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Download: DROID 4 Jelly Bean Update 98.72.18

droid 4 review

Yesterday, Verizon approved Jelly Bean for the DROID 4 as build 98.72.18, but as is typical, Motorola sent the first wave of updates out to members of their feedback network (soak testers) this morning. And since that happened, the file has been pulled and made available to everyone with the device.

We have instructions for you below, so if you do not feel like waiting for the update to be pushed to your device, feel free to jump below.

The official changelog can be found here


*These are the instructions from the RAZR HD update, but they should work for the DROID 4 as well. I have not tested them as I do not own the device.

*You have to be running the official Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) update of build 6.16.217. You also have to be completely stock.

1.  Download the update file here:  Download Link [mirror] 2.  Drop that file on your SD card, not internal storage.
3.  Turn phone off, and reboot into recovery.

*Hold both Volume Up and Down along with Power until you see the boot menu. Use Volume Down to hover over “Recovery.” Press Volume Up to select it.

*Once you see the Android and Exclamation point, press both Volume Up and Down at the same time.

4.  Select “apply update from external storage.”

*Use Volume keys to highlight, Power button to select.

5.  Then select the file you downloaded from above. It should already be on your SD card.
6.  Watch as the update applies.
7.  Once finished, choose the “reboot” option and enjoy!

Via:  DroidForums

Cheers Fuzzball!

  • racc0on7

    What happens if you aren’t stock?

  • Actaeon

    Could someone pretty please direct me on instructions to go back to gingerbread on this phone? My wife’s phone has been junk ever since she upgraded to ics. From the sounds of it JB isn’t going to fix the problems either (or replace them with others). Thanks much in advance.

  • I have a Droid 4. Had fixed all of the issues from the previous Ice Cream Sandwich update. Now, with the Jelly Bean update, my battery is COMPLETELY drained within 7-8 hours, and that’s even with not much use; just sitting there. Extremely frustrating. Any suggestions on what I can do to increase battery life on this thing? Would appreciate any suggestions. Additionally, to get any upper-case symbols or capitals, the shift key MUST be held down while typing, wherein prior to update all I had to do was tap the key. Thank you. 🙂

  • Colby McLellan

    I was running stock ICS, rooted, it was great. I upgraded to JB wed via push, not knowing I shouldn’t be rooted, and have been littered with issues: standard keyboard issues like the shift key, the basic Calculator app disappeared, all stock video editing is gone, some photos and video recording options seem to be gone, laggy system response about half the time(using Advanced Task Killer to kill apps; but still laggy), but most of all I can’t access my system settings through any means: at home screen hitting the option button and selecting system settings does nothing, but the cog wheel in the pull-down menu causes an error “Unfortunately, the system UI has stopped working” which causes a response similar to that of ending “explorer.exe” on a windows system.

    I’ve tried using an unroot tool and reinstalling JB using the zip from droid-life.
    I’m about ready to go back to ICS if possible.


    • Colby McLellan

      Factory Reset fixed the system settings issue, per Motorola/Verizon tech supports. Oddly, the Calculator app and “Browser” came back as well. Vzn is sending a replacement either way.

  • Nat

    Ever since the update, the colon (two dots that make a smiley face or time) no longer works. As a matter of fact all that button produces is a period or this symbol ”>” It was one of the most used buttons on my phone and now I can’t even use it. That is just one of the problems I’ve had since the update. There were a few more. I wish it had been tested further before being forced on to our cell phones.

  • ruffattola

    how long does your droid 4 battery last — i am lucky for 8 hrs

    • murphy07

      Mine lasted 16 hours before the upgrade – now its about 6. Grrrr.

  • luvmi3

    since the update, my shift key randomly stops working and i have to restart the phone to reset it. has anyone experienced this and is there a fix for it…frustrating…

  • briansurg

    What can I do if I’m not stock, and rooted? How do I go back to stock? I have deleted a bunch of the motocrap, and I’m not sure what I have also frozen with TB. Thanks

  • toofast

    don’t do it the build has a few big flaws. the keyboard not working right. the browser is messed up now you have to exit the browser to get to the google homepage

  • zombiewolf115

    am still waiting for the droid bionic to get jelly bean =.=

  • dan

    do u need to unzip the file first?

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  • When will this push to my phone? It’s about 6:30pm where I am.

    • Timothy Edwards

      The update is right here…

    • cron

      i just got the push this morning but had to delay it so i could find out if it will update my rooted and safestrapped phone. im not sure if i have to, but ill be deleting my other rom slots along with the usual ununinstall of safestrap and using the droid4 utility to get me back to full stock mode (apparently without losing any data.)

  • fartbob

    Hmmm… server must be getting hit hard. Download says it will take 3+ hours..

  • Tone

    Can it be rooted after?

    • Morlok8k

      sources say yes… look for razr_blade.zip

      • Tone

        Thank you!

  • buttsauce

    Crap update. Hardware keyboard is broken, keys are remapped and shift key doesn’t work properly anymore.

    • can you elaborate? I am not experiencing any of these issues

      • buttsauce

        Open up Chrome or the default browser and hit the SYM key.The shift key also doesn’t work properly in text boxes in Chrome or the default browser. Also, try hitting shift and then typing a colon or semi-colon.

        • GG

          I’m experiencing the same issues. The shift key has started working but on the physical keyboard when attempting to type a colon or semin colon I end up getting these brackets instead ><. Anyone find a solve?

        • GG

          Just fyi, I had this issue too. Did a full wipe (to remove an ICS and then JB reinstall and my :; came back. Make sure to wipe the cache too when in recovery mode. Also my shift key is working again.

          • ineedhelp

            Can you give step by step instructions for this? My shift comes and goes, and also my auto correct spelling does the same…but when they both work, my colon and semicolon are still typing …thanks

      • blackmagick20

        Agreed…I’ve had no problems at all so far after the update.

    • john

      it’s jelly bean’s source code. It changed the RIL code and that messes with keyboard forever. You should try to wipe cache, dalvik and factory reset. You’ll see an improvement

      • buttsauce

        Why would the RIL mess with the keyboard? O.o

    • Mike

      Wow, Google really is intentionally killing off physical keyboard support. First was the removal of keyboard shortcuts and now they just flat out break keyboard input.

    • Morlok8k

      i dont care about keyboard shortcuts, as i never used them. the shift key bugs me though – it doesnt toggle, i have to press [shift] AND [1] to make a “!”

      • Morlok8k

        shift button is fixed after reboot (PWR + Vol Down)

        • curse you jellybean

          @morlok8k….what do you mean PWR + vol down? Do that to reboot or after reboot? If iI do that, it saves a screen shot so I am a little confused but if it’s that simple, I wanna try to fix my phone. Thanks! (Hmm…now all of the sudden the shift key is working here….I think my phone is possessed!). 😮 /

      • curse you jellybean

        i am having the same issue….i can’t capitalize any letters easily or type an ! without having to hold down the shift AND 1…and on this forum via my phone, my caps don’t work at all unless i hold down the shift key for each letter. WTF….it’s really annoying and inconvenient.

    • My physical keyboard has been flawless since the update. No mapping or shift key issues whatsoever.Have you tried rebooting? I didn’t have to but others have reported that works.

    • I had the same problem with my Shift Key not working and called Verizon Wireless hoping they could push a fix. I told them that the Shift Key on my physical keyboard stopped working after the Jelly Bean update. They didn’t have any record of it happening to anyone else so I am glad to read it here. The tech had me remove the sim card for a couple of minutes and then restart. It seems to have fixed the problem, for now, but I can’t guarantee that it will stay fixed. The tech said that she was going to note it now, and open a ticket.

      • curse you jellybean

        Hmm….maybe i will try that because i am really sick of these annoying updates that change things too much to the point i hate my phone. i am with whoever on here said they liked gingerbread. that os was the best and i miss it.

    • curse you jellybean

      I hate this update….my shift key doesn’t work properly anymore either so i can’t capitalize or use proper punctuation unless i hold the damn thing down with my thumb. forget the exclamation point now….doesn’t work. eggheads don’t know as much as they think they do.

  • Daniel

    Still hoping for a Droid 5 announcement…the Droid 4’s keyboard is the best I’ve ever used on any phone or small device. I am looking forward to CM10 maybe working out the final kinks now that an actual JB kernel and drivers are available for this phone 😀

  • Raven

    Is anyone familiar with using the D4 Safestrap (2.11)? My Droid 4 is stock rooted but has Safestrap Recovery Installed. I am guessing that this OTA will not “just work” for me”. Will it work if I merely “Uninstall Recovery”, or is there more to it than that?

  • Morlok8k

    downloading now… Super excited!

    • Morlok8k

      its awesome! FYI, Voodoo OTA rootkeeper couldn’t restore root, but i was able to restore it using the ChainsDD superuser app using the OTA survival function.

      be sure to back up your root multiple ways!

      • bigdav1178

        Don’t know what was wrong with your Voodoo install, but mine restored root without issue.

        • Morlok8k

          Voodoo has worked for me before, i dont know why it didnt this time.

      • Morlok8k

        Oh, and we are still missing In-Pocket-Detection…

  • modport

    Any Droid 5 coming out? I can’t stand using the terminal or SSH without a physical keyboard.

    • hezk

      I hope so too. SSHing to my servers or running terminal commands locally is best with a physical keyboard. The Droid 4 is great for us power users. It’s only missing ctrl and alt keys though. I hope a Droid 5 comes with them.

    • Hexus

      I’d like a Droid 5, as well, as long as keyboard support isn’t gimped by the software like it is on my Droid 4. Keyboard features are being lost in core Google apps as well as in 3rd party apps that used to have special features for external keyboards (including USB and Blutetooth keyboards).

    • RoninX

      Someone should launch a Kickstarter for a high-end QWERTY slider. Even without subsidies, I’d be willing to buy one off-contract at full price.

      • michael arazan

        How about a qwerty slider that can attach to any phone by clipping on to turn any phone into one.

        • RoninX

          If it were high-quality, I’d go for that too.

          All of the Bluetooth mini-keyboards I found on Amazon were basically rebrands of one design that’s total crap. I bought one of these to try it out with my Nexus 7, and it’s horrible. The layout is bad to start with; keypress latency is annoyingly high; and the software is constantly either missing keypresses or duplicating them.


          I contributed to the Kickstarter for the iControlPad 2, and it has a keyboard as well as analog joysticks. Hopefully, I’ll be receiving one soon, but it looks a bit bulky for everyday use:


          On the other hand, a keyboard with the quality of the Droid 4’s keyboard that could fit onto a Nexus 4, GS4, Note 2, HTC One, or RAZR HD MAXX, would be very appealing.

        • Armchair Legend

          These (or similar) devices already exist in the form of cases with an embedded BT keyboard. Typically, the four largest shortcomings over a built-in qwerty that render it far from a viable alternative are: 1) The keyboard must be charged separately from the phone. 2) The keyboard usually blocks the camera lens when the keyboard is not out. 3) The phone doesn’t automatically switch and lock into landscape mode when the keyboard is slid out. 4) While built-in QWERTY keyboards already add a noticeable amount of bulk to a phone, the third party QWERTY cases generally add even more.

    • Armchair Legend

      I have been due for an upgrade for about half a year but reluctant to pick up a Droid 4 thinking that the next iteration would be announced any day now. At this point, I feel like I’m gambling with the Droid 4 being discontinued and the remaining stock already shipped (AFAIK) with no reliable information on an impending Droid 5 release. With one brief exception, I’ve had a physical QWERTY keyboard on my phone since the first few days after the original B&W Sidekick was released (about a decade now). I have no desire for a touch-only phone. Alas, unfathomably stupid decisions by Motorola led to relatively lackluster sales of the more recent incarnations and as such, I greatly fear they will kill the concept rather than doing things properly, ala the Webtop / Lapdock accessory. The only spark of hope is that there was at least one last QWERTY phone already well into the design/production pipeline prior to the Google buy out. For now, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed while waiting for Godot.

  • dizi

    Can anyone confirm these ?

    -Is USB Charge Only still gone?

    -Are there 0 keyboard shortcuts in Chrome and you can’t use the old stock browser that hade them?

    • Raven

      To everyone worried about Charge Only being gone from various devices, do you know that as an easy work around you can get charge only cables?
      I went with this Charge Only adapter:

      • hezk

        That’s a bad idea when connecting to PCs. These cables either connect the data lines with a resistor or leave them unconnected to the PC.

        The USB Battery Charging spec specifies that if the data lines are connected with a resistor then the phone can detect this and is allowed to pull 1.5 A of current. PC USB 2.0 ports can only provide 0.5 A max so damage can occur on the PC when more current is tried to be drawn.

        For cables that leave the data lines open, the phone will be unable to negotiate current draw and will only draw the minimum 0.1 A which may not be enough to charge the phone at all.

        • Andrew

          It’s not true that “damage can occur.” The USB PHY on the PC has full support for current limit. The phone will get only 0.5 amps.

    • Jimmy

      Wait, Jelly Bean replaces the stock browser with Chrome right? If Chrome doesn’t have keyboard shortcuts then that really sucks.

      ICS: removed USB Charge Only and less keyboard shortcuts
      Jelly Bean: removed even more keyboard shortcuts

      Anyone know if I can ignore the update or will Verizon eventually force it to install? Obviously, I’m not rooted since I never needed to but if it comes down to it, I’ll root and put back Gingerbread. That was the most useful OS version.

      • Stock (looks like AOSP to me) Jelly Bean browser is also in this build, though I have not tried keyboard shortcuts yet.

        I think you can try to ignore for awhile but you will get constant notifications to install the update.

    • Mider

      Yup, Charge Only is still gone.

      No keyboard shortcuts in Chrome.

      This update blows. It’s time to go back to 2.3.

  • gerry

    FYI! This upgrade blocks 3rd party WiFi sharing apps like Fox Fi

    • noc007

      Currently the only solution I’ve found so far is the old method of rooting and SQLite. I haven’t confirmed it for myself yet.

    • AngryTurd

      There’s other methods using BT out there. FoxFi was definitely great though.

    • I can confirm, the SQLite method works

      • cron

        which sqlite method? link?

  • Been running it since this morning…gotta say, huge disappointment. They removed some things i actually liked (my music app), and really didn’t add anything. Anyone who was rooted most likely had google now installed already like i did, and that is really the only major change I see with this version.

    Anyone else disappointed? Moto, where’s my Droid 5 at?

    • AngrTurd

      Been running it too and I am NOT AT ALL disappointed! I didn’t root my phone, so it’s an improvement for sure. I don’t miss the bloat apps. I used play music vs my music, so don’t miss it. The gallery app is improved over the my gallery, imo. Phone is faster, love the new search and still getting familiar with Google Now but so far so good!

      • silliness

        Wait until you try using the keyboard…

        • blackmagick20

          Why? My keyboard works perfectly fine after the update

    • Straight

      Does Chrome have keyboard shortcuts? For example, go to homepage, refresh, copy/paste in text fields, close tab, quit, etc.? Thanks.

    • Morlok8k

      not everyone who roots installed google now. GN never seemed that great from the reviews i read about it… I didnt discover how awesome google now is until i got a tablet with jelly bean, and i instantly missed having it on my D4, until now that is…

  • Yoderz

    DL – Any rumors of a DROID 5? My wife refuses to upgrade to a new phone unless it has a keyboard. Not a lot of options to choose from.

    • Get her an iPhone with a keyboard case. /s

      • I just saw a keyboard case for the GSIII. I can’t say how good it is (somewhat mixed reviews) but I’m tempted.

    • breadable

      The Droid 4 has the best keyboard so far. I still find using it I type much faster than on my Gnex or One X. I definitely hope the X phone rumor I heard with multiple customizable hardware options is something near true, and that a qwerty is an option

      • Yoderz

        She definitely likes the keyboard on the Droid 4 and wants to get it, but I keep stalling her because it’s now over a year old…and because we’ll lose unlimited data if she renews her contract through Verizon.

        • noc007

          Get a used D4. Shouldn’t be too crazy out of pocket.

        • Timothy Edwards

          Then get her a Photon Q on Sprint?

    • Daniel

      I just picked up a new Droid 2 Global for my wife off eBay, they’re pretty reasonable at this point if she’s fine without LTE, but with a removable battery and keyboard (and overall nice, small phone)

  • noc007

    For the three people that are curious, WebTop is still there and unchanged. Version 3.0.0. Performance seems unchanged as would be expected.