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Android Distribution Numbers Updated for April – Jelly Bean Now on 25% of All Devices

android distribution april

The Android distribution numbers were updated this afternoon for the month of April. The numbers indicate a pretty dramatic increase for Jelly Bean month over month and now show it as being on 25% of all Android devices (4.1.x and 4.2.x combined). Last month, Android 4.1+ share stood at just 16.5%, so this is quite the jump, which we’ll get to in a moment. The rest of the numbers are as follows:  Ice Cream Sandwich (29.3%), Honeycomb (0.2%), Gingerbread (39.8%) Froyo (4.0%), Eclair (1.7%), and Donut (0.1%).

For those keeping track, that puts Android 4.0+ at 54.3%, with Gingerbread still leading the individual category at 39.8%. 

The Android Developers team announced through Google+ and on the distribution dashboard that the giant leap forward for Jelly Bean is likely do to an update in the way they calculate numbers. Rather than pulling numbers based upon devices that have checked into Google servers, they are using numbers based upon users who visit the Google Play store.

The new device dashboards are based on the devices of users who visit the Google Play Store (rather than devices that have checked-in to Google servers). As a result, the dashboards more accurately reflect the users most engaged in the Android and Google Play ecosystem—and thus most likely to download and use your apps.

Since these numbers are supposed to be used by developers, not just as stories for silly websites like ours, this move makes a lot of sense. Google is doing whatever it can to help developers target audiences for their apps, and that’s a good thing.

And that’s…that.

Via:  Android Developers | +Android Developers

  • As a developer I am a very disappointed to hear this. I don’t exclusively make apps for the Play Store, I publish for devices without access to Play Store as well (Kindle Fire for instance). This has skewed the data and I will now be looking elsewhere for my data info…

    Very sad day indeed…

  • kojaks43

    I am really ignorant about this stuff. I have an LG Revolution and it has 2.3.6 which the chart above says is Gingerbread. I bought the phone in June 2011.
    A person named Raven left a comment here and said he has a Droid 4 and was notified he can upgrade to Jelly Bean. When I looked up the Droid 4, it said it came with Gingerbread and can be upgraded to Jelly Bean.
    My question is, Droid 4 can upgrade, but LG Revolution does not seem able to get beyond Gingerbread, is this just a difference between two different makers? I have asked LG customer service about this and never got a response.

    My other big question is, as Android goes through the dessert menu, will I have to buy a new phone to get the next operating system? When I left Win95 to Win2000, I just needed to buy the operating system. It worked on the same computer. I did buy a new computer for XP, but that was primarily because the new MS Office Suite took more stuff to run than what my Win2000 machine had or even could be upgraded to. I only ask because it seems my LG Revolution, while never a speed demon, has gotten slower with 4G connections. Verizon tells me if I had a newer O.S. I would see the benefit of 4G. I point out the Revolution was built for 4G, and now I am getting slower speeds. At which point Verizon staff, just shift weight from one foot to the other.

  • Raven

    Just got my update to JellyBean prompt on my Droid 4 this morning after my wife got it on hers at least 2 weeks ago. I know they stagger the rollouts, but I was starting to wonder if being rooted was blocking it for some reason. This happened with the ICS roll-out as well. Oh well, I know what I will be working on this weekend: Temp. unroot, hopeful upgrade, hopeful reroot.

    • Zac St. Louis

      clearing data for google services framework usually does the trick

  • Steve Benson

    Still feel sorry for 98% of Android users. Nexus is the only way to go at this point.

  • Great news. Death to Gingerbread!

  • Samsung Galaxy SII got Jelly Bean update last month so I guess 50% of the growth is because of that because there are so many SGSII’s out there.

  • chris125

    Prob the fact that samsung seems to be on a roll updating what seems like all of their devices to JB

  • n11

    Wowza, 25%! Quite the jump gotta say.

  • Trevor

    That 0.1% on Donut really need to figure their ish out. I’m sure they could have upgraded phones by now.

    • I’m pretty sure the devices that run donut are the bootleg cheapo tablets. Just a thought.

      • Trevor

        Ah, valid point. I forgot about all those god-awful things.

      • Or embedded systems.

      • michael arazan

        Probably these devices are in really small or poor countries where people don’t have access to new technology

      • jab416171

        Or they’re devs testing their app on Donut

  • carlos A

    unfortunately i’m still on froyo D:
    (parents can’t afford upgrading)

    • JoshGroff

      There are free phones. Just figured I’d point that out.

    • Can you root+rom?

  • RoadsterHD1


  • Kevin McDole

    I see that the three people who bought Honeycomb tablets are still holding out.

    • Batman


  • Adam Emshwiller

    Those poor poor souls still on eclair…. #needanewphone?

  • NF

    That’s a good, although large, jump. Is there any reason for the significant jump?

  • Trevor

    1 thing i dislike about android is how updates roll out. It urks me when i have a high tier phone running an out of date version for so long. Thank god for rooting but when I was running only stock android it was pretty frustrating

    • infogulch

      If you really cared, then you would either buy a nexus or expect to root your device (and buy a device with that in mind).

      Most consumers really couldn’t give a damn, when asked what version of Android is running on their phone their response is along the lines of “You mean Droid? No I have a Samsung device.”

      • You’re last sentence caused me to crack up. You know the internet kind of cracking up where I actually have a straight face but inside I am loling.

        • Your first word caused me to crack up. But, I agree.

          • Robert Goddard

            Its yore

          • Whoops, I guess it happens to everyone. A little slip. And u think you mean my first two words :p

      • R_W_S

        Yep, when these same people are asked how much they pay in taxes they respond with “Nothing, I got money back.”

        I have decided that if I ever buy another smartphone, it will be a nexus. Waiting for T-Mobile to update my phone to ICS took about 6 months too long.

      • JoshGroff

        Can you please get out of my head?

    • Shame on people not getting a nexus device! That includes me 🙁

  • Kane Stapler

    Not all that bad.. although a little misleading since 4.1 did come out 10 months ago. I mean Gingerbread is over 2 years old!

    So in conclusion, yes its still bad.

  • Josh

    Gingerbread just won’t die will it?

    • It’s Android’s Windows XP.

      • JoshGroff

        XP was actually good though. Sure as hell better than vista.

        • marines

          So is Gingerbread. 😉

          • JoshGroff

            So that makes Honeycomb vista? Actually, that sounds about right.

          • This is so true. Just with the one little difference that they did not screw up the whole OS at the latest release.

          • JoshGroff

            We’ll just put JB down as a patched Win 7, not much changed UI wise, mainly just performance enhancements and bug fixes.

    • Really needs to.

  • Radgatt

    Something tells me that Jelly Bean will not get to be on 40% of devices…

    • daveloft

      Sure it will, just like Gingerbread, it will be the latest and greatest version of Android for a full year. Ice Cream Sandwich and Froyo were only the latest version for six months so they never had a chance to get as big.

      • Justin Swanson

        Also I think a lot of people got free phones that were FroYo/GB and didn’t upgrade the OS until it had a problem when the carrier updated it (if an update was available). Since most of those free/cheap phones came with GB… here we are… I imagine most of those contracts will be up sometime around the decay of JB or in the upcoming release of KLP

    • chris125

      I think JB will end up being like GB was. It will be on majority of phones for awhile and stay that way for a year or so once it makes its way to majority of devices.

  • dhirensavalia

    54.3% of the devices have at least Android 4.0. That’s a good chunk.

    • daveloft

      Sure it will, just like Gingerbread, it will be the latest and greatest version of Android for a full year. Ice Cream Sandwich and Froyo were only the latest version for six months so they never had a chance to get as big.

      • I think you meant to reply to Radgatt’s comment, but it’s expected Google will replace Jelly Bean with Key Lime Pie at Google I/O in May this year. Whether that’ll be Android 4.3 or Android 5.0, it’s unknown.

        • daveloft

          Yes I fixed it. I’m hoping for 5.0 but I guess it doesn’t matter.

        • humfreyfamoye

          until I saw the draft saying $9856, I didn’t believe that…my… best friend woz truly bringing home money part-time on their apple laptop.. there uncles cousin has been doing this 4 only 6 months and resantly paid the dept on their apartment and purchased a brand new Bugatti Veyron. this is where I went, — Buzz80.ℂom

        • Pleeeeease, let it be 5.0!

    • zepfloyd

      54.3% of devices have finally made it to at least 2011! Yay… /s

  • adam

    My phone keeps reminding me to install JB but until Foxfi is supported, count me out. Any alternatives under JB? (and no, I don’t use it as my home wifi, just on the road!)

    • dhirensavalia

      Is your phone unlocked/rooted?

    • shane

      Wondering the same thing, stock DNA here.

    • jack

      did you try getting a job to afford a wifi router?

      • Floski

        Yeah. The router that will plug into his phone and create a wifi network while he’s traveling.

        Good one.

    • I’ve just used the stock tethering/hotspot option since 4.0. Works perfect.

    • andrew galvin

      so much facepalm for this comment.

    • Jon Nye

      I’m on an unrooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean and have had good results with a random widget called “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Widget” published by “Taiseiko”. Crappy name, but I can’t argue.

  • how the hell did that happen?

    • mercado79

      My guess is that a good chunk of users are on Verizon and they’ve been pushing out updates to many of their devices in the last couple of months.

      • That plus the new method of calculating. People with old phone are probably not really using them and therefor not going into the Play Store. Therefore, devs shouldn’t really care about them.