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Samsung to Launch Revamped Galaxy S3 With 2,400mAh Battery, HD Display, and Wireless Charging?

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Even though the wait for the the Galaxy S4 is finally coming to an end on Thursday, it looks like Samsung is working on a refresh for the Galaxy S3. According to industry inside Eldar Murtazin, Samsung is looking to push out a beefed up Galaxy S3 to certain markets, complete with a better display, wireless charging, and a 2,400mAh battery.

As to when and where we can expect this new Galaxy S3 to launch, little is known. It isn’t the worst idea we have ever heard, as long as Samsung doesn’t intend to spend any money on marketing this thing, especially since a brand new flagship is ready to roll out. They also better slash the price on this thing, as we typically see older models of phones drop when their successor hits the market. Take the iPhone for example.

Then again, why do we need a beefed up Galaxy S3 at all? Just discount the current version and give us the new beauty.

Via: @EldarMurtazin

  • cody bratcher

    Why are Current S3 Owners not seeing what Samsung is doing. They are promising, once again of Wireless Charging on S4 and now a Refreshed S3??? When the current S3 has it, just STILL waiting. The New phones will be exact form of Hardware in all terms of Wireless Charging. I can’t understand why it isn’t brought up, and just letting it be ok to be Lied to and cheated of Money.

    Wireless Charging will be in the New S3???? What???/ The old S3 has the
    Wireless Charging Hardware Built in it right Now…Either this story is
    wrong and writer is unaware of what Induction Charging is,
    there is no way possible for the Refreshed S3 to have the ability to
    wireless charge without the receiver coil being in the Back Cover, which
    is what the S3 Owners are still waiting on from Samsung.
    kit anymore??? The Kit (which is the back cover with receiver coil
    built into it) is just a Replacement back cover to receive charge from
    the charger pad. Cover similar to the Limited number that Verzion stores
    had a S3 release(Qi standard which Verzion demanded Samsung to Build
    theirs Different then all other Carriers to make profits from their
    current wireless charging hardware.
    Now if the story meant to say the
    Cover would be Included this time around, Then that is just down right
    wrong, evil, and current S3 owners of the World need to make sure this
    is not the way a Huge company should do to their customers, because S3
    was promised the back cover 2 months after release then postponed again

  • RoadsterHD1

    This is a Motorola copy of the MAXX. Razor was released then the Razor MAXX and NOW the S3 and then the S3 MAXX? REALLY…..???? Let’s make fun of that!!!!

  • regkilla

    the Samsung Galaxy S3 HD

  • sheirs69

    2400mAh is still too small.

  • Tom Martin

    The new S3 gives the option of a smaller screen than the S4 and a lower price. Not everyone is willing to pay around $300 for the latest greatest. At half the price for an S4 it should sell well with minimal development or marketing costs.

  • I think the key part of this news is “certain markets.” My guess is this phone will land in lower end unsubsidized markets.

  • haroldhendu

    an S3 with a bigger battery, a better screen, *and* at a lower price point would be a very solid phone. that would further raise the bar of what the S4 will have to offer to justify the higher price tag. it may continue to get harder for OEMs to charge high prices for their newest phones when last year’s model is pretty darn good.

  • Tim242

    Why post an article title as a long question that we obviously don’t know the answer to?

  • Galaxy S III HD MAXX

  • damon

    I meant GS3S or GS3+ sorry lol keep thinking gs4 can’t wait

  • damon

    GS4S or GS4+

  • Bionic

    Battery fail. Minimum 3000mah or GTFO

    • Joe

      Geez, it’s going to be fun watching you backpedal and apologize for Moto when their battery is smaller than 3000 mah

      • Bionic


        Are you an idiot? You think a motorola flagship phone is gonna go back in time to the days of small batteries?

        I happen to know, per sarge, that the battery is 3500mah.

        So go bloww yourself.

        • Tim242

          I wish you and “sarge” would just shut up. Stop spewing moto bs in every article.

          • TylerChappell

            Lol, his life revolves around moto, it’s almost cute how much enthusiasm he has, but he doesn’t quite know how to take rumors with a grain of salt.

  • Well Samsung has a history of releasing a + device, but not as a flagship so its reasonable. i.e. Galaxy S+, Galaxy SII+

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    • else

  • i wanna know if we can get that higher capacity battery to fit the current S3, that would be worth looking into 🙂

  • angermeans

    That could very well be the phone we keep being leaked all around as of late. It would be a good way to throw off the scent of the S4 wouldnt it

  • angermeans

    Let me guess and they plan to sell it at the 8 or 16gb only variant and at $99 just like another company we know.

  • I just like that they are having an event on Pi day

    • jsf6262

      You mean tau/2 day.

  • Tyler

    I hope this has some impressive new hardware features like the HTC One does. Not just a bump in specs such as camera, processor, and etc.

    • Austin Warren

      HTC had no new hardware except front speakers. The camera is a joke

  • dannyWHITE

    The Samsung Galaxy S3s?

  • nightscout13

    The same wireless charging that was promised on the GS3? Oh ok

  • Sounds a lot like Apple in here boys…

  • user311

    Man if Samsung doesn’t release a GS4 and only releases a S3s we’ll never hear the end of it from Apple Fan Boys about Sammy yet again copying Apple…..


    • Michael Hunt


  • wtf……………..WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    • No more about the X phone please, until we get some kind of information about it even being real

      • nexusplay

        Oh it’s real, you better believe it’s real. You better feel its reality. I can feel it, can you feel it?

      • Bionic

        It’s real

    • Austin Warren

      Stop talking about sh*t that ain’t real.

      • Bionic

        Stop being an idiot thinking a google owned motorola ISNT DOING SOMETHING

        • Austin Warren

          They sure haven’t done much of anything productive.

          • Diablo81588

            Like every promised update has been on time? That wasn’t productive?

          • Austin Warren

            Were talking about devices.

          • Bionic

            They had to get through the old pipeline first. And then take the time to develope the x phone.

          • Austin Warren

            Come back and let me know what it’s like in 2015

          • Bionic

            How about this. We see if you have the balls to admit you were wrong when it’s unveiled at Google i/o

          • Austin Warren

            It won’t.

          • Bionic

            LOL. Ok champ.

          • Mike Reid

            That’s their excuse, LOL. Pipeline, sheesh ! Whatever happened to Internet time ?

      • r0lct
        • Austin Warren

          That looks Terrible. Yeah enjoy that 720p in 2013

          • r0lct

            I do now on my Note 2 and love it. If this phone is released this year (and the rest of the specs are good) and has significantly better battery life than the S4 (like 2+ days versus <=1 day) then I'll be happy with 720p for another year.

  • What a load of crap. Wasn’t this Eldar guy proven to be more wrong than right on several occasions? You say “industry insider”, I say “troll”.

  • TheCheapGamer

    Does anyone remember the iPhone 4S release?
    Everyone thought the 4 would get a bump and then a brand new phone, it didn’t happen.

    While I hope that isn’t the case here, it might be the reverse.
    Brand new phone, no bump in current gen.

  • With S4 release in two days, It doesn’t make any sense….0.o

  • Maybe this is what we saw in the Chinese leak

  • Rich Koos

    This makes sense for samsung to do because they are still doing it with the GS2, just rebranding and slightly upgrading. They’re gonna sell it as kind of a mid ranged phone. BUT THAT MEANS WE MIGHT GET A TOTALLY DIFFERENT LOOKING GS4 which would be awesome! We can’t have the same design again

    • hkklife

      The Galaxy S2 Plus or whatever they are calling the refresh, isn’t a total upgrade across the board. They halved the onboard storage from 16Gb to 8Gb, for example.

      Generally when companies do this sort of thing, it’s to extend a model’s production run and/or because component shortages have made it more costly to source an older processor or whatever. I actually find this to be a pretty plausible rumor for say, certain EAME markets .
      Now, will that higher-capacity battery fit our old GS3’s? That’d definitely be something worth looking into, especially if it’s the same physical size of the old battery!

  • Sheldoneous

    RAZR and razrmaxx anyone?

    • Austin Warren

      And Razr maxx HD

  • Jibin

    According to those specs, the battery is disappointing :/

  • Austin Ferguson

    Does make me actually wonder if these supposed leaks are just a refresh gs3 or not… would be a good cover up on there part lol.

    • possomcrast

      I thought about that when I saw the video and it didn’t look nearly different enough to be a new phone.

    • That would be great! So far I am not excited at the notion of a phone with the same design with mostly faster innards to differentiate it from the previous model. That would be too iphoneish.

    • flosserelli

      And the leaked photo looks very similar to a S3 (the front does…the back, not so much)

  • Austin00

    What if thats what this press conference is about, not the S4 but just a revamped S3.

    • nightscout13

      Then Samsung will officially be copying Apple. Apple did the same with the 5S

      • C-Law

        5s hasn’t even been announced yet

        • nightscout13

          LOL i meant 4S. People expected a 5, but the 4S was announced.

      • michael arazan

        I want Samsung to copy Google and lower the price of the phone to around $450 and cut out the middle man (carriers) and just sell them through samsung’s site.

        • Schiller

          SAMSUNG has the largest R&D among all tech companies and constantly invests BILLION$ into MANUFACTURING, why does tech giant SAMSUNG may want to undercut its own mega-plans based on its very high profitability.

          Q4 2012:
          SAMSUNG Electronics- $54 Billion revenues, $8.1 Billion profits
          2012 R&D= $10B+
          2012: 5,000+ tech patents
          90,000+ tech patents portfolio
          SAMSUNG Elec.: 190Billion tech giant that manufactures EVERYTHING.

          Q4 2012:
          Apple: $54 Billion revenues, $11 Billion profits
          2012 R&D=$1B(!)
          2012: 500+ patents
          7,500+ patents portfolio
          Apple: 155Billion marketing giant that buys everything.

          Google iS NOT going to become a $199 manufacturer, BTW.
          Google = hi-end made in USA WOW.

          • michael arazan

            But they have Motorola to sell high end now, and Google is selling $450 phones in the play store

    • That doesn’t explain the constant reference to the number 4.

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      With the 4 being prominent in nearly all of their marketing for this event, I think it’s safe to assume it’ll be about the Galaxy S4. :p

    • There is no spoon?

    • Buckoman

      Then I would die, Kellen would go to counseling, and Tim would be wandering the wilderness, questioning the meaning of life.

      So let’s hope it’s not just a refresh.

    • Richard Yarrell

      People still will be very interested in a revamped Galaxy S3. Tmobile got the revamped Galaxy S3 with LTE and larger battery and Hd screen. The Galaxy S4 shown on Thursday will have the 2600mAh battery full 1080p screen Exynos 5 Octa with the PowerVr SGX 544Mp3 Gpu a total BEST. Good old tmobile will be the very first carrier to have the Galaxy S4 mark that down boys. Unpacked event here i come.

      • squiddy20

        “People still will be very interested in a revamped Galaxy S3” People who own the S3 already certainly won’t. They’d have to pay an ETF and the price of a new phone (even if subsidized) for only *slightly* better specs in a *few* regards. Want a bigger battery? That can be had for < $50. Want wireless charging and don't mind physical mods? There's tons of DIY websites showing you how to do so. And anyone who cares about specs will more than likely go for the S4 than a stupid "revamped" S3.

        "Tmobile got the revamped Galaxy S3 with LTE and larger battery and Hd screen." No it didn't. Sure a T-Mobile LTE capable version of the S3 passed through the FCC a few days ago, but there is no word on the actual specs of the device. Who cares anyway? LTE for T-Mobile is currently only available in… Las Vegas.


      wow ur dumb

  • JetBlue

    So the S4?

    • Trevor

      Exactly what I was thinking.