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Samsung Sums Up Galaxy S4 Specs With Sweet Infographic

GALAXY S4 Product Image (4)

If you needed a freshening up on what specs the new Galaxy S4 is bringing to the table, this infographic should be just the thing. Samsung placed this beauty on the Samsung Tomorrow page, giving a clean and cute look at each of the S4’s specs including processors, exact dimensions, version of Android, and more. 

And for safe measure, they even gave us the colors. I am so all about that black mist.

Galaxy S4 infographic

Via: Samsung Tomorrow

  • Chris Hollenbeck


  • CapnShiner

    No amount of infographics can answer questions better than actually using the device. Everyone on the internet likes to be all opinionated and loud about everything but nobody has actually used a Galaxy S 4 yet. Nobody has received their review units. So until you’ve actually used one yourself, stop saying it’s better or worse than anything else. You have nothing to base it on but pictures and specs. When you’ve has some hands-on experience you can start forming opinions but until then just shut up.

  • Horribly ugly graphic. Looks like it’s for kids…

  • duke69111

    So are we assuming the US will get the quad core?

  • me

    Funny that the screen size is in inches, but the outside dimensions are in cm.

  • Its good for a company like samsung but there are sweeter info graphics.

  • frankandsimple

    Samsung.. every day proving how different it is from Apple.Never a billion years would Apple come up with a cheezy flyer like this. LOL

  • Tech Pro

    These are Antutu numbers from various sources on pre-release software. They are probably not going to change much unless there are major Android Upgrade.

    S4 with [email protected] ~26k
    HTC ONE with [email protected] ~24k
    S4 with [email protected] ~22k

    You can see QualComm S4-600 scale well with clock speed. S4 with ~10% clock gain ~10% benchmark.
    Exynos is less efficient in clock speed for some reason because ~5% slower clock lose ~10% in benchmark. But consider this is Samsung 1st A15 core, they are doing a pretty good job.

    Why Samsung does not increase Exynos clock to 1.8Ghz to beat HTC ONE. There are issues with manufacturing process or design problem that would have ramifications on heat and power consumption.

    Base on these numbers, here is the prediction. To beat HTC One in battery life, S4 screen brightness is only 90% or less in comparison. To beat HTC One in battery life comfortable, S4 screen brightness is only 80% or less in comparison. Of course this design choice will make S4 less useable in the outdoor.

    By battery life, I do not mean claims of feeling from 1st look or unbox reviewers. Those are stupid and unscientific. There are 3 typical battery benchmark 3G talk time, Continuous Browsing, and Continuous Video. We should be able to see real battery numbers from released software in 2 months.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Only two more phones that I really care about being released this year… The so-called “X Phone” and the next Nexus!

  • Bionic

    The x phone will be clocked higher. The battery will be 900mah bigger and will have legendary motorola radios. Nuff said.

    • Austin Warren

      Better have a 5in and 1080p or I’m out.

      • Bionic

        What happened to you calling it a myth phone? And yes its 1080p

        • Bionicman

          well we can guess specs till our brains explode, still doesn’t prove much. but its nice to dream!

      • Joe

        Hope not. I’m waiting for a non-phablet high-end. So far there is none.

        • Austin Warren

          Guess you have small hands. The S4 is nowhere near phablet and is high end.

    • JoshGroff

      Well I hope it has legendary Motorola radios.

  • Marty Zaluski

    Battery iconographic HIGHLY misleading… Picture suggests a battery capacity increase of 67%, when the actual battery capacity is increased by a mere 24%…. Shame, boo hiss.

  • What ever happened to the Galaxy Nexus 2?

    • Bionic

      Google will never let Samsung do another nexus. Mark my words.

      • BrosesMalone

        They just did the Nexus 10, BRO

        • Bionic

          Im talking about a phone, bro

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Still waiting to see what Motorola/Google is going to roll out.

  • I have been telling myself that I’ll only buy a Nexus device from here on out … the hardware in this phone has me second guessing, though. Wow, this thing delivers everywhere.

  • grumpypants

    The battery graphic drives me crazy – they are not using a standard unit of measurement for the comparison.

    The S4 has 5 units of battery which = 2600 mAh (520 mAh per unit)
    The S3 has 3 units of battery which = 2100 mAh (700 mAh per unit)

    • Derp

      To the top! That’s interesting info. What does it mean?

    • MentatYP

      Definitely some fuzzy math on their part. 5 units vs. 4 units would be much more accurate than 5 vs. 3.

    • richard melcher

      maybe there factoring in the battery savings thieve made elsewhere in the phones hardware and software.

      • milliamp

        The difference in screen resolution isn’t that pronounced either so marketing spin wouldn’t surprise me.

  • jeesung

    dat RAM got no horns

  • Is anybody else happy that Samsung made this? Sometimes when I’m trying to see what a phone is all about, I have to do a lot of digging just to find out some specs.

  • Dain Laguna

    interesting how the fact its running android is probably the smallest section on the whole infographic

    • Joe

      Here we go again with the Samsung vs. Google conspiracy theorists. Everyone knows the Galaxy line of phones is running Android. People are more excited about the hardware anyways.

  • dannyWHITE

    Not interested in Touchwiz

    • Dorian Brooks

      NOVA Launcher

      • jzwerlz43

        exactly what i have on my galaxy s3 works perfectly. love nova launcher

  • Diablo81588

    Didn’t know phones had replaceable RAM modules 😉

  • AnyName

    i dont know what you guys are saying but to me it looks to be a great phone good specs good camera and the software updates are great if they work properly of course

  • Jonathan Berry

    So 2600 is now 66% larger than 2100? That’s some interesting math… Try 24%. I’d even be okay with rounding to 25% (four bars on 2100, five on 2600).

    • Jose Calderon

      19.2 % to be exact.

      • Jonathan Berry

        You’re dividing by the wrong one. Z is X% larger than Y if Z = Y + Y*X/100. So X = 100*(Z-Y)/Y. In this case 23.8%.

        • We should really get more wrapped up in this topic. Maybe start a meetup or something…

      • Michael

        Actually he is right. 23.8% to be exact. But its just a graphic. Not accurate at all. Look at the RAM modules. Not accurate either. 🙂

  • Bmandrews7

    Give me a release date infographic

  • CoCoCalypso

    Black Mist sounds like a Mortal Kombat character

    • Bennie R

      Finish Him!

  • Jesus. This makes TouchWiz look pretty. Embarassing. Since the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung and its products have been a big turn off. (2GB of sheep!)

  • looks more like a Radio Shack Black Friday newspaper ad

    • Larizard


    • debbygoel81no

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  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    All those fonts, colors, and pictures makes this about as easy to understand what the specs are as last night’s presentation. In other words, there’s a little bit too much going on. And this is coming from someone who actually likes the Galaxy S4.

  • moelsen8

    what’s up with the sheep by the ram?

    • Nick S

      We thought ewe would know.

      • Tirionfive

        Very punny.

    • EC8CH

      sheep… ram…. get it?

      • moelsen8

        haha i missed that. nice.

    • flosserelli

      I think that’s the point, but they forgot to draw the horns on the ram/sheep/whatever.

    • blackbetty

      I think they confused Ram and Lamb

    • Diablo81588

      Its a Korean thing.

    • Because it’s a ram lol

  • JoshGroff

    Sees black mist, thinks red mist. I think I’ve watched Kick Ass too many times. (twice)

  • second


  • first


    • WAldenIV


      • Tirionfive

        Chuck Testa.

  • chris125

    Why can’t they make an actual black? Hope they don’t do what they did with the s3 and release other colors later on

    • Tirionfive

      Looks pretty damn black to me.

      • chris125

        In the hands on it looks blue. Go check out the videos.

        • Tirionfive

          Could have been the room. I watched the videos. Everything had a blue-ish tint.

  • Josh C

    This is one ugly infographic. 10 different fonts and sizes, not to mention colors.

    • I’m with you, I just can’t deal with anything other than software buttons.

      • Josh C

        I don’t mind the capacitive buttons so much as the physical home button and the back button on the right.

        • Tirionfive

          Wrong Article?

        • moelsen8

          hardware/software buttons aside, back button on the right makes absolutely no sense. so counterintuitive.

          • flosserelli

            Having the back button on the right makes the most sense for right-handers.

          • Josh C

            how so? i cant get my thumb that far back and down when im holding it with my right hand.

          • flosserelli

            I do it all the time. *shrugs*

          • moelsen8

            i always envision back being on the left-hand side, i just can’t make sense of it on the right. forward goes on the right. maybe i’ve been using web browsers for far too long.

          • S2556

            when you go on DL main page and go to the bottom do you like the previous page on the left and forward pages on the right? I would always get mixed up because this is backwards from most things I’ve used. I like back on the right. I could really care less either way though. If it was on screen nav keys you could switch it which would solve all the problems

          • moelsen8

            also, i’m a right-hander and i disagree.

          • I’m a right hander, and I prefer it on the left. We read left to right.

          • I’m a left hander, but use my phone with my right hand. I don’t mind the back button on the right.

          • PhillipCun

            what? how? its on the bottom right, right next to your palm when you’re holding it… unless you have girl hands? i have large hands and that’s the worse place to the button.

        • JMonkeYJ

          to me the lack of a dedicated task switching button is really dragging the samsung phones down. i might actually use that button more than home/back!

    • flosserelli

      What does X phone have to do with this article? Absolutely nothing, so GTFO

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      I have a feeling someone edited their post.

      • Tirionfive

        Twice, so far. First time it said “x phone” then he added the infographic part, and took out the “x phone” then he put it back.

    • David Suarez

      I agree, I really want the X phone rumors to come true. That is the phone I want this summer.

      • Josh C

        I have a feeling that leak might turn out to be x phone, or at least close to that.

        • David Suarez

          I think about how the Chromebook Pixel rumors where shut down completely, and then looked what happened. Google better make a great phone to guard against Samsung soon.

        • Bionic


      • the_real_patrick_bateman

        Is the X-Phone a project that is part of Google’s X-Lab, like their self-driving cars? If that’s the case, the X-Phone project could be just as ambitious, and unlikely to be released for quite some time.

    • Luis

      I think the S4 is an ugly, gaudy looking phone but the microSD and hopefully an extended battery option makes it better than the HTC One by default for me.

      Now, if Motorola makes a currently speced phone with microSD and an extended battery (at least a Maxx version) then I’ll go with Motorola instead.

      • john fragoulias

        Motorola will NOT make a phone with micro SD card expansion or removable battery, they are a Google company now, when was the last time you saw a Google device with removable battery and expandable storage, it will not happen, Google is in the business of making money, and their cloud service is a big part of their marketing strategy.

        • Futbolrunner

          My goodness, that’s a long sentence.

        • booked

          Long live the OG droid. still rockin the removable battery and removable sd.

    • Bewara2009

      What the hell is a x phone? It doesn’t even exist buddy I don’t understand how people are waiting for something by rumors..

      • Don’t worry. It exists. All I heard about it is screen is slightly bigger than the HD.

      • NorCalGuy

        You realise the GS4 was only rumor until yesterday…

        • Bewara2009

          The only rumors were the specs that’s it the phone existed before yesterday.. It existed after the S3 came out. And there will be a S5 next year this time! Once again the rumors will be around the specs.. The phone will be 100 percent real..

          • NorCalGuy

            That’s my point the xphone is just as real it will come out… And so will that other one xt912a or what ever surfaced earlier this week

          • Google said they have quite a lots of Moto products to clear the pipe first, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. If the X phone is of the “old” Moto origin then …well …there’s a reason they got sold off.

        • Elliot Kotis

          Nah it wasn’t. Samsung released ads and stuff basically saying S4 or “the next big thing” etc.

          • NorCalGuy

            What two weeks previous to realese maybe three. What you failing to see is that it was only rumor at that point no one knew if it was going to be the s4 or the s3s it was all rumor. Just like the xphone just because it hasn’t been announced doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

          • john fragoulias

            The definition of RUMOR= a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts, gossip, hearsay.
            Now the S4 was never a RUMOR neither was the S3, RUMOR in regards to specs, yes, but not in regards to an actual device, you see the X phone is nothing but a RUMOR at this point, since Motorola mobility no longer is Motorola “in name only”, but is now Google “and Motorola in name only”, so the X Phone could be anything, we know it will be a phone but what it will look like or what type of hardware it will sport is only a RUMOR “ghost if you ask me”.

        • john fragoulias

          The GS4 was never a RUMOR, it was the follow up to the GS3 “a real phone”, and the S3 was the follow up to the S2 “another real phone”. Now this X phone is nothing but a ghost, since Motorola now is owned by Google and has not brought anything to market under Google’s ownership, so to the point, yes the X Phone is nothing but speculation and a rumor.

    • Austin Warren

      I hope it’s ugly just to piss you off.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Oh brother with this Xphone garbage. Anything Motorola is just as useless as some kind of silly Nexus line device. The Galaxy S4 has industry leading software development and implementation of features which offers great user experience on a daily basis. Plain and simple the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 is the GOLD STANDARD OF DEVICES. Now you can add the Galaxy S4 to that GOLD STANDARD and before the Galaxy Note 3 arrives add that to the list too. Nothing on the market today compares to the Galaxy Note 2 it’s the device every manufacturer is trying to top and copy also. Plain and simple if you’re not rolling with Samsung then you’re not in the tech game period

      • the_real_patrick_bateman

        Industry leading software development? Are you kidding me? It’s a bunch of gimmicky features that make for good ads and impressive sounding bullet points. Most of the features are useless.

        It doesn’t help that Touchwiz is, in my opinion, the ugliest of all of the manufacturer skins.

        I’ve got a Galaxy Note 2, and like it a lot, but I thank sbrissen for bringing us Cyanogenmod. To hell with the cheeseball features.

      • dirty_vato

        Pull that Samsung out of your mouth, you might choke.

      • Leon Roberts

        I applaud this man’s words of wisdom. This type of thinking will lead us into the future and beyond.

  • Stop It

    In latest news, on Samsung-Life…

    • JetBlue

      Stop complaining the S4 was just announced yesterday of course they’re going to talk about it.

      • Warwick

        That’s what I like about DL they really get into the new devices. Moto HTC LG Sammy even Huawei!

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      You should read your name to yourself sometimes.

    • Joe

      Yeah, it’s only the biggest Android phone ever. I guess we shouldn’t be talking about it.

  • Tirionfive

    Now this is actually pretty cool.

    EDIT: Damn, how many fonts are they gonna use?!?!

    • Ran out of Roboto…