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LG Intuition Update on the Way, Includes a Number of “Enhancements”

intuition update

The LG Intuition (aka the Vu) is set to receive its first update as a phone on Verizon’s network. The new build number for the update is VS95011B and includes a number of fixes and enhancements. An email split view has been added to the email app, spearkerphone parameters have been tweaked, Color and V CAST were removed, the Amazon Appstore has been added (weird), along with some other minor tweaks.

The update is 204.5MB in size.

More info.

Does anyone own this phone?

  • Florence Robinson

    I own it and I love it!!

  • Daniel Rogers

    Looks like this update broke alot of phones judging from the Verizon Discussion forums.

  • WhatWhat

    My boyfriend has this phone and after the ICS update it’s a very expensive paperweight. Major issues with device, apps, and contacts/pics are gone. Verizon/LG are pointing fingers and no other solution provided except go into the store and do a flash…. or send it in to LG.

  • Ell

    I love this phone! My husband has a Note 2, and although it’s a quality device, I like the Intuition’s layout better for reading books, websites, email and documents. It does have a beautiful display and it’s a great combination device. I love it!

  • My phone updated and wiped out my camera, and pictures, and spread sheets for my business. Its the first time i have any trouble with the phone . Now trying to figure out how to retreave my lost info.

  • I got the update and it screwed up my phone! Verizon is sending me a new one.

  • Delaware

    I bought this phone. After I rom’d the hell out of my G-Nexus. I bought this and have a data only tablet plan on it. (Google voice, talkatone, viber) I have to say the only thing better about the G-Nex is the development community. Although I prefer the Intuition.

  • LG fan

    Too many haters of this phone is one of the reasons why i decided to look into it. Tried it out and became an instant fan. This phone is by far my favorite device to date. It does everything i need and more. Thank you haters. You can laugh because its different….i will laugh because you are all the same.

    • Autogazim

      I could not agree more. Hardware wise, this is the most amazing phone ive ever had the pleasure of owning (and honestly, the best phone out there!) You cant beat the amazing screen with the 4:3 aspect ratio. I really wish there was more support for modding though. Ive rooted about 5 phones and this is the only one that presented me with a challenge! And after rooting, i still cannot find custom roms for it. 🙁

  • mzmtg

    My mother in law got one, she loves it. She got it for the same reasons mentioned by
    others. She reads on it a lot and uses
    it to work with documents and spreadsheets from work.

  • Nardo

    I have this phone and its an awesome phone. Yep, its a niche phone. But its great for reading books and magazines, browsing the web, editing word and spreedsheet docs. and just over all not having to squint at the screen compared to my last phone. And when its said and done and after the snickering dies down, I get a lot of people wishing they had a phone like this. Again, not for everyone and its big and square. But fits my needs just fine. Like other said, I’m glad there is an update of some type, but LG claims it will get Jellybean, let’s hope that is the case soon.

  • Daniel Rogers

    This is a wonderful device (while I admit it is very niche). I hope it gets jelly bean soon.

    • Good to know that folks are finding it to be a solid device. Definitely niche, but still, glad to hear.

  • Jen

    I have the LG Intuition and I adore it. I get lots of compliments on it. I think it’s a love it or hate it device. The Note II was to pricy for me… I would love a jelly bean update.

  • chris125

    Verizon is pushing out updates left and right. About time.

    • Lots of updates indeed. Not sure why the sudden wave, but we like it.

      • chris125

        Cant’ complain, any update is better than no update

  • fanboy1974

    I would have bought this phone if it was released 2 years ago.


    To each is to own. Just because you dont doesnt mean someone else wont. I dont like the S3 and the AMOLED screen. personal preference.

  • Buddy

    I am proud to say that I purchased the phone. I could have opted for the Samsung Note 2 but found it too long.

  • i actually got to play with the device a couple months ago in store….and I have to say, it is the most absurd device i have ever had the displeasure of getting my hands on. I can see why no one would want it. the Note 2 is a far superior device in every way. this thing was almost a perfect square in shape…and about 5″ wide. it was crazy.

    but screen was nice for browsing the web…thats for sure. and the OS was smooth.

    • michael arazan

      looks more like the LG SNAFU

  • No one has commented. I don’t think anyone has it

  • I have to wonder, did anyone buy this phone?

  • T4rd

    I hope no one here bought this phone.

    • Thomas

      Agree. It has to be by far the ugliest phone ever.