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Supposed Samsung “Altius” Smartwatch Screenshots Surface, We Remain Skeptical


Just two days ago, news broke that Project J from Samsung would in fact be three separate devices; the Galaxy S4, a possible S4 Mini, and some type of smartwatch/S-Pebble-like device to sync with your new Galaxy phone. Apparently, screenshots of the OS that will be present on this smartwatch have leaked, but there are a few discrepancies that we will need to point out before we go believing it.

Firstly, the name. According to the accessories list which tipped the presence of three devices, the name for this watch device was to be Active Fortius, not Altius. For those following, Altius is the name used when referring to the Galaxy S4 and not anything else. So, why would we see Altius on these pictures and not Fortius?

Going further, some of the design aspects don’t scream Samsung, namely the third screenshot down below. Never has Samsung used a mirroring effect on their logo, which would lead us to believe they won’t be starting now. Another major clue that this could be a fake is that in the same screenshot, Altius is misspelled, “Altios.” I think right there would be kill shot in terms of this being a fake or not.


Altius 2Altius 3Altius 4Altius 5

Via: SamMobile

Cheers George!

  • Tony Nolan

    What i’m most concerned about is that these screens are small, and each time you basically cover it when you click on something. A solution might be the device from Crucialte. How else would they do it?

  • Samsung’d better hope to God that 1st pic is fake, otherwise there’ll be a copycat suit from Microsoft claiming the design was stolen from WP8/Windows 8.

  • Mohamed Khfaga

    so fake … enlarge the pix and will see the text back color is not the same color as the rest of the photo

  • Tyler Casilio

    Sense 5.0 what are you doing on a Samsung?

  • gary

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  • Kevin Rees

    Bring me a nice clean smartwatch with gps, bluetooth, and 4gb of storage and make it water proof and they can have 150 of my dollars

    • michael arazan

      and music too so you don’t need your phone to exercise

      • Kevin Rees

        well, the 4gb of storage was to hold the music but I guess you’d need a music player…

  • Is Samsung really sure that they are going to release all of them at the same time?
    By the way, where is S3 wireless charging? Music player which were announced? Samsung makes u horny to buy their devices and later, they don’t release it. They released S3 mini instead of wireless charging?

    What tha hack!!!!

  • Hmm Do i order my pebble now for what is sure to be a noticeable amount less or wait for a more expensive , hd color screened battery hog that will be stylized in the same way as my phone. No sarcasm what do ya’ll think?

    • Personally I’d wait to see if google comes up with their own watch (if they do)

    • Chris Marrow

      F##k pebble just get a rooted MotoActv. I have everything pandora,google music,dropbox, youtube,netflix ,text message, sending and recieving calls , full web browser ,3d games (deap space , n64 emulaters, six axis drivers for dualshock) and full blutooth functionality and access to google play(for even more apps) all on my watch . I have not seen anything close to it and you all are talking about a pos pebble. This is 2013 and no watch has still not came even remotely close to beating my rooted Motoactv!!!!!

  • Kevin Rees

    it could be Alt iOS as in alternative to iOS…hahah

  • ThatHelpfulGuy

    I’m not totally convinced about the ‘Altios’ misspell being a killer shot. The OS on this watch is called ‘AltiusOS’ from looking at these screens and then the code is ‘Altios’. It makes programming sense for the code to be shorter then the full OS name. They could have combined Altius and OS, as ‘AltiOS’.

  • normmcgarry

    Altius isn’t even the same font as Samsung Galaxy. That’s not a good sign.

    • zachariahblair93wh

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    • nightscout13

      Um…Note 2 also has different Font


      Now they are copying the iWatch? *sigh*

      • dapoktan

        theyre copying the iwatch?!?!!? a device that hasnt been announced.. let alone barely rumored?? … there are other smart watches you can point to copying.. like the most popular Pebble.. but “iWatch”!?!?

  • Guest

    It doesn’t say “Altios”, it says “AltiusOS”

    • normmcgarry

      You’re blind. Look down a few lines.

    • summit1986

      4 lines down from there… Altios

  • It isn’t a Misspell in the 4th Shot. It doesn’t say “Altios” It say “AltiusOS”

    • Referring to the same 3rd screenshot. Second to the right. Not the fourth where it does say AltiusOS.

      • JasonIvers

        As far as I can tell, the 4th screenshot says both AltiusOS and Altios in both the 3rd and 4th. AltiusOS on the top line in the top right corner, Altios on the 4th line.

    • Look below that one and it is mispelled. I thought so too at first… Regardless it could be just a nickname for the code…