The Makers of Beautiful Widgets Launch Quad Drawer to Google Play

Quad Drawer

A simple question is raised by the developers of the newly launched Quad Drawer application, the same folks that created one of Google Play’s most highly praised applications, Beautiful Widgets – How much time do you spend searching for apps on your device? Well, it may not seem like a long time for most people, but LevelUp Studios has found a way to make the process of locating your apps a bit faster.  (more…)

Beautiful Widgets Launches Free Version With In-App Purchases

beautiful widgets

One of the most popular Android widget applications of all time, Beautiful Widgets, is now available as a free app on Google Play. This new free version is a bare-bones edition that allows you to pick and choose the options or themes you want. As you find something that looks interesting, you can decide to buy it out-right. The folks at LevelUp Studio even bundled some of the options into packs, but you can buy pieces individually as well. Should you decide that you don’t want to spend countless amounts of cash on individual packs, you can always upgrade to the Pro version, which is the new name of the original Beautiful Widgets.

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Via:  LevelUp Studio

Beautiful Widgets Updated to Version 5.1, Brings “Lifestyles” Feature and More

BW 5.1

Not too long ago, Beautiful Widgets was updated to version 5.0, bringing a completely new look, feel, and features to the application. Today, it has been bumped up to 5.1, which brings even more goodies that continually make this the ultimate widget app for Android. To kick it off, they have introduced a new feature called Lifestyles. When pulling weather data from AccuWeather, you are shown a graph of which outdoor activities would be best for the forecasted weather.  (more…)

Top 10 Apps For Your New Android Device

Android Apps 2

So, you got a fancy new Android phone for the holidays! Congratulations! Now that you’re all set up, the only thing left to do is find the best apps and start having some fun. Google Play offers thousands of different applications and games to choose from, so without getting lost looking through countless pages of apps, allow us to drop some knowledge on you.

These are our top 10 recommendations to get you started with Android.  (more…)

Beautiful Widgets Updated to Version 5.0 – New UI, Lockscreen Widgets, and More

The Beautiful Widgets 5.0 update that was teased a few weeks back, is now live on Google Play. The update introduces an entirely new app, with new UI, Jelly Bean notifications, lockscreen widget support, independent weather and clock widgets, and more. It has been some time since this insanely popular widget app received a major overhaul like this, and so far, we’re really liking it – even the lockscreen widget.  (more…)

Beautiful Widgets 5.0 on the Way, Here is a Sneak Peek

This morning, the developers of Beautiful Widgets, one of the oldest and most popular widget apps on Android, released a preview of their upcoming major 5.0 update. The application has been completely re-written, which shows as it sports the ultra-clean holo theme look that was introduced with Ice Cream Sandwich. Based on the pictures they have released, it looks fantastic. Not only will the look of the app be changed, but many of the features are being redone to allow for easier themeing and applying of widgets.  (more…)