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Quick Look: DODOcase Durable Sleeve for the Nexus 4, Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7

DODOcase Durable Nexus 7 Nexus 4

As you know after seeing our continued coverage of cases from the likes of Portenzo and Treegloo, we’re big fans of products that are hand-made in the U.S. The latest to enter our radar is none other than DODOcase, a company based out of San Francisco that has been around for some time in the Apple case game. Over the last year or so, they decided to enter the Android realm as well, and have produced some of the finest sustainable cases around.

This afternoon, we’re taking a look at their new Durable sleeve for the Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3, along with the matching Durable for the Nexus 7. They are very much like the classic smartphone pouch that has been around for years, however, very few can match the quality and design. 

Build and Design

While I may not be the biggest sleeve fan on the planet, it’s tough to not fall at least somewhat in love with the build quality and materials used in DODOcase Durables. Made with mahogany leather, a sage waxed duck exterior, a soft poppy interior, and contrast stitching, these look like they were built for battle. Not only will they hold up through every day wear and tear, but they’ll probably look better as they age.

The leather patches add grip, durability and beauty, while the waxed duck exterior gives off somewhat of a military vibe, with the contrast in orange making it feel very modern.

The Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3 cases also have outside leather pockets to go along with the internal pouch.


At $49.95, the Durables for all of these devices aren’t necessarily cheap. But when you are dealing with finer materials and an outfit based out of the U.S. that does everything by hand, you get what you are paying for. These are high-quality sleeves that carry a timeless design and will also withstand every day punishment.

Keep in mind that if you decide to order one, that it takes a couple of days for them to make it, since they are made to order.

Nexus 7 Durable has been available for some time. The Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4 Durable are finally available today.

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  • I love DoDoCases. I have them for my iPad and Kindle, and hope they make one for whatever my next smartphone ends up being.

  • Dain Laguna

    however i will say that i totally agree with zurginator: people like chris31jct are the reason why android accessory support is so terrible; so many of you would rather pay for a cheap ebay case. i went that route initially too, and those cases dont hold up, or they are on the cheap looking side of ‘utilitarian’.

    if this case isnt your thing, thats fine, but no need to start all the ‘OMG its SO expensive! who would buy that??!!’ type crap, because the few of us that put emphasis on quality are outta luck on account of your useless complaints about products no one is forcing you to buy

  • Dain Laguna

    sleeves are ok i suppose, but not practical, and still leave your phone exposed at the most dangerous times….you know, actual usage.

    my personal fave n7 case and what i currently use: nillkin

  • TheKockyRooster


  • Raven

    I still think that the Blurex Ultra-Slim Case is the best Nexus 7 case that I have ever seen or used, even if it is not made in the U.S.A.

  • zurginator

    I love how everyone always comments complaining about how stuff needs to be made on the US, and then when it is they comment complaining about the price.

    THIS is why nothing is made here anymore.

  • Rickerbilly

    Seriously, who uses a sleeve? My arms use them, my phones? Never.

  • JNex

    My wife got a case from them (bookcase) and it is extremely well made. It is durable and looks awesome. Their customer service was also great

  • C-Law

    So it’s called the dodo bc it’s gonna be extinct very soon at that price

  • Wyveryx

    Those are fugly!

  • These look like some $6 crap from eBay. Way overpriced.

  • dannyWHITE

    Looks like something my grandfather would get

  • Ray

    Visit http://www.etsy.com … they have a ton of vintage covers and cases for smartphones and tablets.

    This is not an advertisement.

  • KinnaSlone

    just as Anita implied I’m alarmed that anyone can profit $7925 in one month on the internet. have you read this web page

  • orion11

    I didn’t realize ducks are sustainable material

  • Decent idea, just not as good as Portenzo or Treegloo

  • Roy

    Does the DNA fit in the pouch?

  • Austin Warren

    That color…. Ew

  • Best case you can buy for your Nexux 7: http://www.saddlebackleather.com/Classic-Gadget-Sleeve?sc=8&category=301415 The medium fits my N7 like a glove, is made in America, looks bad ass, and matches my briefcase.

  • chris31jct

    “I’m so getting one of these DoDo Cases for my phone.” – Said by NO ONE, EVER

    • Jens Knutson

      How about: “said *me*, just now”