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How to: Quickly Uninstall Android Apps [Beginners’ Guide]

uninstall apps

Beginner or not, we are always looking for ways to accomplish tasks faster on smartphones and tablets. One area in particular would be in app management. How often do you install a new app or game only to realize after a couple of minutes that it has no place on your device? As someone that installs multiple apps per day, I can tell you that it happens to me on a regular basis, so uninstalling quickly has become more important. And thanks to updates in Android, this task is now easier than ever to do. 


1.  From your app drawer, find the app that you want to uninstall.
2.  Grab it by long pressing on it for 2-seconds.
3.  With control of the app, depending on your device, you should see shortcut options in the notification bar.

*In the screenshot, you can see that I have “Uninstall” and “App info.” Some devices are different in this area.

For example, Motorola phones only show a “More Options” area. Once dropped there, you’ll get a menu with an option to uninstall.

Samsung phones running TouchWiz do not have either shortcut. To quickly uninstall, hit Menu>Uninstall while in the app drawer and then select the apps you want to remove.

HTC phones tend to show an “Uninstall” options.

4.  If your phone shows the “Uninstall” option, drop your app there and then hit “OK” to uninstall.
5.  If you only see “App Info” or “More Options,” drop your app there.
6.  You should then see a box which allows you to uninstall the app.

And that’s it, you are now on your way to removing apps in the fastest way possible.

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  • CF

    My Thunderbolt (comments aside) on Ice Cream Sandwich (again, no comments LOL) doesn’t give this ‘uninstall’ option?

  • On my Droid 2 it use to be even easier than this, i would just hold down on the app in the appdrawer then pick uninstall. Now its more work on JB since you have to drag it to uninstall.

  • Is this only for Jelly Bean?

    • Ice cream sandwich and beyond (for stock, anyway)

      • Doesn’t work for me. Not sure why.

  • Thank you for this. I have been trying to uninstall apps for a long time and had no idea how it was done. :/ Welp.

  • Jake

    I try out a lot of apps that I wind up uninstalling. The problem with uninstalling on Android is that it usually leaves a bunch of files behind on the device. Over time all those orphaned files pile up. I prefer to go to the App Info screen and clear cache and data before uninstalling an app. Also, I later use a file browser, like ES, to find abandoned files/folders in sdcard directory and in the data and android folders in the sdcard directory. I wish Android did a better job of cleaning up these old files.

    • ynksbsbll2

      SD Maid works pretty well to remove all the junk left behind from uninstalled apps

      • michael arazan

        You can select options in settings that will delete all information from an app, or keep information from when you delete an app.

        Settings–backup& restore–uncheck automatic restore, and it will not save any data from apps you delete. If you keep it checked it will save data from apps you delete if you plan on reinstalling later

  • jimingo

    It would be nice to be able to uninstall more than one app at a time.

  • mx

    Something that I have been wondering since I started using Android, does the Uninstall also remove the app’s data and cache files, or are they left behind?

    • Jake

      No. I was typing up a post specifically about this problem at the same time you posted your question.

      • mx

        Thanks for the response. And here I thought I was just being paranoid by deleting the cache and data files.

  • sc0rch3d

    i would like to see a multi select feature for adding (from Play) and removing (from Device) apps

    • ddevito

      and buying songs