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DROID DNA Finally Receives S-OFF


A couple of weeks ago, the DROID DNA received somewhat of an S-OFF through the work of a phone repair shop who had a special tool that they would use on your device should you be willing to pay at least $45. It really wasn’t all that practical. And hopefully, no one actually used the service, because a much simpler S-OFF method has been released tonight by beaups and jcase of TeamAndIRC. 

The method asks that you have adb and fastboot up and running, are rooted and have superCID. If you are into tinkering with your phone at all, I hope you at least have the adb, fastboot and rooting part already taken care of. If you do not have superCID, there is a 2nd link below to get you there before proceeding with S-OFF.

Once you meet the requirements, a file download followed by a handful of adb commands with a reboot here or there will get you to S-OFF and a phone that is much less a pain in the rear to flash ROMs and kernels to.

All of the instructions can be found at the links below.

This method also works for the One XL and One S.

Via:  XDA [superCID info]

Cheers Derek, Max, kevlar, and Dave!

  • really easy to do if anyone needs to do it. way easier than unlocking the first time!

  • Awesome! Great job and hats off to the Devs..

  • Spider210

    worked 100% awesome

  • coolsilver

    Team AndIRC are bad ass.

  • FYI – This doesn’t work unless you unlocked before installing the OTA. I have to wait till they crack the OTA before I can install.

  • rob281

    No rezound paper clip stabbing required?

  • T4rd

    Well if someone actually did use that mail-in service, I’m sure they’re pissed now, lol.

  • cant wait to do this, and cant wait for the ROM community to go at it .i want cyanogen mod!

    • Lakerzz

      I agree!!

  • I already had the original root exploit. Took 5 minutes to apply the s-off. Back up and running like a champ.

  • mtmjr90

    Took literally 5 minutes and I’m now S-OFF 😀 First time donating to a dev, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

  • Lakerzz


  • zaxwashere

    Jcase is the man

    he doesnt post many roms (at least when i had the dinc2 he didnt) but man did he love to break those bootlaoders

  • balcjasd

    give it a week and someone will have an APK