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Google Introduces the Nexus Store Locator to Help You Find Nearby Nexus Devices

nexus 4 finder

Not that finding a Nexus 4 is as difficult as it once was, but Google still wants the process to be simple, especially for those who want to buy the phone in person, rather than via Google Play. Through their newly launched Nexus Store Locator, users can search for both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, to find stores nearby.

As one would expect, the Nexus 4 finder will only list T-Mobile stores for now, since that’s the only retailer currently selling the phone. For the Nexus 7, I came up with a bunch of Gamestop stores, though the device is available at other electronics dealers. 

nexus 7 locator

Via:  Nexus 4 | Nexus 7

  • socalrailroader

    Nexus 4-The nearest local places with it to me (Redwood Valley, CA) are in Santa Rosa, 70 miles south (the nearest T-Mobile corporate stores, we only have authorized T-Mobile dealers up here).
    Nexus 7-I have 3 locations close to me with those, Staples, Walmart and GameStop, all in Ukiah, 10 miles south of me.

  • DY

    The store locator is useless if you can’t get a N4 at Play store’s price in TM store. Google need to coordinate with TM about their listig price.

  • KLy

    wow. at first I read it as you can track other people with Nexus devices, that would have been cool.

    • 4n1m4L

      Latitude. But its just your friends

  • checazola

    I tried using the app to look for a Galaxy Nexus and the apps responded with “Silly boy the Galaxy Nexus is not a Nexus”

  • sagisarius

    Darn, I read that wrong at first and thought it was some type of “Find my (Nexus 4)” feature. Which would be rad.

  • gary

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  • KyRuMo

    I want to locate a ATT variant

    • Tony Allen

      there is no AT&T “variant”

  • Ken Bosse

    if you got the power..why not I guess

  • jnt

    mine came up with gamestops, yes, but also a walmart and a staples… just fyi

  • Droider

    what about the nexus 10?

    • michael arazan

      I heard that Walmart has N 10, my gamestop and office depot only carry Nexus 7’s , but haven’t seen the hspa versions of the N 7 yet

  • JDub

    Soooo, in other words, open Google Maps and type in T-Mobile.

    • Tony Allen
      • Justin Winker

        Wow… That mirrors the results in my region. Too bad, I was marginally interested in going with a ST sim on Tmo instead of ATT, but since our coverage sucks, I had to go with ATT instead. Oh well, maybe the’ll start to bolster their network in our regions?

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  • KleenDroid