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Valentine’s Day Contest: Win 1 of 5 $10 Google Play Gift Cards! (Update: Winners Picked)


To the men and women in the building who are feeling extra pressure today to do something special for that certain someone, we have something for you. It’s Valentine’s Day after all, and for many, that means another year of stress over making this the ultimate day of love, in fear of not meeting lofty relationship expectations. It’s at times a no-win situation, or better put, a day for games that potential significant others play with each other to see how well you know their needs or if you may be the one. Did you buy the right flowers? Should you have delivered them to their office or not? Dark or milk chocolate? Is your reservation at the right restaurant? Rosé or Brut with dinner? Are those heart-filled boxers going to look flattering tonight? Do I love this person or was I forced into saying so because it’s Valentine’s Day? Ahh, the stress.

Let’s relieve some of that, right now. Or at least take your mind off of it for a second and reward you with something that you can spoil yourself with when the day comes to a close. We have a handful (5) of Google Play gift cards to give away to five heart-shaped DL readers. 


Update:  We have our winners! Go check your emails!

Prizes:  Five (5) $10 Google Play gift cards

How to enter:

1.  If you haven’t already, follow us on your favorite social network:  Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
2.  In the comments, tell us your Valentine’s Day plans.


Tomorrow at 9AM Pacific, we’ll choose five winners randomly from the comments.

  • Went to a nice family owned Italian restaurant and selling down for some valloween fun! #community

  • I plan on finally confessing to the woman I’ve had a crush on for two months.

  • my valentines plan is to watch tv and drink the shamrock shake i got on the way home from work

  • Roga

    Crying myself to sleep…

  • possomcrast1

    Plan: emulators and movies.

  • Its my birthday, so dinner with my family and getting ready for my party tomorrow.


    Just gonna chill with some friends. No need to make a huge deal out of today, I guess.

    Now that I think about it, DL is Valentine’s Day-themed. 😛

  • enjoying a nice evening with the family

  • Absolutely nothing…which is nice. Doing stuff during the weekend instead when Girlfriend comes back into town.

  • Just hanging out with my wife after work 🙂

  • Mal

    Purchasing a nexus 4 for my birthday(which others may call Valentines Day)

  • Spent Valentines Day taking my girlfriend out for fondue for the first time a few nights ago since I’m away right now and couldn’t be there tonight :/ at least there was no wait and the food was just as delicious!

  • Michael Lebowitz

    Nice dinner 🙂

  • avinyc

    Nothing anyone will be jealous of, move along…

  • ChuckDz3

    Dinner and an early night. Gotta work in the AM :/

  • Br_d

    Babysitting my friends’ 4 kids so they can go out and have a good time. Wish me luck. O_o

  • Justin Howard

    Going to the movie theater with my babe 🙂

  • del2327

    On a plane with my kids to go meet up with my wife who is away for business

  • Taking my wife to eat with out the kids, can’t wait!

  • Travis Harrison

    Flashing Roms because the girlfriend is out of town.

  • David Bell

    Wait…It’s Valentine’s Day?!?

  • antwonw

    Make the lady a nice creamy pesto tortellini pasta dinner with roasted garlic bread over a candlelit dinner. Cheesy you say, why yes both in the creamy pesto and format, but it’ll score me big brownie points! 😀

  • Greg

    Dinner with the wife!

  • JeffPodwats

    Sitting home looking for android gear on my nexus 10!

  • I will be doing homework. I’ve got quite the plans…

  • moew

    Since the comments are random for the prize and you just have to post… I’ve already hacked high level ingress portals to burn out this evening.

    Cooking and other stuff later 🙂 Hook it up droid-life.com!!!!!

  • David Elisha

    Beach….who am I kidding its freezing. Lighting up the fireplace with my old blackberry.

  • Jpm7714

    I set up a treasure hunt with little clues for my girlfriend and I’m about to make her penne a la vodka

  • Andrew Briare

    Going to get take out, eat at home, make some drinks, get krunk, and watch a movie.

  • bonanzalarry

    My hand.

  • Jason Allen

    Watching the Droid Life Show. 😉

  • KRS_Won

    Going on a double non-date. Lol. Vodka is cheaper than dinner.

  • r0lct

    I’d tell you but then I would have to kill you.

  • TheKaz1969

    Setting up the Nexus 10 I got my wife for v-day!

  • Sleep and play ps3 n Xbox

  • Matthew

    Celebrating my 9th anniversary and 2 kids into it. Sure need every extra 10 bucks I can get at this point!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I’m going to eat a fruit bat, crawl into a corner and listen to The Cure.

  • Sit in and play games all day!

  • Just some TV with the family.

  • do nothing!

  • Dinner and a movie. Yee!

  • LowCalGH

    I am going to spend the evening at Celebrate Recovery with my wife and then we will really party tomorrow. HAH! As you can probably guess not too hard since I’m in recovery but its all good :-). I enjoy being sober 🙂

  • Davy B

    Dinner with the wife

  • Craig Kent-Basham

    She’s sick, so makin’ her a warm dinner, feed her hot cocoa and watch Skyfall.

  • jaybar


  • Trying to save a 6 year old relationship 😛 That’s my plan.

  • My plans are to go to a dj contest out of town!!!!

  • T4rd

    Standard dinner and a movie :-).

  • Going to take my mother out to dinner.

  • Jason

    recovering from a tummy bug. 🙁