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Flipboard With S-Pen Support and Awesome Note APKs Pulled From Galaxy Note 8.0


Two applications were pulled from the Galaxy Note 8.0 firmware recently, a special edition of Flipboard featuring support for S-Pens and Awesome Note, a multitasking note-taking app built for larger displays. The Flipboard apk is just like any other Flipboard, but as I mentioned, all you S-Pen fans can do some special previewing using the pen and Air View of certain content.  

As for Awesome Note, I will go ahead and recommend that anyone not running a display of 5.5″ or larger should leave this one alone. Awesome Note is a Samsung-created app, built specifically for the Note lineup of devices, featuring a ton of useful tricks. Naturally, you can take notes, write memos, set reminders, and list goes on and on. I suggest having a large display because when opened up on the Nexus 4, everything felt extremely cramped and that is never the best experience to have.

If I have any Galaxy Note and Note 2 fans wanting to try them out, download them below.

Download:  Flipboard.apk | AwesomeNote.apk

Via: XDA [2]

Cheers Nathan!

  • Unfortunately on my GNII running 4.1.2 the app does not save any data – notes, setup info – nada. 🙁 Dang shame as it is truly a great-looking app.

  • Nicole Dickerson

    Both apps were stock on my galaxy note 8.0. They werent pulled. They both work great

  • Scott Brandman

    I get a parsing error when I try to install awesome note apk on my Original Galaxy Note. Any hints on how to correct. I tried to post in xda forum but I don’t have enough posts apparently to post.

  • C’mon guys. I barely successfully talked myself out of buying a Note tablet recently.

  • real talk

    “Unfortunately, aNote has stopped.” Every 5 minutes this pops up. Guess it never stops running and doesn’t work worth a damn. Any fix for it? I like the interface.

  • Feel like I’m looking at something made by iOS guys.

  • jdroid

    Crashes on Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus when using photo or location attachments. This is pretty buggy unless you only want to track text notes. I would definitely purchase if a version was available for the Nexus 7.

  • irtechneo

    I like the new flip board. Thanks Tim.

  • Awesome Note works well with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Very nice.
    I hope it appears on Google Play soon. I’d be happy to buy it.

  • Michael Bladowski

    not working with the old note and CM 10 ;(

  • does this work on the galaxy note 10.1?

    • N8shon

      Did you find out the answer to this?

      • jon

        Yes it does

        • AJ Myrick

          Confirmed – Works on Note 10.1 using TouchWiz

          • Jorj_X_McKie

            So you just d/l the apk file and run it… I suppose this is known as a side-loaded app without any verification that it is safe to do, right?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Perfect applications for the Galaxy Note 2.

  • shaonian


  • N8shon

    Cheers back at ya guys 🙂 Nice to see a tip of mine make it to the site! Wooohoo!!

  • fartbubbler

    really complicated and visually overwhelming. I’ll stick with Google Keep and Notif.

  • martin_guitars

    Awesome Note is long-time iOS app. It’s not made by Sammy


    • edythewiseman

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  • Visual360

    Yay! Works on GNote 1. AwesomeNote also look beautiful on my Nexus 7, and HTC One X. 🙂

  • JetBlue

    Tried it on my Note 2 and the Settings Menu reminded me of iOS and the only place that I found that worked with the S-Pen is the Quick Memo otherwise everything else is just where you type with a keyboard.

  • Visual360

    This should work on Note 1… I’ll find out I guess. lol.

    • Tim242

      What was funny about that?

      • Visual360

        What’s not funny about it?