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Random Fake Motorola X Phone Rumor Makes Internet Rounds, Doesn’t Make Much Sense Either

motorola nxt

Outside of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, I’d say it’s safe to say that most of the geeks around these parts care only about one other device – that’s the Motorola X Phone. Though Google’s CEO isn’t expecting any of Moto’s products to “wow” us over the next few months, the X Phone will continue to be on our radar, as all of Motorola’s have been in the past. There is a chance that it ends up wow-ing us, especially if Google shows that they have had any influence  on its design, build materials, and software tweaks. With that said, there has been little tangible evidence to this point, so when we see purported leaks surface, we can’t help but be extremely skeptical. Take today’s for example. 

According to AndroidWorld, in a rumor that is making all sorts of rounds today, a tipster submitted both the photo above and a list of what they believe to be the specs of the upcoming X phone. What you’ll notice immediately is a name change to “NXT”? That’s a first, and something none of our sources have ever mentioned as being the codename or official name of Motorola’s top secret project. Oh, we should also point out that there is a remark in the post itself by AndroidWorld which clearly suggests that this was a user created render and should not be taken seriously whatsoever. And that mention was made after the fact, since one of the commenters of the site posted up the render that the tipster took the creepshot of, since well, he created it and all. Moving on…

Here is the original:

motorola nxt fake

Second, the specs do not make sense. According to this source, we’re looking at a device with a 4.7″ FHD display, 16MP camera, NVIDIA Tegra 4i chipset, 5MP front camera (with fancy eye scrolling tech), and a 7.9mm thick frame. While I would be OK with Motorola choosing the Tegra 4i for the X Phone, they would be eliminating Verizon and Sprint should they do so. The 4i doesn’t support CDMA, so unless this phone will be one of the first LTE-only phones, don’t put your money on it having an NVIDIA chip. And since Verizon is essentially Motorola’s biggest partner, they sure as hell aren’t going to eliminate them from their next big phone.

The 5MP front camera also seems like complete overkill. I get that the world is now filled with embarrassing VGA and 2MP selfies, but do we really need a 5MP shooter up top? This rumor mentions that the camera will be used for eye tracking, to scroll through documents, emails, and web pages automatically. Oh, that’s original…or maybe not.

Hate to say it, as I would love to finally see some concrete evidence of the X Phone, but today’s rumor is not that.

Via:  AndroidWorld

  • TheRealSarge

    Bionic knows nothing! I’ve told him exactly what I wanted to tell him because I know he is a loud mouth and will say lies on this site and many others like it. – The Real Sarge

  • BangTheRocksTogether

    I believe it was Google’s CFO, not CEO who said the products won’t “wow” us. Personally I will be wow’ed if Google doesn’t influence the rumored x phone much. The nexus 4 is a swell toy but 16G’s is weak. Google’s stance on sd cards is insulting. There’s a reason Samsung sells so well and it’s not by distancing users. Moto can build solid stuff for the real world, and I hope they do so again.

  • orange

    I want it to have a 5 inch screen, qualcomm snapdragon 800, 440 ppi, gorilla glass 3, kevlar, and 12 and 2 megapixel cameras. It should also have nfc, wireless charging, 2 gigs of ram, expandable storage, and at least 64 gigabytes

  • Tyler

    I would like to know more about Googles next nexus phone as well. Although I am very curious about the S4 and One and X Phone. Can’t wait to get a new phone at the end of the year.

  • It would be cool to see T4i, there’s a sample handset that could make production cheap, the newer chip architecture would be great and the chimera technology would “WOW” me for a good year or two. I know, however, that these rumors conflict with the earlier rumors from Qualcomm, who are a more legit source than from wherever this came from. In other words, this is likely fake.

  • There’s no way this phone is ever called “NXT”, as that’s a registered trademark of the WWE.

  • KingInTheNorth

    Bionic just copies text from SamuriHL on android central forums. This is like the second or third time in a row that he blatantly plagurized his information. I followed him alot with the Bionic ICS rumors. He doesn’t know anybody with knowledge, he just steals other peoples information.

    • He has gone on record several times as stating that he is re-posting information from other forums, though specifically one individual, who presumably is also parroted by other people on other blogs, presumably in order to keep the information from the myriad of forums in-sync with the enthusiast blogs.

      That said, I though we were all here to bash a terrible attempt at faking a leaked render, weren’t we?

      • Bionicman

        i heard it from a friend, who heard it from some guy, who heard it from his cousin, who has a brother who works for Motorola. 😉

  • Diablo81588

    I’m pretty sure I could draw that in MS Paint. Worst render I’ve ever seen..

  • RoadsterHD1

    I think and hope this is fake. The phone pictured is too wide and too square.

  • Cmon people, you need to at least try. Just because Motorola is pretty much “just another” Android OEM at this point sales-wise, respect their legacy in the mobile industry and at least make a reasonable attempt at faking something. The HTC One had better fake leaks than this mess.

  • >> I get that the world is now filled with embarrassing VGA and 2MP selfies, but do we really need a 5MP shooter up top?

    I disagree — I would bet that 90%+ of today’s self portraits are done using smartphones. If one thing would make a large portion of these pictures better, it’s higher resolution front camera. Yes, it won’t make them more aesthetically beautiful, but at least they don’t have to be so soft looking due to low resolution.

    • Bionic

      No no no. the main reason for this is to make it easier for hot girls to do selfshots. That way their hot pictures can make it to the internet with better clarity.

  • Dave Mordarski

    I like my Nexus 4, but… I miss the cellular radio of my Razr Maxx, that thing could get service everywhere. Hopefully the next nexus will be a Moto or blow the doors off android and be a Nokia

  • dl or die

    Now Mobile Bloom will start doing stories on this clear in to next year with these specs. Of course they’ll use pics of the X2.

  • Aaron

    Didn’t Verizon say they will start rolling out VoLTE by the end of the year? Tegra 4i might not be impossible.

  • Bionicman

    I’m calling it now. The phone is going to be called Motorola Droid Razr X. It’ll have mid-late 2012 specs and basically will just be a souped up Raxr HD Maxx.

    • Bionic


    • I would doubt it since they already did a DROID X and X2. It could very well be RAZR with something attached, though.

      • Bionicman

        DROID X but not DROID RAZR X. Making cellphone names similar to their older counterparts are all the rage these days (see HTC One X/HTC One)

  • Fake. ‘NXT’ is already a copyrighted thing, used by the WWE. Moto/Google wouldn’t risk using it.

    • Bionic

      LOL i thought the same thing

      • As fake as pro wrestling?

        • Bionic

          fake boobs are fake, but still fun

          • RoadsterHD1

            HERE HERE. I totally agree…..

        • pro wrestling isn’t fake. It’s scripted. Huge difference.

          Also, every movie, television show, and video game you ever spend time on is also scripted. You’re welcome.

    • Henry Babcock

      No way, it is the long awaited fusion of Windows NT and OS X.

      Or just an obvious play on the word Next, with the “n” from Nexus and X from X Phone to rile people up.

    • Frank

      Droid is a registered trademark of Lucas films. all you need to do is ask for permission..

  • When I saw their recent update, I looked at my Galaxy Nexus and suddenly wished it was a MAXX. Comeon Moto; you’ve got no where to go but up.

  • EvanTheGamer

    LIKE I’ve been saying all along..the blasted X-Phone is a MYTH! It’s as real as the boogeyman living under your bed or a monster living in your closet!

    • Bionic

      the phone is real, but not with these specs

      • Liderc

        Sorry, with that name I just can’t take you seriously.

        • Bionic

          to each their own

          • RoadsterHD1

            Cool name Great phone. Bionic Rules ALL…..

  • “Oh, that’s original…or maybe not.”

    So let’s assume this isn’t fake. You think that because it was leaked only a week ago that Samsung’s S4 is going to have the eye scrolling feature that Google scrambled to put in a 5MP camera and code the eye scrolling feature within a week?

  • Stewie

    “I’d say it’s safe to say that most of the geeks around these parts care only about one other device – that’s the Motorola X Phone.” False – those of us who left moto couldn’t care less, we are looking towards the next nexus phone. Even if owned by google now, moto promises have this track record of falling flat. Bionic anyone? Razr – nothing but a try to bring back a name, and they slapped a big battery on it, nothing more. Nothing truly original and/or provacative has come forth, and you are already hearing excuses from the new company about how they had to go through previous stuff ….

    • Diablo81588

      How can you say that? WebTop wasn’t original? Motocast wasn’t original? Smart actions wasn’t original? Industry’s largest battery in a 9mm form factory wasn’t original? The first dual core smartphone with LTE wasn’t original? Shall I go on?

  • nsnsmj

    To be fair, nothing about the GS4’s rumored eye-tracking features are original either. It’s been around for years, demo’d on PCs and the like. Simple webcams can do it. Samsung just put it on a phone.

    But yeah, this is fake.

  • Naga Appani

    That really sucks, so, it is fake!!!

  • “The 4i doesn’t support CDMA, so unless this phone will be one of the first LTE-only phones, don’t put your money on it having an NVIDIA chip. ”

    What if its not launching in USA first?

    • May not, but that’d be surprising. Moto is a US company and typically releases their biggest phones here first.

  • thedonxr

    Meanwhile at Motorola “Guys we should make a phone called the X Phone I keep seeing posts and rumors about it so why not just build one…” I want it to be real so bad… Please live up to the hype!

    • Bionic

      lol, no

    • Henry Babcock

      I actually LOL’d at this. Good one. Lets hope that is not the case.

    • Diablo81588

      Lol.. That’s the same way I feel about apple with the iPhone 5. There’s no logical reason to call it the 5, especially since it was the 6th generation iPhone. There were so many media rumors calling it the 5, that they decided they would name it that anyway.

  • ddevito

    Moto’s next phone will be called DOA

    • Ronaldo


      • ddevito

        Throw Moto from the Train


    • Bionic


  • Bionic

    Thank you Droid Life, for being smart enough to see how amazingly false this information is.

    The specs are all wrong, completely wrong. That is all I will say.

    • Austin Warren

      You don’t know anything. Be quiet Shakespeare

      • ToddAwesome

        Bionic knows all, just ask him!

      • Jordan Marrie


        • Bionic


          • sargentmajord

            Hey guys lay off Bionic he is properly giving me credit like he should I can’t be everywhere so he patrols this site this information is false bionic is correct cuz I told him

      • michael arazan

        The greatest trick the devil ever did was proving he didn’t exist.

        Maybe Google/Moto is giving great Misdirection here on the X phone. Samsung is now passing out Dummy’s to keep all the internet tech Sleuth’s from sniffing out their latest and greatest, and so does apple try to keep their phone under lock and key before announcements.

        I don’t get why Companies want to keep their products hidden since it is great PR to have a slip of nugget of information about their new devices. Creating anticipation for it drives up the consumer awareness of it, unless they just don’t want their Competitors to get info about it but they usually already know anyways.

    • nexusplay

      Give us a bit more, what else do you know.

      • Bionic

        Can’t say anymore unless given permission to do so sorry

        • nexusplay

          Permission by who? lol, you already said so much before.

          • hyperbolee

            Stop playing into this Bionic Hack; he’s already admitted he was just pulling info from android-forums or some place from a guy named Sarge. Just look up that guys posts yourself.

            Here’s his post from 11 days ago:
            Bionic • 11 days ago −
            Ok guys here is the deal.

            Over the past year I have had the PRIVELAGE of being part of an online community which included a person with inside information about motorola products. I found that it was thrilling to know such information before the general public did and I thought it would be fun to let others in the android world know about it as well. So I started taking this information that “sarge” posted and reposting it on droid life comments to share it. I fealt like I was helping to get the “word of mouth” advertising out there and “WOW” some of the people out there who like to hear about such things.

            I DO NOT have my own sources within Motorola, i simply was reposting information from “sarge.”

            I’d like to take this time to apologize to the people who looked to me for inforation as if it was my own, it wasnt. I also want to apologize to “sarge” because he is the one that truly has the insider information and shares it with our community on a certain website.

            My intention was never harm, but that of sharing information, I got in too deep. I will not be sharing information any longer unless asked to do so.

            Again, I apologize to you people on this website and to “sarge” because the information was truly his to begin with. I also apologize to our online community, they know who they are.

            I will end by saying that the X phone DOES EXIST and I will not comment any further about leaked information unless authorized to do by sarge himself.

            My comments from this day forward will simply be that of a normal fan of Android.

            Thank you and good night.

        • nexusplay

          Will it use the S800? Is the screen edge to edge? Will it run KLP? Will it be completely stock or will it include some moto customizations?

          • Bionic

            Sorry man, if im given permission to post I will.

        • Yep

          Crap, was really hoping you’d drop a few more infonuggets into this thread. Well, thanks for what you’ve been able to reveal all the same, look forward to future leaks.

          • Bionic

            if and when “sarge” gives me permission to post some “nuggets” i will. But rest assured there is no new information as of right now. The information from the past is still true.

          • Eddie Jr

            Can you at least say if it will “wow” us?

          • Bionic

            in my opinion I do not think we will find out the wow factor until May

      • kixofmyg0t

        I know that it definitely will be thicker than 7.9mm.

    • Aaron

      Can I at least assume, then, that by you saying the specs are wrong, an X phone is on the way? I just want to know if it will be VZW exclusive or if Moto will finally launch a singular flagship device across multiple carriers. Unlocked, Nexus 4 style is preferable.

      • Bionic

        winning 🙂

    • droid1

      Not sarge… sigh… he’s a hype and attention monger, even if there is occasionally a tidbit of truth in his top-secret info.

  • Just wonder when the Nexus 4’s replacement will come. I like the N4, but I would still like a sturdier built phone with a better camera. That said, I still haven’t taken a picture with my GNex that hate, so I guess I could live with the N4 8mp crappy camera 🙂

  • ChristianJohnson

    I swear if this becomes another Bionic…

    • Bionic

      it wont

  • stevethepirate1123

    I have been of the opinion for a long time that Motorola needs to distance themselves from Verizon. Being that Google now owns Motorola and Google has no love for Verizon I think the idea is credible. Verizon’s awful Droid marketing has helped bastardize the Motorola name.

    • Eddie Jr

      Verizon’s “awful” Droid marketing propelled Android like no other carrier or manufacturer.

      • Diablo81588

        Exactly. Android would not be where it is today without the Droid branding. I still hear people call their phones a “Droid”, even though they don’t even have Verizon.

        • Dylan Patel

          Exactly, the first phones that people don’t think of as Droids in the genral public is the S3. They think Samsung then Droid as opposed to what most people think for every other Android phone which is Droid then HTC or Moto.

  • Based on the experiences I’ve had with all of my Motorola phones (Droid X and Razr Maxx), Moto can shove it. They release some of the worst phones on the market, enough to where they’ve almost driven me to an iPhone at some points because I know at the very least it won’t just stop working on me 3 separate times during the day.

    • jbegs

      I agree with past experiences. I had a Droid X and my wife is still running (very slowly) her Droid Pro. Both phones started acting up about 14-16 months after initial use. Couldn’t make calls. Was super slow to react to anything. Messaging was a pain. This by no means pushed me away from Android. I have since had the GS3 and the GN2. I love the way these phones work. I can’t wait to see the GS4. I hope the hype around the “X” phone is true. To see this unlocked, from the Play Store at Play pricing with the ability to add onto VZW would be huge.

      • Dave

        I’ll stick to a Samsung that will last thru my contract as opposed to a Moto that spec bumps it and burns out in 12 months….

        • Diablo81588

          Funny, my dad has my Droid X, which I got on release day in July of 2010. Still running just as well as the day it was bought, with the original battery… Don’t be ridiculous.

          • Dave

            That’s nuts….wow, great for him. My X was a papers weight in 12 months, even after rooting and ROMing it, I was basically keeping it on life support. Must have been made on a Monday or Friday….

    • Diablo81588

      I bought my girlfriend two iPhones before finally settling on a RAZR Maxx. Both iPhones would start to freeze and require restarts on a daily basis after about 6 months of use. Each OS update caused the phone to become buggy and slow. The battery life was also pathetic and she could barely make it through the day without finding a charger. She’s had the RAZR since the day it was released, and couldn’t be happier. I have since bought my mother a RAZR, I have a Bionic, and father has a Droid X. All working perfectly with no issues. Just thought you should know my experiences are exactly opposite of yours.

    • Lucky Armpit

      If you’ve had a bad experience with Motorola, why would that “almost drive you to an iPhone”? There are dozens of other Android phones out there, so unless you just don’t like Android, you’d have no reason to go to an iPhone. Sorry, but those statements just make me scratch my head – and sorry to say but sound like excuses. That’s like saying you’re about to buy a Toyota because your Nissan got a flat tire… instead of buying another tire. You don’t like Moto? Fine, you’re allowed to do as you wish but don’t blame Android for your dislike of Moto phones. And if you’ve had problems with two different models of phones, it sounds like you need to double-check what you’re installing on them as the problems may be user-induced. Using the car analogy again, it sounds like you continue to get a flat tire on your new Nissan because you drove over the same thing that gave your old Nissan a flat tire.

    • Riley Barnett

      Give them some credit, that was pretty much every android phone when the droid x was around. And they are really improving things with the HD series and the M. I just hope they can nail it with this one.

  • Austin Warren

    Guess somebody couldn’t handle the fact that this will never happen and made this crappy photo.

    • Diablo81588

      You’ll eat your words when its released. You know nothing.

      • Austin Warren

        Neither do you.

  • Why is this even posted? It’s completely faked, the commenter said so lol

    • Normally we avoid the hell out of fake and ridiculous stories like these, but when they somehow gain internet traction and then fill up our inbox, we feel the need to at least comment on them.

      • Guest


      • Bionic

        exactly, and congrats for recognizing the chipset fail.

      • droid1

        Plus you wouldn’t want to lose out on that ad revenue from the additional traffic 😛

      • word!