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It’s Official: Verizon Announces Android 4.2.2 Update for the Galaxy Nexus

galaxy nexus radios

Verizon has announced that the Android 4.2.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus will start rolling out in phases today, March 19. No, this is not some sort of sick joke.

We’re assuming it’s the same build that leaked a couple of weeks ago as Android 4.2.2 build JDQ39. We’re still waiting for the support docs to arrive, so we won’t know for sure until that happens. But since JDQ39 is the most current version of Android, I’d assume it’ll be the one.

You can manually update to JDQ39 here with our instructions for all situations. If you just want the radios, you can grab those here.

Update:  The changelog is finally available and shows that the build is JDQ39. Feel free to manually update without worry!

Here is our first look at Android 4.2.2 on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus:

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Verizon

  • AndroidPBC

    Galaxy Nexus no longer connects with HANDSFREE profile in car after 4.2.2
    installed. Anyone have a solution? Anyone else having same problem?

  • Thomas Fogle

    I use my mobile hotspot on my android galaxy nexus to play on Xbox live. Last night I was on Xbox live just fine, I got offline to go to bed and then my phone got the new update I wake up today and I can connect my PC to my hotspot just fine,but my Xbox 360 slim will not connect anymore. The Xbox still shows that my network exists under the wireless connection setting but it refuses to connect wirelessly. However I can connect to Xbox live when I bridge a LAN network from my computer to my Xbox via Ethernet cable. Someone please I beg you read this and help me connect wirelessly to Xbox live once again.

  • Henry Babcock

    Just got it. Second try force stopping & clearing cache of Google services framework and checking for updates did it. Did a reboot in between for good measure, dunno if that helped. Was not on WiFi, just very slow 3G.

    I will see about battery life later, but immediate good news: PdaNet+ with paid Foxfi Key WiFi hotspot still works! Typing this through my Nexus7 tethered right now. (I know a WiFi tether app isn’t probably necessary on the G.Nexus but I already paid for it for my old S3, which it only sorta worked on after Jellybean btw, but works flawlessly on the G.Nexus.)

    AND, so far signal seems improved, although actual dBm is exactly the same, here at home. I only have very weak 3G signal here and only that with an elaborate amplifier & external antenna setup (-93dbm). No 4G. Before this update I would typically get 0.2 Mbps down and under 0.1 up, now I just got 0.47 down, 0.12 up. A very good improvement for me, and roughly in line with what I got with the S3.

    If signal improvement holds up in town, one negative in going with this phone from my S3 will be gone. Bad batterly life I assume I will have to live with. And certainly the lack of SD card. _Everything_ else, I prefer the G.Nexus to the S3. And I pocketed over $300 difference selling my S3 and getting this G.Nexus on Ebay, to save towards the next great Google phone on Verizon, hopefully the Xphone.

  • Anthony Saylor

    I got the update, but now my Google play won’t let me download anything.. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Melissa A. Polk

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  • jerry13

    I got a different phone months ago. My gnex is a video game toy for my friends 6yo.

  • BigDaddyBioShock

    anything good happening in texas?

  • Bryan

    I am curious to know how the latest updates have been for the Verizon GNex. Have they improved the radios or battery life?

    I had a GNex and loved it, except for the poor reception and battery life. I could barely get over an hour of screen on time before my battery was low enough I couldn’t go out for the remainder of the day without charging first. And the reception and constantly losing 4G was an issue.

    I replaced it hesitantly with a Razr MAXX and having 3-4 hour screen on time with good reception was a revelation. I also giggle a little knowing that I had a newer version of JBean even if only for a few months (Xmas leak).

    But, I still always wonder if I had waited it out if those issues would have been fixed.

    So GNex owners, have the updates fixed these issues for you assuming you had them?

    • I’ll let you know after I get the update.

    • Jeff

      So far the battery seems to be holding up better. Took it off the charger around 6:15 and as of now still have 72%. Haven’t used it much in the 6 hours but before the update it would have been around 50%.

  • Jeff

    Just pulled my update. Update is 88.8 MB

  • Michael Lewis

    Meh. If you’ve been on Verizon and not rooted your phone, than you either are not tech savvy enough to know how to do it, Don’t care being releases behind, like the bloatware or you are simply lazy (in a bad way). You should have rooted your Verizon phone ASAP, making this bit of news OLD!

    • rooted != flashed. “tech savvy” indeed.

      Also, several of the “stable” roms had dealbreaker bugs (bluetooth, etc) that actually matter. And furthermore, the flash+restore-settings process is a tad different than the OTA-update process, in terms of disruptiveness.

      There are completely legitimate reasons to want the actual Nexus-update experience.

    • Ian

      shut up

    • Artune

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be on the official OS from google, I could get into rooting but don’t see the need to, benefits don’t appeal to me. Doesn’t mean you should knock people for it.

    • umataro42

      I root so I can use root-required apps, but I don’t flash any ROMs because I prefer to keep stay stock, so I’m still on 4.1.1. I’m only one release behind (not “releases”), so I don’t fall into any of those categories. But that’s the beauty of Android, you’re more free to do what you want with it.

  • I looked at calendar and thought it must be April 1st.

  • This was actually pretty damn fast for Verizon. JDQ39 came out for the GSM models on February 12. Today is March 19…a little over a month. That’s the fastest the VZW Gnex has ever seen an update.

    • geedee82

      Yeah but they were already 3 updates behind by the time 4.2.2 came out.

      • Blame Google for that, not Verizon. Google never released 4.1.2, 4.2, or 4.2.1 to Verizon for testing. If it had, the same guy that leaked 4.2.2 would have informed us about it.

  • Shawn Phelps

    What was that method to delete system settings cache or something to force the update?

  • I wonder when my Galaxy Nexus will get the update to 4.2.2, because early Friday morning I just got the OTA for JB 4.2.1. I am in Canada by the way, so Verizon isn’t here.

    • You have a GSM model running a Samsung-maintained software variant called “yakjuux”. That 4.2.1 update came from Samsung just recently, so who knows when you’ll get 4.2.2. Your updates, sadly, don’t come from Google. So, once Google releases an update, Samsung takes it, makes whatever changes they have to make, and then release it. Normally 1-2 months after the fact. In this case, if you just got an update to 4.2.1, don’t expect 4.2.2 until at least May.

      • The funny thing about that is that Samsung said we’d be getting the 4.2.1 update around November, it’s now almost 4 months later…seems Samsung is pulling a Sony.

  • Tom

    these updates just keep rolling out today. just got 6.0.1 Lard