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Motorola Removes Almost All Moto Bloat in Jelly Bean for DROID RAZR, Goes With Stock Google Apps Instead [Changelog]


According to the flood of emails that have hit our inbox,  the soak test of Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2) for the original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX has officially begun. We don’t exactly know when it’ll arrive for all users who are not a part of the Motorola Feedback Network, but assuming this test goes smoothly, it shouldn’t be long. And for your sake, I hope you aren’t waiting more than a week, as the update rids the device of almost all Moto-inspired bloatware, turning it into a device that even an Android elitist snob would be proud of. If this update isn’t a sign of the “new” Motorola, then I don’t know what is. 

Below, you’ll find the full changelog for the update. The “enhancements” and “fixes” sections are filled with typical goodies and all, but the “changes” section is what should really get you going. Motorola has decided to remove the Social Location app, MotoActv, MotoPrint, Alarm and Timer (replaced by stock Google Clock), and Verizon Video on Demand. They also killed off the My Gallery and My Music apps in favor of the stock Android Gallery app and Google Music. MotoCast is no longer integrated into anything on the device, including the Files app. It’s now a stand alone app (it has been enhanced to be much more powerful). They also killed all of sorts of widgets that you likely weren’t using anyway, as they were tied to many of these now-deceased apps.

Outside of the debloating, they made Chrome the stock browser, brought in Google Now, enhanced Voice Search, improved the camera greatly (better panorama too), improved network connectivity, fixed contact sync, and sooooo much more.

The build number is 98.72.16.

This is quite the update. It may shock some of you to see so many major changes, but this is the direction Motorola wants to go. Less “Moto” branded software, more stock Android. We can’t argue against that.

Update:  Here is the update file and instructions for those running the X-mas Jelly Bean build.

motorola razr jelly bean

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Justtyn, S, P, C, M, D, Z and so many more of you!

  • Dan

    I have to admit I’ve not played with it alot but so far I see things I dont like as much and I see nothing new that I do like.
    dont likes are…now when I go to clear my phone I must clear historu, then clear temp files and then clear cookies, just like in yee olden times. before the update it was all done with one button.
    My Gallery went away, thats where all my pictures were, sure I found them after digging in my files but not as easy to get to.
    The new clock numbers look odd and not found a way to change that yet.
    The things I like are, well, I’ve not noticed any yet.

  • Harvey Farnsquart

    OK– which colossally stupid person decided that it was OK to just DUMP 100’s of songs from my phone when the changed the music app? And, did anyone ever think that, when dumping the post-it note widget, some of us might have had valuable data stored there? The change from the Alarm and Timer to the Clock interface just wastes more of my time. I’m glad you are trying to improve the product, but have you ever heard of taking care of your customer, and alerting them BEFORE you irreparable change something? IDIOTS!

  • WarioMANX

    Google Clock is half as useful as Alarm and Timer. Why do I have to press the alarm button inside the app just to set one, because I have to see the time first? I COULD ALREADY SEE THE TIME AT THE TOP TO THE PHONE, I don’t need to enter an app just for that! On top of that they took away the timer!!! What if I want to set a cooking timer on my phone? Now I gotta make a whole new alarm just for that and make sure it’s based on the current time; careful not to mix up your AMs and PMs.

    There’s also no “Increasing volume” feature so using the phone as a wakeup alarm is like using an old alarm clock, immediately loud and startling. Getting rid of useless bloatware is one thing, but replacing one app with another that has only half of it’s features and a useless extra feature is retarded.

    Gimme Alarm and Timer back, something I literally used every single day, or patch Google Clock with the features it should already have.

  • Bob

    Mute in settings has been deleted. Where do we now find it?