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Video: Hands-on With HTC Zoe


The HTC One has a ton of new features to go over, but the camera and its software will be one of the highlights that many are going to be looking at. In this video, Kellex gives us a brief overview of the “UltraPixel” shooter and the new feature, HTC Zoe. Zoe allows for your take quick snippets of video and pictures, kind of like Vine. 

How are we liking all of these new software additions?

  • 1987 called, it wants its animated GIF technology back.

  • JakeS41

    I am a huge fan of this phone thus far. The front facing speakers are something I’ve wanted since you could first stream Netflix. Their screens are always superior in their top devices, and I am a big fan of the camera design. I have to see the “Ultrapixel” cam in action, but the theory behind it is solid to me. HTC finally had the gall to put out One phone (tricky huh) to all carriers (sorry VZW for now. Expect a slightly better version by Summer) which will make advertising MUCH easier and much more accessible. Really looking forward to this.

  • chadstone30

    Is that “Zoe,” as in rhymes with “toe,” or “Zoe,” as in rhymes with “Chloe?”

  • C-Law

    This phone looks hard to navigate. That’s not gonna help htc

  • Hayden7200

    This phone’s software is garbage. They completely ruined Android.

  • Sirx

    That was stupid. And complicated. It doesn’t help that Kellen sounded like he just did NOT care the whole time 😛

  • I’m curious as to why only 4MP…

    • JakeS41

      Its explained in the camera tech. Let “MP” as a trade-off for bigger pixels on the sensor to allow in more light (which is what makes the picture good in the first place) MP aren’t the answer to better pictures in every case. And the reality is, most cell phone pics DON’T need to be 8MP with the way they are shared.

      • snowblind64

        Or they could have gone with a larger sensor, but that would have made the phone thicker or resulted in a camera bulge. I’ll be interested in seeing some test shots from this phone. Particularly in low light conditions where is should do extremely well.

  • Olga Peluso

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  • wm snyder

    does it have any normal screens other wise looks blocky like windows phone or are those widgets?

  • rals

    This phone looks complicated to use.

    • He just doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s not that hard to get to the gallery after taking a picture.

  • I want to see a sample of some pictures taken with the HTC One. Low light, too much light, movement, etc. But not on the phone itself.

  • Calvin Williams

    I have to say I wasn’t impressed by this.

  • Is anyone else notice YouTube is CRAZY slow to buffer? It has been over the last 2 weeks or so. I am on a 25/15 up connection and a 90/80 connection still with these issues. Impossible to watch a 720p video on YouTube.

    • snowblind64

      Must be a regional problem. I just watched the video in 1080p and it loaded up and played immediately.

    • cizzlen

      I knew I wasn’t the only one! I was like WTF AT&T!

  • Thomas

    Can’t stop looking at Kellen’s watch !!!!

    • wm snyder


    • wm snyder


      • Thomas

        It’s hard bro, hey look more shiny things ;).

  • Shane Redman

    So I could just flip on my camcorder and record little 3 second clips? I fail to see the “Wow” factor with the Zoe…now, if we’re talking about Ms. Saldana, that’s a Zoe I wouldn’t mind having my hands on immediately.


    HTC calls it Zoe, the rest of the world calls it Vine!!

  • mechapathy


  • ToddAwesome

    I’m sure features like Zoe will help sell phones, but, just give me an outrageously spec’d device that will last me a few years and forget about all this crap.

  • mustbepbs


    Don’t know what to say. I think HTC should just build their own OS. I think people would be a lot happier with their products if it wasn’t a forked version of Android. It’s frustrating to me as an informed consumer (yes I realize we’re a minority, but we do have weight) to get a product that tries its damnedest to hide the very thing it’s built off of.

    Android has a lot of class, visual appeal, and features built into it now. Stop trying to hide it, HTC. Clearly it’s not working for you, based on your sales.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      To be honest sales boil down to one thing Marketing Muscle. It’ the number one reason the iPhone has it’s status. It really doesn’t matter what a phone does or doesn’t do…. it’s whether or not you can make people want it.

      I’ve personally gotten to the point where I try to embrace features of the Skins because I know they aren’t going anywhere. If I want stock i’ll either root, or buy Nexus

      • ERIC REED

        I think one if the top reasons I keep my iPhone is iMessage…

        • Shane Redman

          Sounds like the same reason a lot of ppl hung on to Blackberries for so long (BBM)

          • Roshan John


            but kinda true though. iMessage is awesome, but hopefully keylimepie will have a good messaging alternative.

          • ERIC REED

            It’s a hard feature to give up when you have family involved.

          • Shane Redman

            Ah….so more like Facebook rather than BBM

          • ERIC REED

            No…more like BBM but with more people using it. Somehow I’m surprised Android has never mixed this feature in. But I guess it would take all the carriers and OEM’s to get together to make that work. And we know that doesn’t happen!!

        • michael arazan

          They needed to wow those who don’t care for HTC and they didn’t wow me by making Sense 5.0 over complicated to be more individualistic than stock android. Complicating the options doesn’t make you “Unique”
          The photos didn’t look great but couldn’t tell with all the reflections, hopefully they sent the photos to their devices to upload for us later to see how clear multi 4 mp’s in a single pic looks.

      • adam king

        Marketing is only one dimension. You have brand awareness, loyalty, trust and product placement. Marketing alone does not make consumers want products.

    • They haven’t forked Android though. They simply added their own overlay. I like Sense, but it is getting ridiculously stale, and Sense 5 isn’t the answer.