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Beautiful Widgets Updated to Version 5.1, Brings “Lifestyles” Feature and More

BW 5.1

Not too long ago, Beautiful Widgets was updated to version 5.0, bringing a completely new look, feel, and features to the application. Today, it has been bumped up to 5.1, which brings even more goodies that continually make this the ultimate widget app for Android. To kick it off, they have introduced a new feature called Lifestyles. When pulling weather data from AccuWeather, you are shown a graph of which outdoor activities would be best for the forecasted weather. 

Moving beyond that, there is a new 6×1 and 6×2 widget, users can now get rid of the geolocation option, and the developer is also making it easier for users to enter the official beta channel.

Go grab the update from Google Play.

Play Link ($3.99)

Via: LevelUp Studios

  • Good thing Beautiful Widgets is going to let me know when I should mow my grass. That used to be my kids’ job to remind me, guess this frees them up to play more video games.

  • Nice to see Gingerbread alive in the wild still haha

  • i do really like BW … but really.. is it necessary for this feature… ? ohhh honey the lifestyle feature says today is not a good idea to mow the lawn.. .. hmm wait ok maybe thats a good one.. 😛

    • Its not like it is in your face, you have to access it from the weather screen.

  • drewbie_al

    Seriously? Barbeque? While it may be abbreviated BBQ, there is no Q in barbecue.

  • This update is a response to the previous article showing how to quickly uninstall beautiful widgets…

  • mustbepbs

    What a useless feature. Do they assume their customers have no brain?

    • JetBlue

      Just because it may be useless to you doesn’t mean it isn’t for others.

      • mustbepbs

        Can you not look outside or at the forecast and decide that it isn’t suitable for an activity? Do you really need some widget to tell you common sense?

        I think you need some professional help if you can’t make that call based on the weather.

        • Skiing is an important exception because it’s hard to know how much snow has fallen on the mountains nearby as opposed to your direct neighborhood.

          • mustbepbs

            That’s why they make snow reports at mountain resorts. This is just telling you what activities can be done in the current weather conditions, not how much snow has fallen on any given mountain.


          • Dear god. It is a convenience feature. Don’t use it if you offends your delicate senses. Sheesh.

          • mustbepbs

            It doesn’t offend me. I posted my opinion about how stupid of a feature it was, and then a bunch of numnuts attempted to defend a piece of software.

    • Clearly you haven’t tried the feature to understand. I could see it being useful for some. It links to accuweather under those categories and gives you the rating for each and not just for that day.

      • itznfb

        A change to BW!?!? Throw as many fits as possible!!! UNINSTALL!!! Your logic is no good here.

    • ToddAwesome

      I agree, this is useless. Now, give me an app that allows for one click ordering and delivery of booze, that my friends, is useful!

  • Michael

    The Flu is the top activity?

  • ToddAwesome

    Good weather to get the flu. That’s wicked helpful. Thanks BW!

    • breadable

      Yep, that’s the only thing the weather is any good for right now in the Northeast

      • ToddAwesome

        Supposedly another foot of snow coming this weekend, I wonder if that’s good lawn mowing weather….

        • breadable

          Where is the suicide meter?

          • itznfb

            It’s right there in the middle.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Except that weather doesn’t cause the flu.

      • yeah but cold weather suppresses your immune system. combined with more people chilling in inside/closer together.. could possibly lead to increase to cold/flu viruses being spread and not supressed.

        • michael arazan

          Cold weather causes you to burn more calories and eats away stored fats in your body getting rid of stuff stored in your body, which is good.. Cold weather training is regarded as some of the best conditioning training especially at high altitudes.