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Pie Controls Now ‘Baked’ Into CyanogenMod Nightlies


The CyanogenMod team took to their Google+ page earlier, announcing that Pie Controls, a feature made popular in the Paranoid Android ROMs, would now be baked right into the CM10.1 nightlies.

Pie Controls are quick controls that are triggered by swiping on the display. While not in use, they are hidden, but with the quick swipe of a finger, you have access to settings, home buttons, or however you want to configure them for your device. 

If you feel like grabbing the newest CM nightly once it goes live, follow this link.

Via: +CyanogenMod

Cheers Pratik and Mack!

  • call me nuts, but the PIE controls are redundant as hell.

  • AranelAlasse

    I love the concept of pie, but occasionally it conflicted with swiftkey flow. I’d be flowing a word, and suddenly it would switch to my home screen – because of my pie placement and gesture setup.

  • I would love to have flawless camera (photo sphere)

  • Hothfox

    I like the idea, but it needs to have the ability to add custom buttons – like Google Now / Search. I like the rest of CM too much to switch over to PA just for this feature.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    The biggest problem with pie gestures is when they DONT show up. They dont always stay and if you got rid of ur home screen button for them, youre a bit screwed

    • Which is why I add them to the power button menu.

  • ksavai

    I love Pie controls for the more screen space I have, Pie control was little tedious as start but I got used to it and love the full screen. And Its optional you dont HAVE to use it when your rom provides so I dont get so much buzz going around here

  • Ha! I was like, What’s “Pig controls?”

  • Alquintaz Bourda

    How can I get my hands on that background pic? #nice

  • Justin Winker

    Does CM have Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3/1.4? If not, does any other ROM have that built in?

    • Jonathan Brashear

      I am wondering if they will get Bluetooth 4

    • PhillipCun

      no and no

      • Justin Winker

        That sucks. I know CM used to have AVRCP 1.3/1.4 built in, but when they started from scratch for 10.1, they scrapped it and had to start all over.

  • triumphtriple

    I love the concept of PIE but I’ve always thought it was too slow and finicky. If it was just as fast and reliable as the browser quick controls I would use it.

    • Tweak it in settings. I have animations set to quick, reduce some of the delay times. At least LMT (PIE) is very customizable and can react instantly if you want.

      • triumphtriple

        I’ve got it running my GNex on Paranoid Android 3 right now. I have it set to “Bare” for animation. While when it does pop up it is instant, the lag between when swipe my finger to when it appears is still just as bad… AND it only pops up half the time… :-/

  • Michael Johnson

    I really really wish they could make the Pie control pop-up for a split second when you open an activity that expects a menu button. Kind of an alert that tells the user “Hey, you can use the menu button here”.

    • Tyler

      If we are making wishes, I wish devs would update their apps to not include menu buttons in the first place.

      • Michael Johnson

        That WOULD be nice…

  • mwilly

    Personally not a fan of the pie controls. It conflicts with items located at the bottom of the screen making it necessary to tap two or three times to initiate what I need. How can I disable pie controls?

    • You can move the pie controls to the left, right, or bottom of the screen. Also, you can adjust how many pixels it takes to activate. I have mine set at very few and it is responsive without having problems with thinks like the space bar or icons.

  • Good thing AOKP didn’t already have this, then CM wouldn’t have used it based on principle.

    • Chris Cianci

      What about the nav ring customization that AOKP and CM collaborated on?

  • Captain_Doug

    Love this. Now on screen keys can be removed and it can be all screen, all the time, but the functionality is still there. Just perfect.

  • Shaunwin


  • Mark T.

    Does CM add USB Charge Only and USB Mass Storage when connecting to computer?

    • NexusPhan69

      No fast charge support on the kernel. You can flash a fast charge kernel to any ROM tho. Kernel is separate from the ROM.

  • EC8CH

    Baked…. Pie…


  • MikeCiggy

    CM 10.1 is a great rom, runs great but it lacks some extra customizing I wish it had. This is a nice add-on. I will never leave CM I just miss some things I could do in AOKP on ICS.

  • Tyler

    Looks like it gets rid of google now support. PA still has search button. I do like how it leaves the notification bar though.

    • jeff manning

      you can still have the notification bar on PA by setting the navbar to zero

      • Tyler

        I don’t see that under settings, is it a buildprop change or something?

        • jeff manning

          settings / hybrid properties (from here swipe to the right to bring up menu on left) / Interface

          • Tyler

            Wasn’t exactly what i was looking for but I guess it works. I was more looking so i could only toggle the buttons on the bottom on and off from the toggle in power menu/quick settings without toggling the notification bar along with it.

          • PhillipCun

            then you need to install PA. they have this in the quick settings

          • Tyler

            I currently running PA 3.10 and yes I know its in quick settings, but that toggles removes the notification bar when you hit it. I like my notification bar being visible and being able to turn on and off the navigation bar.

          • jeff manning

            They don’t have that option yet. Neither does cyanogen. PAs quick settings toggle affects both the navbar and notification bar

          • Latest CM nightly has the option to disable nav bar but leave notif bar. It’s cool.

  • Sweet!!!

  • I almost left cyanogenmod the day before this came out because of the lack of this feature. Glad I didn’t

  • Mack

    Now I’m just waiting for nightly builds to be pushed out for Toro and Grouper. PA is cool but I love me some CM.

    Btw thanks for the shout out guys.

  • Joe Bob

    Never really was a fan of tap and drag gestures. Cramps up my thumb when using my phone with one hand while I carry stuff on the other.

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    • tyguy829

      then you’re doing it wrong…I’ve been using lmt (now pie) on my gnex for over a year now, and have never had a problem. You did put the pie on the RIGHT side of the phone (or left if you’re a lefty) and not the bottom right?