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Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics Tool From Verizon Gives You Ultimate Control of Your Car Through a Smartphone and Tablet


Within the last week, Verizon and Delphi partnered up to launch a vehicle diagnostics tool that actually sounds pretty amazing, even to those of us who aren’t car experts. If you were ever in need of a car accessory that could unlock-relock doors, start your engine, open the trunk, tell you what that nagging check engine light means, monitor fuel levels, find your lost parked car, and help you track your car’s location as it drives, this might be something to splurge on. 

The tool itself runs $249 for a limited time along with a $5 month-to-month access charge, since it hooks up to Big Red’s network. It should be compatible with most car models released after 1996. You can check compatibility here.


To use it, you plug the Delphi tool into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and then forget about it. Once plugged in, you can download apps to both your smartphone and tablet that give you full control over your car or truck. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this Delphi tool can tell you what the check engine light that recently appeared in your dash means long before you ever have to think about taking it into an expensive repair shop. It also does things like notify you if your car exceeds 75MPH. The Delphi system will even keep track of your driving history and constantly provide health status.

The device itself runs a Qualcomm chipset, connects to Verizon’s CDMA 1X network (which is almost everywhere), and uses Bluetooth 2.1.


How tempting is this thing?

Via:  Verizon | Delphi

  • terry

    will be nice when ATT gets one of these. I’d be interested in it just for the remote start but ya need the Verizon plan to utilize it. That $5 mth monitor fee doesn’t extend to non-verizon and then we have the whole CDMA network issues…lovely. Next idea.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Not compatible with 2002 Dodge Stratus RT 3.0

  • Bionicman

    Seems like a lot of confusion about what this thing is. Found this link with pictures and video demo from CES which kind of shows everything it does – http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/08/delphi-verizons-vehicle-diagnostics-hands-on-video/. Sounds like the device connects the car to the cloud server over the Verizon network so the car is always connected and the smartphone app or web portal go directly to the cloud server from anywhere to see vehicle data. The Bluetooth link is only a backup to unlock the door if the cellular link is not working. That would mean you could access all of your vehicle info and controls remotely from anywhere and anytime via the cloud server. There’s a link in the Google Play store to this online web portal demo – http://mycar-demo.delphi.com/ which shows you don’t even need a smartphone to get to the vehicle info from anywhere.

    If all I want is to get in my car and access data from the OBD port then a Bluetooth only dongle like Automatic or the Torque app with one would be enough, but the Delphi device looks really different because it’s an always connected car, with built-in GPS and unlimited keyfob range.

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      Well done on the research. Thanks.

  • Connected Device Line Access on Share Everything Plans: $5

    Hrm, wonder how that translates to unlimited plans…

  • Total_telecom

    It doesn’t support remote start on any vehicles I searched. Useless…

    • Here’s Johnny

      It supports both vehicles I searched on.
      Buying two of them!

      • Total_telecom

        Cool! Which vehicles did you search?

        • Here’s Johnny

          2008 GMC Sierra
          2010 Chevy Malibu
          I ordered one of them for my Sierra to try it out.
          Now I can start my truck from virtually anywhere. Very helpful in the scorching Arizona summer time temps.

          • Total_telecom

            , it won’t auto start those vehicles, make sure you lookin at the features summary after you enter your vehicle info.

          • Here’s Johnny

            It is remotely starting my Sierra now. I understand the vehicle must have remote start capability which is a feature on the vehicle. Mine has this feature and it works great!

          • Total_telecom

            Congrats! That’s killer!

  • caraudiotech

    Vaporware aleart. This is no better than the Torque and bluetooth OBD2 unless you want geotracking. I checked over 10 vehicles, hondas, chevy, pontiac and none offer the engine start or door lock features. even the one listed in the photo (a 2007 grand prix) only offers geotracking and diagnosics no vehicle controls.

  • Another cheaper alternative is Automatic. It’s not immediately available, but it’s coming soon. The one advantage it has over the Amazon OBD-II/Torque solution is that it uses Bluetooth 4 (BTLE). It’s $70 for the adapter and app together http://www.automatic.com/. I like the “call 911 and up to 3 loved ones in the event of a crash” feature too.

  • umataro42

    I doubt my 2000 Corolla would support some of the fancier options, so at $250 plus $5/month, this seems like a ripoff. I use this setup for when the check engine light comes on.

    ODB2 sensor (under $25):http://www.amazon.com/BAFX-Products-Bluetooth-diagnostics-compatible/dp/B005NLQAHS/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1365098253&sr=1-1&keywords=odb2+bluetooth

    Torque Pro ($5): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.prowl.torque&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsIm9yZy5wcm93bC50b3JxdWUiXQ..

    There’s a Torque lite too, but its a helpful app so I figured I’d support the developer. Now I have peace of mind when that light comes on, and all for under $30.

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Gonna stick with this: http://www.automatic.com
    No remote start since I drive stick.
    Have a keyless entry system so locking/unlocking is not a problem.
    And why in the world would I want to unlock my car when I’m not around?

  • RaptorOO7

    Depending on the vehicle you drive features are missing, I have a newer Subaru and no lock/unlock ability at which point it kind of lost its value in case of an emergency.

    I would rather get the Automatic dongle instead and get a nice alarm/remote starter that has an Android app to do what I need.

  • tom funyon

    I have a 2004 silverado, and it doesnt do crap for my truck…just gps type functions.
    For $250+ ill pass

  • dandar

    Do they charge you monthly fee for connected device?

  • Gritchu

    I’m confused… Delphi seems to be doing all the work here, so what exactly is Verizon doing that justifies a monthly service charge?

    • Waschlappen

      They’re allowing access through their network. $5 worth of data on a 1x network that is hardly ever used. I’m curious how much data is actually used. Probably not more than an sms worth, aka zilch.

      • Gritchu

        Well that’s lame… Didn’t I read that this device uses Blutooth? Couldn’t I just connect to my devices with that and not even use Verizon? Feels like a rip off to me, Verizon just sees it as an opportunity to extort money out of it’s customers.

        • ChrisI

          Customer extortion by a multi-national corporation? Shocking.

  • Russ

    This is an amazing piece of technology. It solves a problem I don’t have. What could be better?

  • rodney11ride

    torgue app 5$. OBD2 bluetooth adapter on ebay 22$. Never had it mess up a car. never a worry. delphi late to the game and using verizon branding to help sell.

  • Rob

    Was interested until I read, “It also does things like notify you if your car exceeds 75MPH.”

    • Droidzilla

      Yeah, I already have a device that does that for me. It’s even hardwired to the dashboard.

      • Rob

        See: speedometer!

        • Droidzilla


    • Joey

      I think that’s more for if you let the kids take the car out….

      • Rob

        If you can turn off the notifications, great. But the highways in Texas are 75 mph (at least the nice, big interstates and some of the state highways), so this feature would be really annoying if it alerted you every time you crossed 75 mph.

        • Joey

          The limit to which it notifies the user is arbitrary, and can be custom set. 🙂

          • Rob

            Where did you read that? I didn’t see it on this page nor did I see it on Delphi’s page.

          • Joey

            It was on a Delphi doc I read earlier

          • Rob

            nice, but I checked the site and it won’t unlock my doors on my Golf TDi. And my Tacoma is standard and it wouldn’t really work with the remote start…

  • Those of you recommending the el-cheapo $20 bluetooth adapters – beware.

    Those cheap ones have a history of screwing up cars’ ECU’s.

    • rodney11ride

      Used mine to diagnose cars for 5 years prob 10 times a year never a problem. you work for Delphi or what?

  • There are way better OBD Bluetooth devices that cost less and you don’t need a subscription for it.

  • iceburgh

    Wow did my last 3 mid 2000 cars and all came up incompatible, did an old 98 cavalier and it came up compatible. How funny and sad. Not like I would get it but was curious.

  • schoat333

    Keyfob is not supported on my vehicle. Well, that just makes this an expensive OBDII scanner doesnt it? I’ll stick with my ultra gauge.

  • JoshGroff

    Not compatible with my 06 Maxima. 🙁

    • Joey

      New car time?

  • iamme

    im getting it just for the fact that geico will give me 25% off when i install it. pays for itself

    • Wait…how do you take advantage of that? I have Geico too and would love to know…

      • r0lct

        I know Progressive does it, but you’re handing over all your driving info to them so they can “see” how you drive and where you go (location and mileage).

  • Rob

    Wow, my 2012 Camry Hybrid is not compatible….. easy to keep up with the current market.

  • If I get this then my Wife will have one less thing to due in the Mornings.. I just hate getting into a cold automobile !
    Ordering Now!

  • Looks like the only feature I’d get this thing for – remote start – isn’t available for my 2012 Maxima 🙁

  • Wyveryx

    Cute, but I have the Torque app and a cheap Bluetooth OBD-II adapter already. Doesn’t have all the whistles and bells, but I doubt this could do anything that my setup can’t…

    Unless paying more money counts… paid a total of $20 for both app and adapter.

    • rodney11ride

      Same here. been working great for many years

      • Wyveryx

        yeah for the price they want it’s a bit ridiculous. Sure the cool factor is neat, but if you already have a FOB then what’s the point of centralizing all your abilities into one thing.
        You need your keys to start already so you have your FOB on hand.
        If your car has a remote start, it’s usually with your keys too.

        So basically it boils down to the setup both you and I have. So it’s practically worthless lol.

  • I’m only interested in the remote unlock. Anyone know if this can be done now with cheaper products and no monthly fee? Hacker style even? It’d be nice not having to worry about losing your remote or locking your keys in your car. Is there an app and accessory that will allow unlocking via bluetooth or teh interwebs?

  • coolman

    i see this as the same data sharing crap as that thing progressive has been trying to push to follow your driving habits and stuff… or maybe i’m just paranoid… although i would love some of the features.

  • Too limited.. Bluetooth has poor range..You are better off getting torque and a real remote starter from Directed Electronics..You can put their system on any car and the app works from anywhere in the world. It does cost $3.50 – $4.50 a month though.

  • fakerjs

    Which phone is that in the render?

  • Jimtrayer

    For $19 you can get

    “Newest Elm327 Bluetooth V1.5 OBD2 OBD II Auto Diagnostic Scanner Mini Adapter” and then either use the free torque app or pay the $5 for the full app. The free app gives you the P codes. I just bought one yesterday from amazon. Here on friday. No Starting though.

  • pcloadletter

    Why would anyone pay for big brother monitoring your driving habits? Soon they will be emailing speeding tickets and disabling your car for failure of payment of bills.

  • akrish

    no bueno for my honda accord 2002

  • I went through the process of buying one on the VZW site and I get a message telling me I need to switch from unlimited to share everything in order to buy this. No thanks.

    • Waschlappen

      Wow, really? What a sham!

  • Guest

    I could see Verizon capping the amount of miles you can drive ;p

    • Trey Mitchell

      No they don’t cap any thing they just charge you if you go over an arbitray amount they change at their leisure

    • New_Guy

      Tiered mileage plan, anyone?

      • michael arazan

        Do I get Charged Mileage if I drive to a verizon store?

        You can buy an electronic diagnostic tool way cheaper than this one, and they are universal for most vehicles, I doubt anyone really needs to access the information on their phone or tablet and that’s without a monthly fee.

        • hoytaguilera

          like Rose explained I am alarmed that a student can get paid $9191 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this website — Gig60.cℴm

  • Funny thing is… as soon as I seen the post I linked it into the Grand Prix forums chat box.

  • Daniel Maginnis

    Can the editor verify functionality? Neither websites state anything about starting the vehicle. and for the people saying OnStar should have this, it does after 2009 I think.

  • Hazadriel

    The Verizon announcement actually says that it’s $5 a month after the first year. As for the speed warning, that’s user defined.

    • btod

      couldn’t find that in the verizon announcment. Do you know what it cost during the first year?

      • The video says your covered for the first two years.

      • Hazadriel

        The first year or two is covered in the initial cost.

  • 1bad69z28

    This is very interesting especially with the Insurance companies looking and pressuring auto manufactures and the government to place black boxes in cars. Most newer cars already have these black boxes inside most newer cars now.

    Technology is nice but if you’re ever caught up in an accident and the your insurance company goes through the cars involved and pulls the box data with how fast you were going, braking, and car diagnostics you could be seeing yourself in trouble.

    Just a thought 🙂

  • ßen Murphy

    Why are we ditching the show for a Facebook phone? I mean, really?

  • ticker47

    I think people are misunderstanding how the keyless entry/remote start works. All it does is replicate the function of your (OEM) vehicle remote. It appears to have a built in radio that is paired with your car in the same fashion that you would pair a new key fob. It would only provide the same functions that your current key fob can do now, or more accurately, only the functions that your car has built into it. If you bought a car with automatic locks, but didn’t want to pay for the keyless entry option, this won’t help you, because your car doesn’t have a radio or other hardware needed to allow this. This function is effectively just a key fob with a cell modem on it allowing you to activate it from your phone. As far as I can tell, OBDII doesn’t provide (typically) any interface with the electronic locking system or ignition system as it is primarly designed as a universal interface for data collection with a few write options (code clearing and what not). Most car manufacturers require specific conditions to be met to start a car as well, such as the key being in the ignition and a handful of other security checks. If remote start was as trivial as plugging an OBD II device in your car, it would take about 5 minutes to install a 3rd party system, but most have to be integrated into the cars ignition system so they can bypass the cars ignition locks. So this device is cool, but doesn’t allow your car to do anything more than it already could do.

    This page has the info about the key fob feature.

  • Austin Warren

    Skynet has arrived.

    • Gritchu

      Of all the devices currently in the world, this isn’t the one to cry Skynet over. This thing doesn’t even have AI.

  • also, does this only work with share everything plan?
    i have no intention of switching over to share everything plan.
    if i was forced to move, i’d probably leave VZW

  • Only works with few vehicles, mostly american (ford, gm, dodge and older toyota) not campatible with most of european & japanese vehicles

    • Yep, checked compatibility for my Audi and no go. Lame. I have a cheap bluetooth OBDII plug off Amazon and Torque anyway, not that I ever bother to use it anymore..

    • Dylan Patel

      Sadly not my Camry 🙁

  • …but wait!!! there’s more, if you buy it within the next 10 minutes we’ll throw in a shamwow and a slapchop absolutely free just pay shipping and handling.

    On a serious note. If you want something that really works (bluetooth, cellular and all), may I suggest looking into a smartstart system from those car alarm companies. Car start by just plugging my phone into the car charger( with the help of Tasker), but if your phone has NFC then I guess you have a lot more options. Example: Stick an NFC tag on your dock/dash/console and you can set the car to auto start when you put your phone on the dock/dash/console…

  • 0102030405

    Will it work with a diesel engine? Diesels require glow plug preheat!

    • TheCheapGamer

      Has to do with the PCM/ECM.
      That would have to have the delay programmed in.

  • ummm….you can get a good bluetooth OBDII reader for $100 and a $5 app and do 90% of the same thing and have been for a while, just not the remote start since you have to be close enough to the car for bluetooth. I’ve had that setup back with my droid X

    • $100 for an OBDII/Bluetooth adapter? You’re doing it wrong.

  • cjohnson481

    Think about the potential of parents that have teen drivers. most here will have a techy solution, but the 99% of others dont know the same stuff we do. not a bad option, especially with remote start/unlock.

  • xgshortbus25

    I got a Bluetooth OBDII reader on eBay for $29 shipped and $4.99 for Torque on Google play tells me about check engine light let’s me reset it and also calculates fuel consumption and a lot of other useful information! Calculated mileage and adjusts cost for trip based on what I pay for gas also tells me HP and Torque! Hole heck of a lot cheaper sure I can’t unlock my car but that’s what my key is for I guess!

    • I think mine was $15.00 from Amazon plus the $5 for Torque and worked as well as the one the auto place near my work has. Actually worked a bit better since I could look up the code and solutions right from the tablet instead of going off to the desktop in the office like they have to. i have an 02 Jeep Wrangler so all of the other remote start and unlock are a waste

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Do these diagnose ABS lights?

      • Stephen Clagett

        I think that ABS lights are tripped by a different module. My generic OBD reader does not read my ABS code, and I would need VAG-COM (Volkswagen/Audi) in order to read the full codes.

      • I don’t think ABS is monitored by the OBDII system.

    • For the price, I’d say Torque and the OBDII/Bluetooth is adapter is the best option. I use this app a lot


  • tu3218

    I have a bluetooth ODBII device along with the app called Torque. I wonder if there is a similar way of unlocking my car with it. Like within bluetooth range? Wonder how that works with this version. Thinking through the network but who knows.

    • tu3218

      EDIT(directly from Play Store Delphi app): Direct Connect (over Bluetooth®) – further enhances the Keyfob feature by allowing you to pair your smartphone with the device in your car so that you can use Bluetooth® to perform all Keyfob commands when close to your vehicle. This will enable you to unlock your doors even if you are out of cellular network coverage. The app will automatically switch between Bluetooth® and network links as needed.

      • Josh Shaw

        What I would like it to do eventually, is have an encrypted broadcast/password, and look for your phone. So when you get within bluetooth range it unlocks the car.

    • ^^^^^^ THIS

  • Anon

    Last I knew, you could buy a plug that would go from your smartphone into the OBDII port, and an app that could do diagnostics.

    You might not get the remote start, but with no $5/month fee, I think you come out ahead.

    • TheCheapGamer

      True, well worth the savings for a peer to peer connection.
      But $5 for a remote start/lock/unlock from anywhere as well as uploaded codes is a nifty feature.

  • spunker88

    A much cheaper option would be to get a $20 or so bluetooth OBDII sensor and the Torque Pro app. The only downside is you’ll have to be near/in your vehicle to get data where as the Verizon device uses cell signal so its always available.

    • Tirionfive

      Well for a cheap remote start, that’s a good investment.

  • S9779

    Both of my vehicles do no support the key fob option 2011 ram and 2012 g37. To bad would have been cool

  • Tirionfive

    Sorry for the 2nd comment: I do see a problem with this…. If Verizon is attempting to go to all LTE in the near future, They would theoretically drop their 1x network right?

  • Ryan

    Doesnt work for the key fob on my 06 STI. shame cuz its manual and wont use the auto start since the clutch needs to be in.

  • Tirionfive

    I could see a lot of potential for this. I’d love to get it? How much a month?

    • Second paragraph, first sentence.

      • Tirionfive

        Ahh, thank you

    • Dont bother with this… for $120 for a bluetooth OBD2 adapter and the torque app you can have this with no monthly charge and a lot more features.

      • Tirionfive

        Read nothing on the Torque app that says remote start, Lock/unlock.

        • you’re really going to pay $5 a month not to unlock your car with your phone instead of the remote and not turn the key?

          • Tirionfive

            Remote start is the bomb in states where it gets extra cold or extra hot (Oklahoma). My key fob doesn’t support remote start.

          • Then neither will this plug. You still need a remote start module in your vehicle to start it remotely.

      • 4two

        What a lot of people seem to be missing is that this device also provides GPS tracking. Want to know where your teenage driver is? Want to know where your workers are in the company truck? Bring up the app on your smartphone and this will tell you. Torque and a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter can’t do this.

  • Interesting. Not something i would have imagined VZW would see as a business opportunity, but i applaud them. I use Torque and an ELM327 Module myself…but the cellular connection here is neat, especially for the ability to log diagnostic information over time.

  • um how exactly can it start your car?

    • JamesU513


    • Josh Shaw

      As it works with most cars after 1996, most will have electronic ignitions it sends a signal to start the car and it starts. An OBD2 port is like a USB port on a PC you can do just about anything through USB port. Click with the mouse shutdown, restart, input commands with the keyboard, all through a little port.

      • CoryDobak

        No…and no.

        The car needs to support remote start, and that is not part of the OBD2 spec. As an example, for a manual, if you do this and your car is in gear at all, it’s going to go places without you. Remote starters on manuals are illegal as far as I can tell, but it can be done (NSS overrider).

        • pickone

          remote starts on manual cars are not illegal. The emergency brake will need to be set before exiting the vehicle and a seperate connection to the clutch pedal will need to be installed.

    • Guest

      I had the same question… From Verizon’s website it says “Take command of your…remote car starter directly from your smartphone or computer.” So does this actually start your car by itself or do you need to have a remote starter installed in your car which this then links to and starts your car?

      • TheCheapGamer

        If it has a factory remote start it’s a possibility.
        My car has it’s own (factory) computer for the locks, separate from the engine, so it is incompatible with mine.

    • By having you install a remote car starter for it to connect to and start your car…

    • ticker47

      Read my comment above, it only works if your car came from the factory with remote start. This only acts as another key fob that is always inside your car and has a data connection. It doesn’t use the OBD II connection to start the car or to unlock the doors.

      • johnpa2006

        your exactly right

      • r0lct

        Except one of my cars came from factory with remote start and it says it isn’t supported. So still have to go to their site and validate your particular model.

        • ticker47

          Exactly. I was merely pointing out that a lot of people seemed to be under the impression that even if their car didn’t come with remote start, or some other key fob feature, this would somehow enable that, which is not the case.

    • tell tale heart

      There is a midget living in the device. When you press a button, he pops out and starts your car. You only have to Feed him jelly beans occasionally. I have the old version which lives in my trunk.. A little delay, but works none the less.

  • At that price I could purchase a remote starter/alarm system

    • alex drum

      pretty much all aftermarket alarms SUCK! i work at a dealer ship and they are some of the most ridiculous things in the world, you can get in and have it started and the alarm will still be going crazy. and that is on a new 2013 Buick that some idiot decided they needed more protection than the amazing systems that come in most modern day cars… i guess its more understandable if your referring to an older car.

      • Butters619

        If you don’t go with a cheap alarm you shouldn’t have that problem.

      • Droidzilla

        Alarms are nigh useless. The only protection from a dedicated car thief is a low comp deductible.

        • alex drum

          there is no fullproof way to stop anyone… they could always back up a towtruck and just take your car that way. they never sell the car as a whole so they dont care about how much damage they do… its all about parts in the car. but as i was saying most modern day cars have amazing systems, even if a thief can get through all the lockout programs on the computer that lock the steering wheel , pedals, and brakes, the car will track them with the onboard gps. but most car thieves giv up if a car is taking to long i think the statistic is if it takes any more than 5 or 10 minuets they will just go because the car is just not worth it. so idk what your talking about “dedicated” car thief… they dont sit there for hours trying to crack a car.

          • Droidzilla

            I was saying basically what you’re saying: if someone wants your car badly enough, they’ll get it. There is no anti-theft system that will 100% prevent your car from being stolen, so make sure you have good insurance.

    • Seth Schorr

      I don’t know how good this will be, but it is much more useful than a remote starter/alarm system.

    • Calvin Williams

      If there are other ones just as good, can you please post a link? I looked on amazon and I can’t find a obdII with diagnostics, system data and door unlock

    • Joe Barto

      I saved $250 plus another $5 every month by unlocking/locking/starting my car with this thing called a key. It’s worked pretty well for me for the last 20 years.

      My last car had remote start, no charge and still never used it (well, used once to see it if worked).

      • RW-1

        I’ve even used remote start with that thing called a key – it’s called have my kid go out and start it for me. 🙂

        • pezjono

          That kid has a much higher monthly cost though!

          • Jared

            Yeah, but they can be utilized for so much more than just starting a car. When Verizons thingy does lawn care, cleans the bathroom, etc., then it may be worthwhile.

      • JoshGroff

        The Key has worked just fine for me the past 6 years, I see no reason to switch now.