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The Conduit Hits Google Play, Another Tegra-Enhanced FPS Title

The Conduit

If you were looking for a brand new shooter to take you into the weekend, here it is! The game is called The Conduit, built specifically for Tegra-powered devices. It is a first person shooter, bringing console-quality graphics and big guns right to your mobile to kill these evil aliens. The game was previously released for the Wii, but it translates quite well to Android. 

In the game, you play as Michael Ford, a man who has been enlisted by The Trust. Your job is to take back our planet, using weird alien-like technology and high-powered rifles. Sounds like my kind of job.

Like I mentioned previously, it is currently only available for Tegra-powered devices, which cuts the amount of people who can play it quite a bit. Although, if you are running a Nexus 7 or Transformer-series tablet, you are in luck. The game is free for the first two missions, then $5 for the remaining 7 missions.

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  • trwb

    This game takes about 2hrs to download

  • snowblind64

    I really like that the developer added support for gamepad controllers. I’m playing with an XBOX 360 controller hooked up to my Nexus 7 via OTG. Pretty good game so far.

  • j

    Watch out, almost 900mb initial DL. Sometimes I like downloading “additional package” especially this big!

  • I played online deathmatch in this game for countless hours on Wii.

  • chdir

    Is this a full port of the Wii game?

  • Chris Stuart

    Console quality graphics these are not.

    Edit: It appears I over estimated the Wii’s graphical capabilities.

    • Guest

      I over estimated the Wii’s graphical ability it seems…

      • The Wii was certainly no PS3 or Xbox 360, but it was capable of delivering some absolutely gorgeous games. See: Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Rayman Origins, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Red Steel 2.

        • I agree. It really only struggled when third parties tried to push its limits. Games with the right graphical and art styles were beautiful.

          In addition to the two you listed, I’d even add Mario Kart, and Okami.

          • Forgot all about Okami! Another gorgeous game for sure.

        • Dain Laguna

          red steel2’s graphical style frequently had my bros thinking i had bought a 360 (back when it first came out). impressive.

          • Red Steel 2 is one of the best video games of the Wii/PS3/360 generation, period. It was gorgeous, it had campy story and dialog bus that actually worked, it was fun to play, and the control scheme was absolutely flawless. It truly showed off that the Wii’s FPS controls were spot on when done correctly.

    • Exactly! lol Wii, baby! Console-quality!

  • Any word on MOGA enhancement?

  • first

    • Are we back to doing that again? lol

      • Dang right! Haha. After hiding under my bed all day finding out that I can be first to comment on a DL post makes everything super swelly belly ding dong once again!