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Google Looks to Sell Glass This Year to Consumers for Less Than $1500

project glass3

According to The Verge, Google has finally come out with a real “official” time for when regular consumers can expect to see Google Glass hit the marketplace. Google will look to sell the wearable computing units before the end of 2013, for a price lower than the $1500 price of current developer units. To top it off, Google was quoted as saying the units would be “fully polished.” I would expect nothing less, Google. 

So, the next question is where can we buy these things? One would point to Google Play being the first place, but what about the potential of these Google retail shops? Having brick and mortar would allow consumers to come in and try them on. That’s what I’m hoping to see, anyways.

Well, the time has come, folks. Hoping to get your hands on some Glass by the end of 2013?

Via: The Verge

  • Yea, that dude is not that good looking, and by the way I ain’t gay, I think a hot chick with big teeth and tits would be more pleasing to the eye, but that’s my take on it.

  • I will √ a set out, may b a must have device, but I will wait 4 them 2 drop a bit in price!

  • I wonder if my vision insurance will pay for a pair of these?

  • Geekout

    I would honestly not pay more than $199 and that’s sort of pushing the envelope. It’s cool and all but it doesn’t actually DO much of anything. It’s like a pebble watch except on your face. $99-$150 would be a nice sweet spot.

  • interstellarmind

    I’m done being Google’s beta tester…

    I’ll be all over it when the OG Droid version of Glasses comes out.

  • Trevor

    Now that is a dirty stache.

  • Superdroid

    If thats what am going to look like..no thanks.

  • Nope not for that price… Maybe if it was a made to be like contacts I would pay that dollar not for a set of glassless eye glasses. For a fraction of the price I’d rather a Pebble or Moto Activ and just have to break out my phone more often. Also where its positioned I feel looking at it would make you look like the exorcist…

  • azndan4

    Why is everyone who is pictured wearing Google glass ugly?

  • Wonder if they will be offered in prescription.

  • Ray

    Oh wow! Quite the flavor savor you got their buddy.

  • teejaycard

    Let us hope if they’re going to sell it on Google Play then they do a better job at keeping up with the demand unlike the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4. Not saying it is Google’s fault I’m just saying…. MAKE A BUTT LOAD OF THEM! ha

  • i’ve learned from experience to never get the first generation of a technology

  • Nice mustache, douchebag…

  • Uncle Paul

    Hey look its MEAT HEAD!

  • I would assume a fair asking price for this device is somewhere in the $750-$1000 range. I hope it is as well. I don’t want Google to skimp out on the User Experience by putting in sub par technology. Realize that with Google releasing this type of technology, they could either create a whole new market or close the door on a market by the success of Glass. (If Glass sells well, others will buy in and will create their own answer; on the other hand, if Glass fails, the concept of a “wearable UI” per se will be gone forever.)

  • Make them look less nerdy. They might actually sell.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Ok, take this tech, turn in 90degrees and splash the display into a 7inch slate of glass. Now we are talking handheld augmented reality instead of “wearable.” Imagine how cool museums would be walking around with a 7-10 inch tablet that had augmented reality on it. You could remove the placards from museums and give access to everything in them using videos, diagrams, x-ray vision (animated), and a bunch of other cool things. Heck, you could build a window out of a giant one and place it in the sears tower and empire state building. Touch the glass while pointing at something and it would display info for you. Build it into airplane windows and display landmarks and info while looking through your window. So many cool ideas, just need the vision to expound on it.

  • Butters619

    I wonder who will get the first traffic ticket for using Google Glass while driving.

  • Chris King

    I want them but I don’t want them to have an NFC chip in them. could you imagine every time walking by a Coke machine or McDonalds getting a commercial thrown in your face

    • Chris King

      on the other hand if your on vacation to ny and at the Empire State Building and a bunch of stats and history came in front of you how cool would that be, you know like terminator vision

    • i didnt even think about this. time to root my glasses and install an ad blocker

  • Well, if I can afford them, I’m in.

  • rodney11ride

    wth?… an oriental johny depp?

    • WAldenIV

      People are Asian. Objects are Oriental.

      • rodney11ride

        its a picture…. lol

  • J Dub

    Price them like the Nexus devices and they will sell. Typical retail for a phone was $600+. Google did it at half that. Typical tablet was $400. Google cut that in half. Where will this land? $100?

  • digitalicecream

    I’ll pick up the Key Lime Pie equivalent of Google Glass. By that I mean, I’ll get it when it’s 5 years old and 4.2X versions old (and hopefully 1/5th the price)

  • I wouldn’t buy it if it were any more than $200. I mean, it’s amazing, but not enough to take out a loan for it.

  • Jones

    I doubt they will be polished.
    Nothing from google comes polished at first.

    Google is full of good ideas and innovation but it normally takes them a couple tries to dust things off.

  • Bob O’Daniel

    So, serious question (please don’t down vote or flame me). Just curious if anyone knows if these will work for non-Android phones? I have a… um… friend… who uses WP8 and would like to know.

    • In Topolsky’s hands-on he said that they work with Android and iOS. I doubt they’ll work with Windows Phone given Microsoft and Google’s recent spats.

  • Justin Kos

    Epic stash

  • Joey Funk

    The real question is, why would you want to buy the half baked beta version for 1500 when the fixed version will be out later this year for less?

    • michael interbartolo

      to be the envy of your friends and be the cool guy with the tech before most folks even know what it is 🙂

    • Bob O’Daniel

      Because you were preparing for the release and wanted to get something made for it (ie: an extension or special app). Maybe you develop accessories and wanted to get something made so that your accessory would be ready for the release.

    • J Dub

      As a developer to get your apps developed before retail launch. You want your app to be polished and ready to make a splash with consumers.

  • Nick

    a price lower than the $1500 price of current developer units = $1499.98

  • Futbolrunner


  • Charles Hobbs

    Wow what a cover photo…

  • Laki S.

    I’m still on the fence about this one. I love tech, and I love the idea of smartwatches, but I almost feel like getting this would have me too plugged in. I don’t know if I wanna get that connected.

    • EC8CH

      resistance is futile

  • Im in for 1

  • David Moylan

    if the glasses can help me grow a sweet mustache like his im in!

    • Dopest.Moustache.Ever.

      • joe

        not sure if that guy rocks…or totally grosses me out…

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        • feztheforeigner

          That’s cool but I bet she can’t grow a sweet mustache like this guy…..

    • Jonathan Bunch

      Google spent all thier money on development so they couldn’t afford to pay a better looking person to model the end result… At least I hope that’s the case.

  • If they make it so you can put prescription lenses on it, I’m sold.

    • MikeCiggy

      Believe they have already shown you can snap in lenses. So just need a glasses company to produce the same snap-ins with prescriptions

      • The glass unit is removable from the frame and Google is developing reference framse for manufacturers to use to produce compatible frames. The next step is formally partnering with frame manufacturers.

        • and then the next step is me buying this and having an awesome pair of glasses!

  • EvanTheGamer

    “Google Looks to Sell Glass This Year to Consumers for Less Than $1500” – Uhh…they BETTER sell these glasses for less than $1500, lol…or else no one in their right mind would purchase a pair. I know I wouldn’t. I’m looking to purchase a pair for $199, maybe $299, but that’s my price point.

    • Nex__

      That would be ideal, but i think these things will cost somewhere in the neighborhood between $500 to $700. I hope not but look what happen with pixel. Even at that price too much for me.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, might be around that price range($500-700), but let’s all hope not!

        I don’t think these glasses are a gimmick as I’m sure lots of users are thinking they are, but look at that one new video Google released; they can be used for many things(if what the video showed is really the truth). I

        And if they are more stylish than they are now, I would totally not mind wearing ’em around town. Great conversational piece. haha

        • Nex__

          Very true, my only question is how is in connected to web, hopefully not a carrier, I’m hoping its just synced to phone via bluetooth or something like that.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Oh yeah, that I’m sure is the case…connecting from phone via bluetooth. At least I hope. We’ll see soon enough I’m sure.

          • It would be useful even if it’s wifi only. Some of the stuff shown in the video requires a connection (like navigation) but a lot of it doesn’t (like taking pictures/videos.)

            If you can take pictures and video and have them upload when you’re connected to wifi – like the G+ app, and Dropbox app – that would be good enough for me. Bluetooth for stuff like the navigation would be cool too.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            That was my impression. Like the Motorola Fitness watch thingy. I thought these were made as a compliment to your device, not a replacement. I don’t see how they could build all that into a glasses frame. (Even an obnoxioulsy big one.)

  • You would expect nothing less than “fully polished” from Google? Are we talking about the same company? Google’s entire mantra is releasing half-baked stuff and improving it over time. I don’t think Google has ever once released something that was “fully polished” at launch. That’s not what they do, and that’s what I love about them. 😀

    • mustbepbs

      Agreed. I love everything Google, but polish is the last thing on their list.

    • john

      you have to excuse him, he gets carried away sometimes. Google is the antithesis of polish.

  • Yesssssssssss

  • Justin Winker

    Definitely interested, but I’d either want to see them in person (and wear them first) or let someone else be the guinea pig..

  • G-Nex 22

    Google has once again become a very innovative company working to thrive in the tech world…but with those prices…they are really starting to turn into Apple…cough…Pixel Ultrabook…cough

    • MikeCiggy

      They said it will be less than the current developer price of $1500. The developer price is because they don’t have an actual production line for these things yet.. Lower than the current price could mean anything from $50 to $1499 but you can’t speculate yet.

      • G-Nex22

        I will give you that, but let’s take the Chromebook they just released… you can’t tell me that it costs that much to produce a Ultrabook with les than mediocre specs and charge that much for it…

        I believe them it will be under $1500, but how much less???

        • Steven Ortiz


        • JetBlue

          Windows 8 computers that have touchscreens retail for 1000 or more

          • Zoloft_User

            Yes, yes they do offer Windows 8 touchscreen Ultrabooks for over $1000… but they also usually have more RAM, a bigger hard drive, a better processor, and oh wait… they are also running real Windows applications, not just chrome…if you want to pay over $1200 for a notebook just to surf the web, be my guest…

      • Dang, I was hoping for $49.99. So close!

      • Ray


    • hkklife

      Nobody wants this overpriced, half-baked novelty crap. Maybe at <$400 preices but not at anywhere close to $1,500 or above. Gimmickry like this certainly does not have the capability to sustain any more than a handful of retail stores (if that). Give us KLP, a N7 refresh, a cheaper N10, native Miracast abilities, and merge Chrome and Android. Get a new generation of TVs to market with Google TV integration and get the major networks onboard and beef up the hardware. Moto is still in need of much help too. And maybe even take a firm stance on Android-as-a-gaming console-OS…and most importantly, stand UP to the carriers and fix the Android OS/abandonment/ OS delay issues once and for all!! Please, Google, stop wasting resources on Pixel and Glass!!

      • PhillipCun

        Wasting resources? Pixel and Glass are going to be the future for Google. They’re pushing the envelop instead of adding features like Apple does. I think this huge push for Google to produce HARDWARE, something they have not done before.

        Wasting resources? I think this is the next big wave of innovation and the last company to do that was….. Apple. This is now Google’s turn and they’re doing it right IMO.

        • mailboxhead

          Google has years of experience building their own hardware…. servers. They just don’t sell the secret sauce to anyone else. I read somewhere (though cant find it now) that google’s second largest expense is electricity, after payroll.

          • Pedro

            That’s about as surprising as wet water.

            Their day to day business is running computers. Computers take electricity to operate. Then the computers generate heat. Which requires electricity to remove.

      • Seriously, do you think that Google’s resources are strained by these projects? They have the resources to do what they want, and they do. Android is not suffering due to limited resources because of projects like this.

      • fish1552

        Cheaper Nexus 10? How much cheaper do you want it? It’s a little more than $150 more than the Nexus 7 when it was released. And show me a (quality) 10″ tablet that you can buy for anywhere near their price.
        And while it may be novelty to you, there are people who will adopt this and embrace it and maybe even make it one of those things we look back on in 5 years wondering why people ever doubted it – much like we do Android today.

    • EC8CH

      nexus 7… cough….$199….cough… nexus 4….cough… $299….

      • Ray

        You guys should see a doctor. I think you two have a bad cough coming on.

      • Those aren’t google devices. They are made by Asus and LG, but the Nexus Q, Glass and Pixel seem to be pure Google devices at this point. I welcome their premium hardware.

        • They are as much Google devices as the iPhone is an Apple device or the Surface is a Microsoft device. Google just doesn’t mind sharing credit with their partners and allows their names to be on the product. Try buying those devices from any of the partners that built them for Google.

    • What is wrong with turning into Apple? Seems like a good goal – top of the line hardware is a good thing.

      • Yeah, Apple’s strategy of “let’s nickle and dime our customers to death by using proprietary standards for EVERYTHING and changing those standards every 2-3 years” seem like a GREAT thing for consumers!

        • I mean…this site gets pretty excited over $70 nexus 7 docks that don’t even do anything. how is that any different?

          I welcome Google making premium products. I’m typing this on my 4 year old macbook pro that works flawlessly and was a well engineered piece of equipment that has paid for itself many times over.

          I guess many people on this site are hobbyists…but if you’re a professional and use your equipment to do work, you appreciate well made things.

          Like, is Red Cameras (red.com) nickel and dimeing people by charging thousands of dollars for ssd’s or are they providing great equipment to do professional work?

          And you can bash Apple for their connectors, etc…but I’m SOOOOO jealous of the iPad’s musical accessories. It’s a shame that android can’t be used as a musical instrument 🙁

          • I don’t think you understand the statement “nickel and dime”.

            The term refers to selling a lot of small add-on products that are not *always” necessary, but are usually nice to have. In Apple’s case, they make so many products that can attach to your iPhone, or iPod, or whatever… and NONE of them are compatible with anything that is not an Apple product… in some cases they aren’t even compatible with OTHER APPLE PRODUCTS. (Even their chargers are proprietary, and those ARE necessary.)

            Then you buy all of these accessories for your iPhone 3 or 4, and they don’t work on the iPhone 5 because they changed the port. At the very least you have to buy an adapter, or many adapters, to make the accessories that you’ve already purchased work on your new device. Worst case, you actually have to buy a whole new accessory.

            I understand that Android devices offer docks and certain other accessories that are specific to one device. But at least they use a universally accepted interface. You may know this interface as USB.

            Accessories that are not dependent on the specific size of the device can be reused on other devices. This is not true of Apple accessories because of the proprietary connection.

          • So you are suggesting that Google, like Apple(?), is nickel and diming their customers to death with the invention of the pixel and glass? VERY CONFUSED HERE.

            In fact, your rant seems pretty off-topic. Not sure how Apple burned you in the past, but I assure you their products are top-notch and worth every penny.

            I’ve never owned an ipod and an iphone but I know if I had one, I’d be a happy customer. Maybe take a trip to the apple store and try them out yourself.

          • No, I’m stating the answer to your proposed question of: “What is wrong with turning into Apple?”

            What’s wrong with that? Apple is the greediest, least consumer friendly company I have ever seen. I don’t want Google to turn into that. Their “top of the line” hardware is rarely actually top of the line, and costs about 3x as much as ACTUAL top of the line hardware because it has a picture of a partly eaten apple on it.

            Do some research into the specs of Apple’s hardware vs. top of the line hardware available when the product was released. you will find in almost every case that their hardware is closer to bottom of the line than top of the line.

          • You’re delusional! Play with a macbook track pad or look at their retina displays. The quality is just so much better than the competition.

            I think you are referring to specs, which have almost nothing to do with user experience at this point. There are a lot of sheep that obsess about spec bumps on sites like this, but when it comes down to top of the line hardware, there is one company that all of the rest are chasing.

            It’s good to see Google not playing in the low end anymore.

          • I have used many Apple products and non Apple products. You are kidding yourself if you believe they have best user experience. Also, specs do matter. Believe it or not, those specs make the device run smoothly. I am not a “hobbyist” but rather an IT professional. I support Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft products every day. Those Apple products have as many issues as the other brands. Example that I am dealing with today: a user’s iPhone 5 has been draining his mobile data. This is a man that barely even uses his iPhone as a smartphone and basically just uses email and Web browsing. His iPhone has already sucked down over 15gb of his plan this month. Now tell me Apple products are better than the rest. By the way, I have a Windows PC that is older than your Mac and still going g strong too. I even have a cheap Acer laptop from 2007 that has even suffered an entire jar of pickle juice being spilt on it while it was on and I had to let it dry and scrape all of the residue off of the motherboard and to this day it still runs fine. 6 years later and that seriously cheap Acer laptop is hanging in their with your Mac.

        • Geekout

          I was surprised that iCloud was a paid service after like 5 GB of backed up data!

          • iCloud is a nightmare. The only Apple software I use is FCP and Logic. As an Android user, I try to make sure everything else i use is cross platform.

      • Ray

        Shame on you for that comment. Remove yourself from this page. 🙂

        • Ha. I dunno, if someone compared Google to $MSFT I’d start to get worried. But Apple is a good company to emulate.

    • Tyler

      Google said they don’t care about the Chromebook pixel sales (http://goo.gl/aSXO3).
      Glasses are going to be sold cheaper then $1500 so I don’t see what you’re getting at.

      • michael arazan

        Also Google is going to have an event for the Glasses for all the Devs who join in and get them, I’m sure Google is going to give them a kit/ demo to develop applications, they aren’t going to sell these then not have uses for them when they come out for the average consumer. People pay $500 just to attend Google I/O, i wish I could afford to get these and go to the symposium just to here what they say about it