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U.S. Galaxy S4 to Come With Snapdragon 600 While Euro Version Gets Exynos 5 Octa?

Exynos 5 Octa

According to the Taipei Times, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co’s (TSMC) Q1 revenue will be up this year, all thanks to Samsung’s next move. Apparently, to solve the networking issue that stops OEM’s from releasing the same exact phone across the globe, is to simply use multiple chipsets much like we have seen in the past. For America, Samsung is now rumored to use the Snapdragon 600 that works well on our 4G LTE networks, while their in-house Exynos 5 Octa chip will be perfect for European regions. 

While it is sad news that we may not get to see the Octa come to our soil yet, we know the Snapdragon 600 is nothing to be upset about. In fact, thanks to a benchmark that we spotted earlier, this only gives more credit to this report being factual.

The Galaxy S4 is set for unveiling in just a couple of weeks, folks. We’re excited.

Via: Phone Arena

  • Rob

    Snapdragon 600 = 4xkrait || Octa = 4x Arm A15 && 4x Arm A7. Krait is barely better then an Arm A9. I want a phone with an Quad Core Arm 15. IT WILL BE FASTER. A9+<A15

  • Jun Chang

    The snapdragon 600 is already in the HTC one, again Samsung gives the US old news.

  • wow can’t believe the number of websites that are reporting the rumored Snapdragon 600… the 600 has NO MODEM, you people are retards…

  • Jayson

    I have to disagree, the octa will be a first class chip. A a7 quad and a a15 quad put together makes 8 cores total and it can be very efficient on battery or super fast depending on what task it needs to perform. At worst case I would take a samsung a15 quad over a snapdragon 600 any day of the week. I hate getting second rate stuff in the u.s.a. I think I’ll stick with my note 2 for a little longer.

  • abhele

    put a snapdragon 800 then i will consider it 😉

  • Galaxy s is suppose to be the big daddy. It seems disappointing that the s4 is going to be the best they have to offer for a year. Snapdradon 800!

  • the Galaxy Note II in the US has the Exynos with LTE, what is the problem for this new Exynos chip?

  • PhillipCun

    I’m curious to see why people think the Exynos 5 Octa is better than the Snapdragon 600… People are already bitching that the “US will get a lesser phone because of LTE”… But what makes the Octa better? More cores? LOL Does anyone even know? Or is everyone assuming its just better? I think its a huge marketing gimmick and some of us are starting to sound like samsung-sheeps buying into the marketing (Samsung probably had the best marketing in the past year… awesome!)

  • Tech Pro

    This is smart business move by Samsung. Samsung can squeeze supply of S4-600 to make it unavailable to other phone manufacturer. This also earns time for Exynos5 as well as use Exynos5 to sweep international market with ample quantity while other manufacturers’ phone is in short supply because lacking of S4-600. Samsung already can squeeze Apple any time since they supply all key components that Apple does not have second source. Samsung really has very good business strategy and marketing working for them. As long as they have good enough phone, Samsung will dominate the market just like Apple did 2-4 years ago.

    • Adam Brandt

      I doubt there’s any supply issue with SnapDragon. Last year they were in just about EVERY phone, and there was no problem. And I’m sure Samsung and Apple have miles of contracts for their A6 SOC’s, so if Samsung tried anything that obvious, they would be screwed. The idea that Samsung will rule because they will horde all the SOC’s is just dumb

      • Tech Pro

        S4 Pro was 1st ARM processor using 28nm process. TSMC has trouble in yield and volume initially. The volume was so low HTC produced some HTC ONE S with S3. Volume was increased later but Time is Money. 1st to market make you look good and make lots of money.

      • Tech Pro

        Samsung is a commercial company into manufacture stuff to make money. There is nothing wrong using business strategy and position to make more money as long as it’s legal. Apple, HTC, Google are all the same. They are no Mother Teresa. Price your products right to make most money is economics 101 for all business owner. Thinking them are charity is just not correct.

        Apple is working hard to second source key parts after Samsung raised their price. More forthcoming, Apple is always looking for cheaper supply to cut cost regardless of Samsung raising price or not. If another supplier can do the same as Samsung with 20% lower cost, Apple would award them 50% volume in a hear beat.

        Volume does not just fall from sky. It takes big capital and long time to have a well run production facility. If Samsung CEO does not try to make more money from their huge investment, he should be fired. Actually, he is doing a very good job as of now.

  • nitin gupta

    samsung galaxy s4 gonna beat iphone 5 very badely ……….

    • as well as the 5s and 6… etc…

    • Big_EZ

      You mean the super new 5s, like the 5 only super new.

    • LionStone

      Hehe, the i5 is on par with the Inc4G…anything after that, beats up the i5 already, very badly 🙂

  • chris125

    Honestly if the 600 performs anything like the s4 in the s3 I won’t be disappointed. The s3 was pertty damn smooth and this new chip is supposed to be even better. Unless you play really graphic intensive games is it going to make a difference or do people just like to complain?

    • The 600 destroys the dual core S4 in the GS3. Performance won’t be an issue.

  • Once again screwing the US customers at least it wasn’t as bad as the GS3.

  • Jonathan Ly

    Glad this is happening. The overblown “octa”core chip that really isn’t Octacore is pathetic. the Snapdragon is incredible in the Nexus 4 and I think it’ll be even better.

    The big.LITTLE architecture for the “Octa” is lazy. Its deceptive marketing and I think US folks are getting the better deal

    Well except for Verizon, seeing as its boot loader will be locked.

    • kidtronic

      The only reason I’m happy about this is because the Snapdragon chipset should mean it will see better development since it doesn’t use proprietary code like Exynos SOCs. With stable CM roms, I can actually consider buying this phone. If Touchwiz was my only option, I would have to pass.

    • Diablo81588

      I agree, calling the chip “Octa” is extremely misleading. Although I’m not surprised, Samsung is the king of deceptive marketing. They were the ones that started calling LED backlit LCDs “LEDTV”. I’m still not over that garbage..

    • Big_EZ

      The bootloader will be locked on all versions, verizon’s will just have tougher encryption.

    • Calvin Williams
  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    SHAFTED AGAIN! . . . OMFG….. Either way already AIMing for the HTC One. GS4 will really have to impress me with features

    • S_T_R

      Yes, having a chip with no noticeable difference in speed, while getting significantly better battery life is SOOO awful.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        um… I think there is a big difference in design of the 600 and Octa. You may be able to compare the 800 and the Octa… Either way, what I’m talking about is the fact that We can’t get the SAME device.

        • Once again you have no idea what you are talking about. The Octa is on par with the 600. It just has 4 extra cores that it can switch to to save power which is weaker than the first 4. It’s not a full 8 core processor working at 8 cores all the time.

          • Adam Brandt

            actually the GPU in the Exynos chips is SIGNIFIGANTLY better than the Adreno 320’s, at LEAST double the performance, and that’s going off the T604, and I assume the Octa will use a better one, so it is a pretty huge difference

          • The 320 GPU in the 600 is somewhat improved over the one in the S4 but for all intents and purposes both GPU’s are more than enough to get the job done. No one will notice the difference at all. It is not as significant as you say it is. You’ll see that when the two phones get benched side by side.

            Bottom line is it’s not the end of the world like most people are overreacting about.

          • staticx57

            The 320 is about equal to the T604 although when used in a small phone it gets throttled so it doesnt perform quite as well. http://www.anandtech.com/show/6440/google-nexus-4-review/3

            That being said, it was the best of the best for the end of 2012 and it’s now 2013. Snapdragon s800 or exy 5 please.

          • Adam Brandt

            I guess it’s adequate, but this IS 2013, and this is the S4, you know the TOP tier of Samsung’s smart phone line. Adequate is just that, and I wanted to be wowed. Remember how excited people were a few months ago (before the Octa was announced) when it was supposedly using an Exynos 5 Quad a15 with a Mali T658 (with 4X the performance of the T604)? This just seams like, MEH

          • Yea I mean I agree people are always going to want the best of the best but keep in mind the 600 is no S4. It’s a newer version with improved performance. Think of it like an S4.5 almost. I mean yea it’s not the jump from Exynos 4 to the 5 Octo but it’s also not “old” tech. It’s Qualcomm’s latest offering.

          • Big_EZ

            He didn’t say it was 8 cores, he said there’s a design difference, and that we can’t get the same device (US, and international versions)

    • Actually we got the better end of the deal last time. remember the dual core S4 outperformed the quad-core over hyped Tegra 3 in almost all benchmarks. It runs cooler and uses less battery too.

      We need to stop counting the # of cores as a sign of performance.

    • Spencer

      Enjoy Sense 🙂

  • RaptorOO7

    So once again the US gets the lesser product option compared to the EU, maybe Samsung should put their resources into making the product actually work. Why not look at the Tegra 4i with built in LTE wouldn’t that be more power efficient and powerful processor.

    • hkklife

      Because Nvidia has a poor track record with drivers/support on mobile and supporting their mobile hardware partners. Tegra chipsets always overpromise on performance and arrive late to the party.

      It is absolutely stunning to me how big firms like Samsung and Nvidia sit around mystified by LTE integration year after year. It’s not like the carriers and equipment providers were not planning on an LTE network rollout years ago! This stuff has been in the works for the better part of a decade!

    • The US isn’t really Samsung’s best market. It’s still very much Apple’s backyard so I don’t think they’re bothered too much about selling a lesser phone there. Asia and Europe are the places where Samsung truly shines.

    • I read that it wasn’t due to incompatibility w/ LTE. Samsung just can’t produce the silicon it needs for all 100 million of the phones that it plans to produce. That’s a lot of chips!

    • It’s not a necessarily inferior product. Just different. I’m willing to bet the 600 will beat the Octo in some of the benchmarks and performance reviews.

  • chris125

    The price we pay for lte

  • Alix8821

    No 800??

  • MichaelFranz

    I called this….If it does turn out true….same as GS3. Upsetting. At least its the 600 Snapdragon

  • Rodeojones000

    While I’m not interested in this phone, this is a great idea if it indeed means getting the phone to more people in more markets across the globe.

    So, how about some X-Phone news.

    • Bewara2009

      If you aren’t interested in this phone why comment on it?

      • Rodeojones000

        Didn’t realize there were qualifications one must meet prior to commenting. Next time I’ll check with you first.

      • Adam Brandt

        so you should only comment on any device you’re interested in? We all better stop commenting on anything Apple does, since we’re not interested in their devices. What a stupid thing to say

    • hkklife

      HTC is a dead company walking, if they have indeed already shown off their biggest and best device for the year. Samsung has shafted us yet again and Touchwiz shows no signs of de-bloating itself before the (IMO) inevitable upcoming fork.

      Moto, this is YOUR time to shine! If the X Phone has specs comparable to the GS4, with better radios, battery, and software, it’ll be this year’s GS3-equivalent hit. Whatever it takes, Google & Moto, don’t skimp on specs, SKUs or the marketing $.

      • Dave

        Not trying to cause an argument here, but we haven’t seen benchmarks or hands on reviews for either device yet. You can’t just assume it will have better radio performance or battery life. Ask any Note2 owner who was a previous Moto owner, it absolutely kills my Bionic, Razr MaXX, and maybe the new Razr line in radio performance. Yes I realize every person has a different situation, but I can pull 25-30mbps where my old Motos would cycle between 3g and 6-10 mbps of LTE in identical locations with no network enhancements. I’ll give the X a shot, but not yet…..I need to see real results. Later man.

        • Rickerbilly

          I second this. I have been a Moto man going back to
          the DynaTac, but they are not the king of radios anymore, sorry. My Note 2 is amazing in reception and data connection. Compared to the Maxx it is superior. Not to mention the X phone is a fantasy now, the Galaxy phones exist and are very good. I am excited to see the GS4 and I will purchase one.

          • Diablo81588

            The Maxx has a bugged baseband with the current ICS build. The previous radios in GB and the future radios in the JB build are perfect. The radio hardware is miles better than the typical Samsung junk.

            The X phone is not a fantasy just because we don’t know any details about it. Its been proven to exist based on Moto’s own job posting about it.

          • Dave

            Typical implies the past, phones more current than the s3 have improved substantially.

          • Dave

            This same logic would imply by the X phone would have a lousy camera and never get timely updates. Or saying Hyundai cars will always be junk, when in reality they are incredible nice cars nowadays, not like in the past. Things change….usually for the better.

        • Diablo81588

          How do you know there were no network enhancements since you owned your Moto phones? Unless you work for Verizon there is no way for you to know that. Verizon is improving and adding LTE to cell sites on a daily basis.

          • Dave

            When I got my Note2 and saw the difference I called and inquired. I had called several times with complaints on the Razr MaXX over a few months and they told me my little region of LTE was still under original build. I will admit radio was a tad better with GB…by maybe a few mbps.

          • Dave

            Don’t get me wrong, I’d still heavily entertain any phone they put out, but I’ll have to see concrete real specs and results….not just speculations.

        • Big_EZ

          Yeah, after my Note 2 (first Samsung phone in a long time due to poor radios) Motorola will have a hard time winning me back.

      • Big_EZ

        Up until the Note 2 I was a Motorola fanboy, for the same reasons. My Galaxy Note 2 has as good or better radios than my previous two Motorola phones, Droid Bionic, and Droid RAZR MAXX, as well as battery. I still lack the confidence in Samsungs radios because of the Galaxy Nexus and S3, but I’ll give them a shot if their radios continue to be as good as the Note 2.

    • Joe

      Wouldn’t having a different SoC pretty much make this not a Galaxy S4? Different processing performance, different graphics performance, different battery discharge profile, etc.

      • chris125

        same thing happened with the s3. US got qualcomm, international got exynos. Didn’t hurt it too much

        • Big_EZ

          What about community development, we’re they able to utilize advancements from one another? I don’t know, but I would imagine it would be like developing for two different phones as opposed to two of the same phones with slightly different software.

          • Alan

            I guess it comes down to whether those devs live in the US or not. Many devs focus on what they actually have.

          • S2556

            development on my ATT GS3 has been fantastic. Always have one of the first releases of any updates by AOKP CM etc… Also I have seen several things taken from the i9300. none of which are kernels or roms but other stuff like mods and themes etc…
            The only thing that beats a samsung phone for roming and development imho is a nexus.

        • James

          Exactly, the US never got a Galaxy S3.

          • chris125

            Ok whatever you say. And all versions had good development

        • Jun Chang

          Yeah but the quad core exynos in the international was way better the the dual core snapdragon. I think the note 2 has the same exynos as the international s3?

  • DanSan

    i hate to say it, but a technological advance (4G LTE) burned us on this one. not like it really matters, i mean that snapdragon chip is totally kicka$$…

    • JBartcaps

      I’m a total noob when it comes to processors but if the Snapdragon works fine for LTE why can’t Samsung make their own chip work?

      • Tyler Hills

        I’m a rookie too but i assume if the Note 2 with Sammy’s chip can run LTE so can the new octa. But Qualcomm has a great track record with integrated LTE.

      • j

        They are attempting to balace overall cpu performance with power consumption. Processors with on-die LTE (such as snapdragon S4, Sxxx line) are more power efficient, but may not deliver the best performance. Some better chips (such as the Octa) do not have on-die LTE, and require a separate chip which utilizes more power. So, while the CPU may be better, the overall package is inferior.
        Note: This is just an example. I do not know the performance comparison stats between the S600 and Octa chips. All I know is that Sammy has been opting for on-die Snapdragon LTE chips to help with power consumption, despite the potential decrease in CPU performance compared to Exynos/Octa chips.

      • PhillipCun

        8 Cores doesn’t mean its a better chip… it’s not just about the cores. The chip is not just a CPU. The entire chip is a SoC with multiple components and this design has proven to be more power efficient. So having LTE built into the chip, one of the biggest problems with battery life, will help keep it efficient. Which is why the US is getting the Snapdragon chip because of LTE. LTE hasn’t expanded all over Europe as fast as it did in America. They’re still on the older network which is why they get the Octa chip. Samsung reported battery problems using the Octa chip + LTE.

    • bakdroid

      The rest of the world has LTE. What burned the U.S. is that Qualcomm has a stranglehold on the U.S. modems for LTE and refuses to release the code to other SoCs.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Exynos 5 octa vs Snapdragon 600. ????

  • Bionicman

    wow that blows chunks. would have been nice to have the octa chip here in the states. the exynos on my GnoteII is crazy fast.