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HTC One Event Video From London is Now Live, Shortened Highlight Version as Well

htc one metal

Since HTC decided not to stream their dual-press events for the One yesterday, you were left following along in our live coverage. While that’s always a blast, there is nothing like watching the entire show for yourself, to see how HTC execs demonstrate and display their new flagship. This morning, HTC uploaded a highlight video in case you only want to catch the important pieces, along with a full showing from London. 

Full replay from London:


Highlight reel from London:


  • TC Infantino

    They totally lost my interest when they partnered with AOL.

  • love the phone design

  • joeblow

    Yeah the metal body of the phone is great but then you can use wireless charging. Everyone buys a case anyway. Those crying about “WHY ISIN’T VERIZON GETTING IT!!” need to get a clue. Get the DNA and port the boat on this phone to your DNA, In the end you will have a better phone. HTC is selling this phone based on bloatware that they developed for the phone and mildly bumped specs in CPU, and display. Like someone else said…. marketing 101, very far from the BEST ON THE PLANET imo

    • dsass600

      Wireless charging works through cases dude.

  • the butterfry

  • Now I know why Verizon said no to this phone.

    • joe blow

      Why would they??? Very similar to DNA. Port the bloatware to a DNA if you want the “BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD” lol

  • The next big thing is not this device.

  • Apostrafee

    Again with the “best smartphone ever made”…where are they getting that?

    • asianrage

      It’s called Marketing 101. Believe in the product that you make/sell.

      • michael arazan

        “HTC has been on an amazing journey, the past few years”

        If the amazing journey is bottoming out of the mobile market, I guess you could call that an “amazing journey?”

  • Austin Warren

    Whats with the g string at the top

    • asianrage

      Is your other name Brandon Miniman?

  • KleenDroid


    • EC8CH

      ….ly poor button placement

      • LionStone

        Still…not worse than Sammies iButton 🙂

        • dsass600

          No this is really worse lol

          • LionStone

            Correction: Nothing is worse than going back to physical buttons…sorry 🙂