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Google TV Platform to Receive More Attention at This Year’s Google I/O


One of the categories that was not discussed at length at last year’s Google I/O event was Google TV. Some took the lack of talks surrounding the platform as a sign that Google TV could be nearing its end, but according to the Google TV Developer G+ page, some news regarding the platform will most certainly be in attendance. 


What Google has panned for Google TV, no one knows right off, but could we expect big news? New boxes? Some crazy Nexus TV? Who knows.

Do we have any die hard Google TV fans here? After my experiences with the Revue from Logitech and Honeycomb, I was pretty turned off by it.

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  • Brandy Camacho

    Lets not forget that Google is pioneering technology to deliever feature rich products to consumers. Most often data centric and rightfully so. However, Google TV was ignored last year due to the introduction of NexusQ and Google+. A poor choice consedering the NexusQ was far from a consumer completed product. In addition, it was sad to see the absents of GoogleTV. My option, upon the installation of NexusQ left me wondering “Why in the world is GoogleTV not a part of this package”. The NexusQ was beautiful engineering in a hardware sence yet, software was lacking. This year at Google I/O I am willing to bet that we will see a new generation of GoogleTV that will take into account for the poor launching of NexusQ. Furthermore, GoogleTV will include all the latest in interent TV such as integration with Google+,Hulu, Amazon Prime, and of course Google Play. What will be more impressive is how Google is making progress in third world countires where GoogleTV will take over the televission market. In the past Google has done an excilent job reaching out to third work countries and providing technology that has change the way they see life. Think about it, in Africa Google delievers Android to rural areas where Internet can now be browsed and translated allowing a new level of education. I look forwards to the new delivery of GoogleTV and truly believe that Google should not give up in this vertical. It will not be long before internet TV dominants the broadcast markets.

  • jj

    all you have to do is download the “tv portal app and you wil have the best/most content of any settop box out there. between this and netflix that all i need. If you are familiar with “1 channel” add on from XBMC, its pretty much the same thing. Also waiting for google to releasse NDK so i can put XBMC revue. I might just buy an android stick or pi etc. I dont have tv so I dont use any of those funcitions so all it is for me is an android box.

  • Robert Dale Smith

    I love Google TV and really excited to see what is to come. Right after last year’s IO, I launched Chromemote, a Google Chrome extension to turn Chrome into a Google TV remote. Google TV owners check it out at chromemote.com

  • Jason Mavandi

    I have a Sony NSX-40GT1, the 40″ TV. I actually really like it. Netflix and Youtube are nice to just have. Using CEC to control my blu-ray player is great. I have even controlled a Raspberry Pi running XMBC using my TV remote through the HDMI, it is amazing. It is sad that there is little to no support, but every time they upgrade I have a little smile. My only problem is when Netflix sometimes restarts my TV, it is weird, but not that common. I also like that push the internet from the WiFi on my TV onto any device plugged into the LAN network.

    Pretty much the Sony NSX-40GT1 is the best device to have with a Raspberry Pi, because you control (a lot) without an extra remote, and plug both the network and the HDMI into the TV.

  • Harley

    Android NDK (Native Development Kit) support by Google TV to enable C/C++ based applications like XBMC and games like Doom III instead of only Java based apps via Android SDK is highly anticipated.

  • Ralph Basile

    I have the Costar, but I gotta say compared to the Roku, I way prefer the simplicity and speed of the Roku interface. Add the fact that way more material is readily available on the Roku and it is easy to explain which device I use more. I am hoping that Google adds more channels, and simplifies the interface for the television experience.

  • JasonS

    I have the Logitech Revue and like it. The wireless keyboard works great! It works well for what I use it for: Netflix, Amazon Prime, watching videos from a flash drive, Slacker Radio, Youtube (Leanback is great!) and occasional web browsing. The only issues I have with it: the web browser crashes sometimes and about every few months it kills the video connection from my satellite box to my TV (it sits between the two) until I reboot it. It does reboot very quickly, so I do not find it too much of an inconvenience. This is the cost of having a computer connected to your TV; similar to having a DVR and having to reboot it occasionally. I do wish that Google would put more of their time into improving it.

  • sonicemerald

    gOUYAgle TV.

  • MikeSaver

    I have the Vizio Co-Star it has some frustrating parts but there are some cool advantages to having Google TV, like the youtube sync and a semi-capable browser on the big screen

  • lrohenaz

    I’m a fan of what Google TV is about to be, but sadly isn’t yet. I have a nexus q rooted with a logitech k400 for the remote (and a ps3 controller). If they get faster boxes with at least ics and a really good remote it will be a remarkable product.

  • Debacle

    Wanted to love Gtv. Really did. Just couldnt do it with my Revue. Lack of support. Constantly bugging out. Sold it on eBay, then went with a Raspberry Pi and XBMC.

  • Let me guess, and then be abandoned next year to focus on Google+, like certain other services?

    No, I am not still pissed off, why do you ask?

  • vonbane

    My Logitech Revue was a laggy, buggy mess. Trying to stream music through Google Music and watching videos through the YouTube app were very slow, and often locked up. I disconnected it and hope they release a more complete product/ecosystem in the future.

    • Doug Wing

      My Revue was also a mess. I am quite happy with my Co-Star though. GTV3 is a nice upgrade which finally has the proper Amazon Instant Video app.

  • BrettR

    I’ve been really wanting to get into it, but I’m waiting for a device with some proper backing/development. I’m really hoping to hear more about Sony’s Blu-ray GTV integration into one box, doubtful that I will, but hoping.

  • I love my Google TV. We even switch over to Dish so that we could get full DVR integration. There are a couple of things i wish that Google TV had that are talked about here – http://bit.ly/VPYvWb Maybe they will get addressed at Google I/O

  • T_Dizzle

    I only use my Revue to stream Netflix at this point.

  • Ravi Shanghavi

    I have a Sony google tv, if it wasn’t for the remote I’d have tossed it in the garbage. Useless. But remote is a great bluetooth remote… hardware is good. OS is garbage, and that it can’t run normal apps is further stupid. For once.. fragmentation really is frustrating.

    • Jeramy Ware

      I’m in the same boat. Useless piece of junk. It doesn’t DO anything that I can’t do better with any other device in my house. It doesn’t even support Netflix anymore, which basically leaves it as a $400 bluray/youtube player.

  • Jason Bittner

    I have the Revue and the co-star, Revue was a horrible experience, and the Co-Star just dont have the hardware to support it, it is extremly laggy and generally just not worth the hassle to actually use

  • Pedro

    I still have my Revue inline, and only think of it when it locks up and kills video output.
    Of course, I only remember it’s there after I’ve spent 4 hours trying to find out where the signal is dying.

    A few months ago when this happened, I printed a label to put on the back of my armor with all the stuff.

    Kinda sad.
    It did save me some time late last month.

  • Charles Sinicki

    Have the SONY BluRay Google TV box, and like it a lot, but wish there was more app development for it.

    Many apps are available on XBOX 360, Playstation, Roku, but not Google TV (even when using the browser)

  • blix247

    Apparently native Amazon Instant Video is on the way for most set top boxes. Just need Hulu Plus and its by far better than my Roku at that point.

    • Austin Warren

      I have to admit, the Roku 3 is nice.

  • I love my Logitech Revue but it is kinda slow and outdated. I’d be all for a Nexus Q style device with Google TV!

  • benjewman

    maybe they made the nexus q into a google tv box/ media streaming orb of awesomeness.

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Not a great experience with the Logitech GTV but hoping for a Nexus GTV.

    • Kane Stapler

      I love my Sony Google TV. Netflix, Plex, and google new app that replaces the “Guide” all work really well. It does have random glitches though

  • Mack

    I have never owned a GoogleTV device but this news is exciting. I have been wanting Google to but some serious development effort behind this concept. I would love to see a reworked Nexus Q that can also let me browse the web, run apps and access all of my Google Play media content. Namely movies and music.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Purchasing a Logitech Revue was to make my TV Google was a horrible idea. Its slower than slow and locks up often…

  • Austin Warren

    Looks like it’s the same as a Smart TV