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JetBlue Airline Offers Up Their Ideas for Google’s “If I Had Glass” Contest

JetBlue Glass

While thousands of people have offered up their ideas to Google for what they would do if they had Google Glass, JetBlue has been working a bit harder on their entry. Two days ago, JetBlue took to their Google+ page and posted up a small series of images that gives consumers an idea of what they would do with Google’s wearable computing tech.¬†

In their words, “#ifihadglass¬†we would continue to help the world view air travel through a whole new lens.” Someone at JetBlue just got a nice little bonus. Some of the ideas displayed were apps for checking flight statuses, navigating to baggage claim carousels, viewing parking garage capacities, and fare estimations for taxi cabs once you exit the airport.

JetBlue Glass 2

What I think is also worth mentioning is that through social media and other large companies getting involved, such as JetBlue, public awareness will go up on Glass in addition to an added “cool” factor. Really, I know plenty of so-called average buyers who are not tech savvy that would love to be able to navigate an airport with ease. This was a cool move by JetBlue.

Plus, an app that would help you find available outlets in an airport? Take my money!

Via: Business Insider | +JetBlue

  • ragnarok180

    If I had glass… We’ll here’s what I came up with on a drive back home:


  • Daniel

    I’m a JetBlue employee stationed in California. We’re really hoping on the new tech train for a lot of different things. We’re also getting WiFi on our planes this summer. Expect a lot of new cool changes with us.

  • Xavier Spruill

    Well played JetBlue, well played…

  • I’m all about Google Glass and love that other companies are also ready to get behind the tech.

    • JohnGaspardo

      Too bad it will only be twisted and used for pure evil by the NSA so they can really start watching us all the time and ship us to guantanamo for any reason or no reason. I wonder if the glasses come with 3D REALITY vision for when the cell door slams shut.

  • Andrew Khatutsky

    Not sure why not a single person understands this, but google glass can only display things in the tiny top right corner… You know- because its a tiny screen over part of your right eye…

  • valapsp

    Such concepts MUST come to reality. Not very hard till year’s end

  • I feel anything related to maps/navigation/transportation is perfect for Glass.

    I don’t necessarily want text messages and social status updates constantly fed to my field of view. But if I’m traveling I want to know where I’m going and where I need to be and when all the time.

    Also, augmented reality is perfect for it (like showing where the outlets are).

  • Joseph Joffe

    Would JetBlue let Google Glass wearers keep them turned on during takeoff and landing?

    • Rafy286

      That’s not JetBlue’s call. That is FAA call.

    • Eric Franca

      Probably not. Also, wouldn’t be much use since your phone would have to be off.

  • epps720

    It would be cool if we could put some sort of Bluetooth type of tag on your luggage and sync it with your glass. So when your luggage comes out on the carousel it “glows” in a different color. No more glaring at every single bag trying to determine if it’s yours or not.

    • Big_EZ

      That would be nice, even better if it had a gps tracker and you could see the direction and a fairly accurate distance. You could see it on the plane below you if you look down. I’m sure that would be possible within the near future, gps trackers are coming down in price and if they became more main stream they would come e down in price fast.

      • Those types of GPS are not nearly accurate enough for that and the tech isn’t there (likely never will be). The GPS could think that you (and your luggage) are 30-300 ft outside of the plane.

    • I am thinking something along the lines of Ghost Recon HUD highlighting

    • Robert Delaney

      That is F***ing brilliant! As a traveler 10 -14 days a month, that would be my life a little easier. Its not a big innovation but its the small things that stack up to make life easier.

    • michael arazan

      I’m low tech, i tie a red piece of yarn to the handle

      • epps720

        I do the same but that’s not even close to being as cool

  • johnnie

    That’s cool would be better if they had one for there workers it would help out to know how much bags we have and if there are any gate changes

  • Greg Morgan

    This looks very impressive…would love to see this type of use for Glass…

  • Eric Franca

    Wow, this is impressive. I’m surprised a company like JetBlue is jumping on this tech so early. Great news for Glass, that’s for sure. Traveling is one of the times where people need information constantly. Flight updates, terminal changes, weather conditions, etc. Also, most people don’t care what they look like when they fly. If you’re going in public in sweats-gear, who cares how ridiculous you might look with a weird tech thing on your head.

  • Justin Barrett

    JetBlue is more innovative than Apple.

    • That’s not difficult.

    • user311

      What? Rumor has it that Apple is about to “Invent” a wearable device that straps onto your wrist and magically syncs up to a wireless device without cables. Its also supposed to tell time too. Its amazingly remarkably innovative…. /s

      • Ian Winchell

        It’s not innovative unless it has an extra row of icons. Once they do that, it’s game over man, game OVER../s

      • Tyler

        And it will go great with their revolutionary iGlasses right? /s