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Aftermath XHD for Android, a 3rd Person Zombie Kill ’em All Game


Let’s keep the zombie game madness rolling with this new entry, Aftermath XHD. The game is a third person shooter, having you play as a lone survivor who is equipped with nothing but a flashlight to begin with. While exploring, you equip a pistol and the killing begins. As you make your way deeper into the game, you upgrade weapons, but that only means the zombies come in larger numbers. 

The gameplay is extremely smooth and it even has some fancy lightening effects as well. It does cost $3, but so far, I can tell it’s very worth it.

Play Link ($2.99)

  • Jonathan

    This game isn’t even close to new. I remember playing this on my Galaxy Nexus, which I’ve long since sold.

  • It’s far better than plant VS zombies, about-google-android.blogspot.com

  • I know that Zombies are awesome and everything but can we PLEASE find a new topic to be mesmerized about!

    P.S. all this talk about zombies is making me really depressed because the Walking Dead won’t be on until this winter!!!

  • lol the game actually looks fun!

  • i think i would need moga support for that one, onscreen controls might up the difficulty on that one.

    • Chris King

      It says it does

  • Kyle Miller

    Seriously? More damn zombies?

  • jer85008

    Tim – is this similar in pace to Dead Trigger? Looks good if it’s a bit less hectic and has more exploration aspect to it. Dead trigger is just too much run and gun for me.

  • punkroyale

    I am tempted. I need a few new games. I’m going to wait and see if anyone else says its worth it!

  • so dead nation for mobile

  • Zombie day at Droid Life.

    • Devs are out of ideas. But, zombies sell!

      • it also was easter yesterday. I was at Wondercon in Anaheim Ca and Deadpool was waving signs advertising Zombie jesus day. I think its that time of year

    • Austin Warren

      After that dreadful Walking dead finale, we need some good zombie talk

      • dannyWHITE

        DREADFUL??? What were u expecting?

        • will bartlett

          it was absolutely terrible. it should have been way better

          • flosserelli

            If they keep killing off characters at the rate they’re going, no one will be left at the end of next season.

      • I completely agree. Lame ending to the season.

        • It was definitely more interesting and action packed than the last three to four episodes though! It was obvious that the producers were trying to build up anticipation about the season finale!

          • Nicholassss

            There was no real development i didnt think. At least Andrea finally got killed off. Good riddance.

      • shane

        I thought it was rather good compared to the last few episodes before it as others have already said.

        • Frank Urbanski

          I agree, it was more entertaining that the previous few but the episode to me felt like the one they do in December and then say they’ll be back in February, not a season ender…. if that makes sense. I’m okay with it since I read the comics and am trying to make connections in my head but I know quite a few people that we put off by the season as a whole.