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Video: A Quick Look at Google Keep

google keep

Google Keep was announced and then released a couple of hours ago as Google’s take on a note taking app that can compete with the likes of Evernote and others. It has the same Holo style UI we’ve seen from many of their apps, is easy to navigate, and comes with an amazing little widget. We aren’t sure if it can overtake Evernote’s stranglehold on the note market, but it’s showing signs of being very promising after just a few minutes with it. 

With Google Keep, you can take notes in the traditional sense by typing them out or you can use your voice to dictate them. Taking that idea a step further, as you dictate an app with your voice, Keep will also attach a sound file that can be played back later. If sound and typing isn’t your thing, your camera can be used to create notes or enhance others, as well. Last, you can share items like web pages with Keep just as you do with other services.

But that’s not all. Keep works in the web through Google Drive, so your notes from your phone are synced with those in the web and vice versa. In fact, as you type a note through the web app, you’ll see it populate the Keep app on your phone or tablet in real time. It’s pretty neat.

To catch the app in action, hit up our video below.


Links:  Play Link | Keep

  • Granted

    Thanks, but hell no. The last thing I want is advertising in my notes, or to add another way for Google to harvest private information about me, to whore to advertisers. I love Android, but I despise Google’s stance on user privacy and security, seeing as they have habitually shown themselves to break the law and have absolutely zero ethics in that field. I only use Google apps and services if I am forced to do so, like Gmail. This site never reports about the times when Google gets busted violating user privacy, but you would be smart to investigate this on your own and I would start with Google harvesting extremely personal information off of unencrypted routers while taking pictures with their Street View cars.

    I will happily stick with Note Everything Pro for all of my note-taking needs. It requests the bare minimum of non-invasive permissions, is constantly updated and refined, extremely feature-laden, doesn’t make you sign up for some damn account just to create and save notes and most importantly it offers top notch encryption for your indvidual notes. I would guess that Google Keep does not even offer a friggin 4-digit pin code to protect your personal data. I mean why would they offer any protection, it would just be a barrier to them being able to scan your private notes and target ads to you.

  • james

    Whats the name of that wallpaper?

  • Mason Lammers

    I am in. Thank you Verizon for finally giving western Nebraska 4G. I have downloaded and played with the app in the time it used to take to pull up the play store.

  • Jskinvest

    Not yet better than Color Note

  • picaso86

    I like it but it keeps crashing on Razr MAXX :*(

  • JP

    Is there any way to also sync the existing Google Calendar “To Do” list to this?

  • Connor Cowan

    has anyone noticed the character limit in this app? I tried to cut and paste from Evernote, and it cut off the note saying that I had exceeded the character limit. What gives?

  • Furious One

    For me, his will replace Evernote for personal notes. Work notes will still go in EN. Having them entirely separate is a plus. Don’t like having a co-worker looking at my notes with me seeing private notes in the background.

  • rcpa

    I like it. I’ve been looking for a note app that returned the focus to just the notes. Evernote and Catch Notes have become so bloated with features that get between you and quick and easy access to your notes. I started with 3 Banana Notes, which became Catch Notes, and loved it. But over time they kept adding features that got in the way of the notes. Catch Notes uses hash tags to categorize notes and the list of hash tags to filter your notes used to be right there on the front page. You just clicked on the hash tag you were interested in and you had your filtered list. One click an maybe a swipe and you were at the note you needed. But now they’ve added a “Streams” feature that you have to pay for in order for it to be useful and it’s placed in front of all the other features of the app to encourage you to pay for it. It now takes about at least 5 clicks just to get to the hash tag list. Google Keep may not use hash tags like I’m used to, but the notes are right there up front and not buried behind half a dozen clicks.

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Tried it for a few minutes- it’s no Evernote replacement. No notebook type organization and no formatting other than a note consisting of only check boxes. More of an alternate google tasks app with no google task integration, or a bunch of short term sticky notes.

  • Geoff Johnson

    Make it compatible with the S-Pen on my Note 2 so I can take handwritten notes!

  • The fact that it’s not going to have an app for WP8 makes me not even considering it as a replacement to evernote.

  • It actually just archived your note when you swiped it…which is pretty cool because that means you don’t have to delete notes to remove them from your “notes home screen”.

    I hope they add some sort of better organization though…because I feel like it’s going to get messy after more than 10 or 20 notes

  • tyguy829

    This or Any.Do for reminders? Can’t decide. They both work really well…

    • I dont see this being used for reminders if it does not have alarms and due dates.

  • geeky1

    unfortunately requires android 4.03 and up – so I won’t be able to use it until i upgrade the crappy old phone i’m currently using!

  • lostfan0

    Is recording audio a JB only thing? Don’t see it on my ICS

  • carluverdrm2004

    Catch notes is my notes app of choice…. I love Google, but they’d have to impress me to make me switch. I accidentally deleted a note that I needed for class one day, and I emailed them and asked the support team if they could help me in any way….and they restored it in a short time. Could Google do this for Keep?

    • Geoff Johnson

      You can undo a delete in Google if you click delete by accident.

  • Tony Byatt

    Google does it again…

  • C-Law

    I don’t like white widgets. If only it was optional for black like the Evernote widget!

  • AlphaNoble

    Kellex, you must use the word ‘Samsung’ a lot if it is on the Swiftkey top row…

  • sean.yesmunt

    Is there a button/link on the google drive site? I can’t find one.

  • What took so long to get this? It’s seemed like a no-brainer ever since I got my first Google device. adios Evernote

  • D.B.Evans

    It’s a good introduction – I’ve found a couple minor bugs, but nothing serious. It doesn’t yet seem to have all the features of Evernote (or maybe I haven’t figured out how to use them yet). The real-time sync is seriously cool, though – I love that feature. If they keep developing it, I could easily be swayed to migrate to it from Evernote – especially if someone develops an easy migration tool.

  • JamesU513

    ummm, note and list sharing anyone??

  • Brent Stewart

    Looks pretty cool and love the Drive / real-time integration. But think I’ll stick with Evernote for now. A bit reluctant to invest in any new Google products going forward after they killed off Reader.

    • sonicyoof

      Seriously, I’ll get all my notes into this and then they will kill it. The best RSS reader that they already created, killed. So they make a clone of Evernote, which is already established and the best note-taking application.

      • I have to agree I’m worried about migrating to new Google apps if I already have a good one. Combine that with Evernote working across other platforms such as iOS and I have no reason to change.

  • calum wilper

    i can’t hear the video over the sound of your ads!!

    • Justin Winker

      What ads? #ABPFTW

  • brkshr

    It works, but I’m not very impressed with it. ‘Tasks’ seems to fit my needs better.

  • Silver Veloz

    Been playing with KEEP also. I have the app icon on my home page to remind myself to try to use. Once you have reminders or lists set up, it would be cool if the icon would have a number on it (how many reminders or lists you have set). And would count down as you delete them. Just grasping here. Well KEEP is another item for the DROID LIFE show tonight.

  • It’s going to take a lot to sway me from evernote. how does it handle pdfs? can I attach them to a note and search inside them? and can I clip webpages into it (and not just bookmarks)? what about categories? what is keep’s equivalent of evernote’s notebooks and tags?

    • rcpa

      I hope it never has all the features of Evernote and the other note apps. I don’t want the bloat. I just want an app that allows quick access to personal notes I want to keep track of. Like the size of the air filter for my furnace, or the size of my tires, or the IP address and wifi password for my router, or the battery type for my watch or car key remote, or the CD Keys for my Windows apps. Leave the feature rich, enterprise like, sharing niche to Evernote, Catch Note, Spring Pad, and others.

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmmm cool. I dig it. Thanks Google!

  • Charles Powers

    I’ve installed and am playing around with it… I think I like it so far. But, where the heck is the widget? No can find.

    • Scott Hardy

      There are two of them, named Google Keep

    • Charles Powers

      After reboot, the widgets showed up where they should (under widgets).

  • I am pretty heavily in with Any.Do… It just needs a bit more in terms of features and I’ll be completely sold.

  • hashtagtroll


  • fiveHellions

    Anyone notice that you can say ‘take note’ in Google now and it will save it to keep. Pretty nifty.

    *never mind Kev beat me to it.

  • Kev

    I like the fact that you can say “note to self…” in Google voice search and it gives you the option of sending an e-mail or save to Keep.

    • Oh that’s cool, did not know that.

    • Austin Warren

      Google knows all.

      • olavnennig9kf

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      • TheOgler

        Sees all. Judges all.

      • Granted

        Google knows, sees and harvests way too much. One day everyone will see the negative consequences of this highly invasive trade off.

    • Kane Stapler

      I wish it would just show up in google now as a card. When I had something due soon

  • Lou

    I’m a fan… just need an export option from Evernote and I’m in.

    • Derek Traini

      Copy. Paste. 🙂

      • James Payne

        On thousands of notes? I’d rather not

        • Timothy McGovern

          I wouldn’t use this for thousands of notes. It doesn’t have any way to organize except for colors.

    • This, for sure.