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HTC Rhyme Set to Receive Minor Update to 2.20.605.13

htc rhyme update

Owners of the HTC Rhyme and its charming ways should be on the lookout over the next couple of days for an update to build number 2.20.605.13. It’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, which this device was at one time expected to be updated to, but it does remove a bunch of bloatware. In fact, that’s all it does is remove bloatware – MOD, VOD, and V CAST.

The update is 10.1MB in size.

More info.

  • Arya

    EU Rhyme got ICS…I was able to download it and update manually via USB in oh…September. Sucks to be on Verizon I guess.

  • master94

    VZW removed bloatware, scary stuff. I dont even know the world anymore. At least that precious Verizon logo is still there/ s

  • Terry

    Besides the Rhyme, my Dinc 2 got an update last night out of the blue. Not sure what it was for, but it sure wasn’t ICS.

  • LionStone

    They’re making room for ICS? On another note, glad I waited and got the girl the Inc4G.

  • This is the saddest post in the history of posts

  • xaq Zachary van Driel

    the inc2 just got an update to 6.04.605.07 710RD which, as far as I can tell, just ADDED the stock Verizon bookmarks to the default internet browser…
    …which is not the ICS I was looking for.

  • hkklife

    The Rhyme, TBolt and Inc2 were all ”promised” ICS. Only one of those three received it and I highly doubt the other 2 will ever see it. Who to blame, HTC or Verizon? Doesn’t matter, I consider that a totally tainte, unreliable pair that I’ll never do business with again!

  • trumpet444

    Heck, I wanted vcast removed from my LG vx9800 back in 2006. Nobody liked or used that crap as much as verizon wanted

    • I had the V (LG 9800 in 2006) too. I used VCast Videos SOME. When I had the Vpak (unlimited data for $15 per month). It was horrible, lq clips and nothing else. Wasn’t worth it then when I only had 1X in my home area. Isn’t worth it now in my 4G home area.

      • True, I was in one of these 1X-only areas, but the $15 VCAST Vpak subscription was one of the first (if not THE first) unlimited data package. I had a Motorola E815 and tethered to it via bluetooth to get internet on it at home. Then I would enjoy video clips when I traveled to the big city. Man, I remember when EVDO was considrered “blazing”…

        Internet at 1X isn’t fast, but its helluva faster than 21.6Kbps dialup!

  • oaxican509

    I must say my gfs rhyme has more battery life than my gnex….

  • Verizon

    I use this phone and it’s dock as my alarm clock.

  • reyalP

    LOL…Something tells me that Verizon loathes their high end user market. So glad I left Verizon.

  • iamme


  • Kellex – You say “was at one time expected to be updated” (to ICS). Does that mean you’ve heard that it won’t be updated to ICS now? Or are you just saying it was on the list but doesn’t appear that it will be getting it now?

    (Wife has this phone, so just wondering)

    • Verizon

      Last I heard this was not getting ICS. It was on the list a while back, but newer lists are no longer showing it. I did find an ICS ROM on XDA for it though. (Wife used to use this phone too)

      • derek connolly

        Question, how does the ICS rom run? been looking for something for my wife’s rhyme.

        • Verizon

          No idea. My wife wouldn’t let me root her phone. lol After she switched to the the Razr M we stared using the phone as an alarm clock and I like the dock too much to lose it.