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Google and Developers Team Up to Create Special Birthday-Editions of Apps


Google is taking Google Play’s first birthday quite seriously, and even had a handful of developers add special content to their games to get everyone into the birthday spirit. Some titles have little bugdroids hidden about, while others even have the game take place on the front lawn of the Googleplex. It’s a very unique way of celebrating, but hey, it’s Google. 

All the games listed below are free, so go have some fun.

Via: Google Play

  • alex drum

    what is up with these lack luster deals?! they give us some crapy music, a book i have never heard of, and some crappy in app content… what happened to things like their 1 billion downloads sale?! 89¢ for apps that cost 1-15$… now that was a hell of a sale! now they car just sitting around handing out whatever they can find under their bed as “gift bags” for their party… wonderful, I got a dirty sock and some lint as a gift!

  • When are they going to let normal developers reply to user review comments…?? Come’on already.

  • Brandon Garling


    • Justin Swanson


  • Joseph Wynant

    i have a better idea. team up google with devs to make many more tablet apps!
    fun birthday idea though