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Nexus 4 Android 4.2.2 Update Removes Unofficial LTE Support, Sorry Canadians

nexus 4 android 4.2.2

It has been well documented at this point that the Nexus 4 has an LTE chip inside. Even LG came out and admitted that they used the same processor/modem combo from the Optimus G inside the device, a chipset which included an LTE radio. Thanks to the presence of this LTE chip, some users, mostly in Canada, were able to get an active LTE connection as long as the connection was made on Band 4. Hopefully they have enjoyed their time with it, as Google has killed off this Band 4 support in the latest update to Android 4.2.2. 

According to Anandtech, a radio update inside the new firmware removes LTE support. Even if you try and toggle to “LTE only” in settings, the device will quickly dump you back to “WCDMA preferred.” Since the device was not approved by the FCC to operate in an LTE capacity, this is not all that surprising.

If you were taking advantage of the N4’s secret LTE power, you may want to hold off on updating. If you aren’t ready to give up LTE, there is a chance that you’ll find an update package without the new radio over at XDA or another forum.

Via: Anandtech

  • David Geiger

    So let me get this straight as I have not followed the Nexus 4 at all. So it has no official LTE??? I only ask because my phone bit the dust and I was debating this as a replacement but I can’t go back to 3g. If it does not come with LTE “officially” were they taking notes from the 4s playbook?

  • flosserelli

    No LTE for Canadians, eh?

  • Really easy to re-enable it. Only the new radio has the be replaced. You can update to 4.2.2 and then just re-flash the old radio and problem solved. I have yet to see any change to the radio EXCEPT for blocking LTE, so there’s really no downside.

    • zepfloyd

      I don’t know about no downside…That works for now, but as Android progresses forward, continually relying on old hardware drivers becomes a net negative, or may not work at all at some point. There’s a reason every Android release gets new binaries for the hardware on all devices.

      • Stewie

        I disagree on that point – hardware/firmware upgrades are great for bug fixes, but whether it is a computer or smartphone, etc. – if it works as you want it, there is no need to upgrade the driver’s/firmware … so that said if they wanted to keep the LTE bypass and are not experiencing other bugs that interfere with their device enjoyment … I say go for it! You are right about as we move to 5.0 and forwards that there might be a HW/FW requirement, but I haven’t seen that occur yet, more often it is a matter of the OS just not able to run on said hardware, or it would run terribly because of processor/memory limitations. By then anyways, those users may have ditched to upgrade to the next device. Just sayin …

        • michael arazan

          Since when does the U.S. FCC have authority in Canada?

    • Faulty

      Yeah, that’s what makes no sense with this. Who cares if they changed the radio to remove this – the old radio images have been floating around on the ‘net since the phone came out, so you can just use fastboot and flash the old radio back.

      Also, ever since I upgraded to 4.2.2, my cell service has gone to hell. I get 1 bar, maybe 2 bars tops in places where I used to get 3-4 bars.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Maybe the Harlem Shake video was meant as a distraction hoping people wouldnt notice.

  • JetBlue

    Developers will probably figure out how to re-enable LTE

    • J. Gilbertson

      I give til tonight for someone to figure it out and submit a patch to any of the aosp rom communities.

    • BangIShotYou

      Already done. Just re-flash the previous radio/modem ending in .33.


      Already confirmed as working.