Thanks Google!

  • Hatyrei

    I hope it reaches Houston too pls. I’m sick and tired of Verizon Fio’s prices!

    • Look at the bright side, at Verizon Fios prices, some folks are only getting TWC RoadRunner.

      • Hatyrei

        I’m paying for $80+ for 50/20 Mbps in Verizon Fios, Internet alone.. And actual speeds are pretty slow(40down/15up)! Which is a total rip-off . I’st true that Koreans have faster Internet speeds? Does that make U.S Internet technology, inferior ?

  • Tyler

    So does this mean Kansas City was a success?

  • I hope they bring it to Manor, TX. I live 10 min from Austin and my suddivision is part of Austin city limits. Also the Samsung plant is 10 min away.

  • S2556

    I am moving to austin. It is settled.

  • Abrahan Reyes

    hell yeahh!!!

  • JordanMcRae

    Graduating college next May. Only apply for jobs in cities with Google Fiber at that time? Yes.

  • Larry

    Just noticed that the Longhorn Network is on their list of channels. You know, the channel dedicated to the Texas Longhorns, the school in Austin.


    • Cowboydroid

      Deloss Dodds just creamed his pants. And ESPN says “thank you” for helping them out with their idiotic investment.

  • itsgonnalast


    There is hope for us outside of KCK…!

  • Gregg

    I just read the headling and let out a Sigh of, I want!

  • Clay S.

    austinite here, we should have got it before kansas city did!

    • can’twaittoleaveaustin

      lmao and why’s that?? kansas city gets everything first duh. stop acting like a typical austinite and wait your turn tool. why are people in this city so damn rude and impatient! austin knows nothing of the term southern hospitality. it’s a foreign language to them. #mostimpatientcityinthecountry <—–voted on by the rest of the country.

      • JonathonFlores

        Says the black kettle.

      • Futbolrunner

        You mad bro?

    • Droid22

      That’s funny

  • Austin Warren

    Its my fiber, and I need it now!

  • Larry

    Google already has offices here in Austin, so it makes sense. So excited! Time Warner is going to lose a ton of business.

    • Clay S.

      actually they just own postini who is located in austin. they closed their office back in 2009. big difference.

  • dannyWHITE

    Bring it to Chicago!!!

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I guess Austin does make sense

  • KleenDroid

    “We want more, we want more. When we really like something we want more”.

    • Austin Warren

      Are you the girl in that commercial?

    • Pamela Franck

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  • Logan Jinks

    Soooo close I can taste it. I live roughly an hour and a half away. Now all I have to do is find a reason to move there.

    • Joey

      What does it taste like anyways?

      • Justin Winker


  • Nooo why is it heading west? Come towards the east side!

    • gokusimpson

      Noooo keep moving west!

      • Joey

        and North!

        • Justin Winker

          Let’s go with just straight north… Along I29, preferably. Eventually they’d hit South Dakota and my town along with that 🙂

          • michael arazan

            I wish they had a petition page to get people to sign it for your area.

            After KC I thought the Logical choice would have been here in St.Louis and then to Chicago

          • Justin Winker

            I feel like you are creepin… Only because Disqus just now decided to show all of your responses to me (I think there were like 6 of them) to my comments within the last 3 months today.

        • Nowai

          And east!

  • wakawaka

    woohoo! well kellex maybe i’ll postpone my desire to LEAVE austin FOR the northwest! although after being in austin for 4 years in a drought with no water to play in, fiber may not be enough to sway me to stay here….that is, if the terrible traffic will ever let me out of here! excited none the less 🙂

  • cancerous_it

    no no no. we don’t need more reasons for people to move to austin. this place sucks. please move somewhere else.

    • Dr. Beaker

      I agree… Austin does suck. Too many hippy douche college kids.

  • Ken Bosse

    Fiber in Boston Pleaseeeeee

    • The city government needs to get out of the way for that to happen. They successfully blocked FIOS from coming here for some strange reason (*cough*comcastlobyists*cough).

      • Ken Bosse

        I can not stand Comcast. I too looked for Fios..but nope

  • Tony Byatt

    Ooooo, I’m in Dallas…SO close…

  • Adam Neighbors

    Well, I’m moving to Austin. (from DFW)

    • Or just stay in Dallas…

      • JonathonFlores

        Except Dallas already has Fios and Google mentioned they were targeting areas where fiber would fit better. Fort Worth would be more likely.

        • Cowboydroid

          Dallas fios is not widely available. TWC and ATT own this town, and it stinks.

      • Adam Neighbors


    • Austin Warren

      Oh first world problems

    • DFW Deez

      Good luck with that. Austin is nothing but homeless and hipsters.

  • I live in Houston…sooo…this sucks…

    • Joe

      Hopefully it comes to H-Town!