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Zombie Minesweeper – “Everything Goes Boom With a Landmine Betwixt Its Feet”

Zombie Minesweeper

This past Valentine’s Day, Zombie Minesweeper was released to Google Play, bringing some great brain-puzzling fun and zombie killing madness. Recommended by Mr. Dave Kover, it brings the puzzle qualities of the old Minesweeper game with a new un-dead twist, being that you play as a defenseless girl who has a fear of zombies rats and bears. But don’t worry, you have a shotgun! 

The game costs $0.99 on Google Play and plays quite smoothly. If you are a fan of the old Minesweeper game and killing zombies, this is seriously a win win situation.

P.S. They made a fantastic promo video for it and I have placed it below. Definitely worth a quick watch.

Play Link ($0.99)


Cheers Kover!

  • JoshGroff

    WTF, my day has just been made!!!

  • Hans Dampf

    Not compatible with samsung s3 …

    Ahhhhhh…. why?
    Lokks so nice…

  • Edward Smith

    Alas not compatible with Nexus 10 🙁
    The video was funny in a British droll understatement sort of way; wouldn’t be surprised to see the holy hand grenade in higher levels.

  • Captain_Doug

    This looks really cool. I wish the 15 minute tryout period was more like 30 minutes.

  • Not compatible with VZW Note 2?! Dafuq?

    • Thomas

      Damn it Tim !!! 😉

      • Sorry! Used the N7!

        • Thomas

          Just don’t let it happen again. 😉