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Vine Looking for Android Developers, Don’t Expect an App Anytime Soon Though

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It was only a matter of time from when Vine, Twitter’s new video sharing service, was announced to when we would be seeing it on Android. According to a job posting today from Vine, that time might be longer than we thought. The 3 person developer team is looking to add 6 more people, including a Lead Android Engineer.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Vine hasn’t been working on an Android version at all, but it seems that way. Once the company nails down their Engineer, then work should hopefully start towards getting us Android users in on the game.

Will you use Vine once it lands on Android or is it just another network that we don’t need?

Via: Phandroid

  • your mother

    Ugh! I should just switch to an iphone for the best apps first. Android needs to pick up the pace…!!!…

  • Sam

    When will it be in our market?

  • sara

    DEFINITELY looking forward to having vine on the android market! Please keep working on it 🙂

  • rick

    i want vine so bad, and so do alot of people i have talked to that have droids

  • Jaeden

    I would tottaly use it

  • Brianna Maddox

    I want vine so badly! Please get it as soon as possible for android phones!

  • vine reminds me of Recood.

  • I freaking need this since I can’t figure out how to tweet videos on Plume

    • blootzm3

      I would like to start seeing your videos too ;p

  • gabe1989

    vine reminds me of this.
    it’s the oldest surviving film.
    guess things have come full circle.

  • DC_Guy

    If Android is the largest mobile operating system in the world, why don’t developers develop apps for Android first?

    • JetBlue

      Because people still believe iOS is the leader in Smartphones. Biggest thing is they either worry about piracy of their apps or they’re too lazy to develop an app for multiple screen sizes biggest they think it’s a waste of time.

      • michael arazan

        ios 20% of the market, but 100% dominating the world through their idrones

    • tyguy829

      because android owners are poor and don’t can’t even afford free apps…remember?

      • VeeBaby

        i think i dropped 2 IQ points reading this

    • ceejw

      Because if you want your app on iOS you only need to support 3 screen resolutions, 2 software versions and 4 phone models. If you want your app on Android you need to support at least 4 software versions, hundreds of phone models with different hardware configurations and an infinite amount of screen resolutions. It takes more time and effort and small start ups often don’t have the money or man power to do it initially.

      • dsp4

        Correction, that’s if you want to develop for iPhone only. If you want to develop for iOS, you need to support 5 resolutions, and test on at least 9 different devices, at which point it just makes a lot more sense to make your app smart enough to adapt itself to the various devices, exactly as if you were to develop for Android.

        Developers don’t just test against the hundred different Android devices out there. They usually scope down to 15-20 devices that are different enough to cover as much of Android specificities.


    I just deleted the app off of my phone. Like most it was cool to try a few times, but then never opened again.

    • Bionicman

      same here. at the very least i thought i was going to get crazy amounts of amateur porn but alas…this app is bunk. nice idea though!

  • Looking for developers? Your saying they don’t have any? lol!

    • mog386

      Have you seen the state of the official Twitter apps on android?!

      • works fine for me…